Monday, August 3, 2009

Awareness program and FREE sample of the day

*Warning only for female's reader*
(however if the Male insist , nothing can stop you)

1)What is Poise ?
Its a newly launch brand providing solution for women with light to moderate bladder weakness by offering a variety of absorbent protection product.

2)What is bladder weakness or urinary incontinence?
It is a slight loss of bladder control which might caused from excessive laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising. This wetness occurs simply because the pelvic floor muscles have been weakened (often as a result of child birth) and are now not strong enough to prevent urine escaping or poor health/obesity, constipation, various medications and menopause or sometimes it's a genetic problem.

3)Why is this happening , is this abnormal ?
No this is extremely common as an estimated 1 in 4 adult women have experienced it at some time in their lives.

4)Can this be cured ?
Yes through surgery the fastest way, or in long term having a healthy lifestyle habits and doing pelvic floor exercises can help to cure too. However in the meantime people affected by this still need absorbent products like POISE.

5) How good is POISE ?
Try it !! Get the samples from POISE by requesting online in their website *click here* or call 1800-82-1188 (Mon–Thu, 9am – 3pm) and allow a maximum of 21 days for delivery to your doorstep! Male readers also can request samples for their wife, girlfriend / girl friend, sister, mother, grandmother or any person you think fit !

6)According to Wikipedia, the man may also suffer from this !

7) More information on in Poise's website or wikipedia

8)Man and women out there do not let bladder weakness change your lifestyle, see a doctor today and get help!

Note: This is my little effort to promote awareness of health especially concerning women and I hope this help !

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