Thursday, August 27, 2009

Origins' Open Day

This is quite a postdated blog entry on Origins workshop that I have attended last few Saturday. I registered myself for the The Origins' Open Day event which was being conducted at The Gardens's Origins store following a small column announcement in The August Women's Weekly Magazine. I was thrilled because it clearly stated that it is free and further it states that free skin consultation plus free skincare samples!

On top of that there is a Mini Workshop of my choice , so I chose Skin Secrets mini workshop to learn how to repair skin damaged by eternal (environment) and internal (aging) factors from the skincare experts at Origins. Well here are the pictures that I have compressed from 233 pictures !

Origins is located at 1st floor in The Gardens

Origins SA claimed that their product is 100% natural , and this is their mission. I don't know how truth is that however their products DID smell natural !! I love it :D

Very powerful statement by Origins !

Bloggers in action...

The Make a Differences Range..which made mainly from the Rose of Jericho

Everything smell so good !!

5 Steps skincare -

The speaker of the workshop very knowledable and share about what each item do for our skin.

The cleansing milk very smooth and smell really good !

It cleans all the dirts includes cosmetic in the face before the 2nd step.

Toner is to remove what the cleansing milk left behind. This is also to prepare skin for the next step.

Serum is a smart invention from science, develop to penetrate into skin deeper, i.e the 3rd layer of the skin.

After the 5th steps feel my skin get a bit sticky....maybe not used to put so much thing on face!

However can feel the face smelling so good and hydrate

The main ingredient that is being used in The Make a Differences range.

Above picture is demo of how The Rose of Jericho is a type of cactus where it's a “resurrection” plant that can survive and thrive after decades of drought.

Soo Chien the friendly Marketing Executive decided to let us see how the Rose of Jericho transform when emerged into water. 1st picture show that it's total dry and hardened. However within minutes into water (here we used hot water for faster result) we can see that Rose of Jericho blooming !!! ( And According to Soo Chien, if put in few hours then the plant will turn into green like the picture below) ...

So girls imagine we used extract from this plant in our skincare which can face hydrated all day long.

Miracle leh !!!

Anyway after the workshop presentation comes the Q&A sessions, and I answered one of the question on serum correctly,so that's my prize....Ginger Bodywash 50ml!

Also Origins now having promotion, giving free Mini-Facial of our choice.

Promotion exclusive for women's weekly readers...

And in Origins store there is a tree where we can write our pledge to make our earth a pefect planet. So above is my pledge !!! Hehe

Comments on the workshop

1) Although the workshop is free the overall presentation is good because the speaker Ms Susan ( who is a Training Manager) is quite knowledgeable and able to capture the participants' attention. I like the fact she explain in details how each thing works in her style... and she is very active and energetic with lots of action !

2) Although we get to test all the Make a Difference range but due to the sitting arrangement , we did not manage to try it on our face in the workshop . I would prefer classroom style.

3) Origins did not prepare doorgift for the participants which is quite surprising for me. So most of us who went to the workshop did not get any samples to try at home.!!! How sad, they should give us more samples to try and if its really good then we will definitely buy from you! They should learn from Kiehls and ROC being generous and confident in their own product.

4)No refreshment prepared on that day....however bottle of water was given to each of us.

5) The Gift with purchase promotion was set too high!! And there is no promotion set which I hope to see...

5) And this coming 10 October 2009 , Origins is conducting a workshop for RM50 fully redeemable and RM100 doorgift of bath&body products!!!!, I'm so tempted to go but not sure if the range they are introducing..and their doorgift is attractive! Also I hope this time around we are able to try the product on my face rather than my face to feel it myself !

Exclusion clause : All above pictures, review, rating and comments are of my personal opinion observed from the workshop and do not mean to defame anyone or whoever are concerned. I do not hold malice against any product/person/company and only meant for personal sharing of experience to my fellow readers.


  1. Jess,

    I also not used Origins b4 n tempted to go the origins oct workshop.

    but after reading this post, mmmmm . . ..i am hesitant.

  2. Especially that type of w/shop where someone from the brand just demos the product in the front or just testing on participants hands - to me this is just waste of time.

    Best type is where participants can try out on the face.

  3. Pigita : this Origins Open Day is free, maybe you can try to go to their workshop because their speaker quite good in sharing knowledge and introducing to their product. And most important u can ask any questions cos she is quite knowledgeable.... Anyway rm50 fully redeemable and get rm100 doorgift wo. I tempted cos i wan get peace of mind !!!!

  4. I liked the clarins products i tried in the w/shop esp the hydraquench cream mask. Thinking of buying.

    If origins dont allow to try on face, only on hand maybe, i not v interested. No point the trainer / presenter say the product v good etc, I cannot tell how it feels on MY face.

    It's like u want to test toilet paper how it feels b4 u buy. Test on hand, may be big difference in "feel" when using actual body location, right?

    thinking ......

  5. so nice.. I wanna go but must discuss with dear first..

  6. Pigita : Lets hope their coming workshop can let us try at face

    T.H : I also wanted to go... however have been going to workshop non-stop since last 2 months, somemore i afraid it will be the same as the one i attended ~!

  7. so tempting to go lol.. worry get addicted to go workshop.

  8. hi jess, your parcel is out this morning :) as went pos office


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