Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Will my dreams be heard?

What do I mean by intellectual politicizing? I mean it by I would like to engage in intellectual debates/discussions with my readers on politics as it plays a very big in our life. The governance of our country consists of people whom we believe we elected them to be in that post. And therefore we suppose to rest assured our worries. However I believe in the heart of each us as Malaysian have a dream of what we would want our country to be.

And as for me,the 2 basis things I would want my country to have are peace and prosperity ( just like what a beauty contestant would answer in her Q&A sessions).

Peace, I would not want to have wars like Iraq or Pakistan. All I am hoping for is to have a safe environment to live on my life here. Well we are lucky that we do have peace, but what to what extend? This issues have been raised too many times. We no longer feel safe to walk alone on the street even on daylight, needless to say night time. Crime in our country has raised sharply for the past few years, we have seen enough of rape, robbery and snatch thief. What has happened? The number of accidents happened per day is scary to know. Every morning when I switch on the radio and listen to the traffic broadcast report, definitely some roads will be jam due to accidents. Do we even feel safe to drive, if we cant able to walk to avoid crime?

Prosperity, I would want Malaysia's economy to be in stability and people are able to meet their basis needs in life ( i.e food, shelter, clothing , education...) However does each of us as Malaysian able to have all these?

If yes, why are there beggars on the streets and other crime such as robbery and pickpockets happening everywhere at anytime ? Is it because people are not able to meet their needs/demands and therefore resort to begging/crime to solve their problems. And why do people want to be a robber, I do know it's partially due to their greed and lack of morality. And perhaps lack of education contribute to this. A man without education are more difficult to be able to get a job and therefore they are using the shortcut (i.e to rob ? ) in order to survive ? Who to blame? Why do a man want to turn himself to be a robber ? Economic's pressure ? Total % of dropout from schools have been increasing for the past few years. Does that mean we going to have more crime happening in Malaysia?

Let me asked you. What are your dream country like?

Let your dreams be heard

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