Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nail of the Day : M.A.C in Frost Varicose Violet

From my Estee' Lauder haul I have grabbed plenty of M.A.C Nail polish and its time for me to try it. However I cant decide what colours to paint, therefore I am testing out the colours...

I wish to colour my nail like this to work, so colourful and don't u have the Mario feeling !

Anyway I have paint Frost Varicose Violet on my hand and match my toenails with Cream Illegal Purple on my toenails!

P/s:Please ignore my painting skills and ugly toenails... I am still learning!


  • Rich in texture, very smooth and easy to apply.
  • And most important 50%-60% cheaper then Opi and its more affordable for me to start learning how to paint first (to waste it ) before buying the expensive ones !
  • Colour and texture looks like Opi and no ones will know what brand you are using ! Let me test it , see how long it will last ~
Also I am letting of some of the colours because I bought many similar colours! Only a few left !
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Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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