Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guess Promotion! Birthday falls on 25th ?

No I don't !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOB SOB.....

If yes, show us your NRIC and you will instantly enjoy 25% Off any of our GUESS Watches 25th Anniversary Collection

More information pls visit nearest GUESS today or

I love GUESS watch... why prejudice to those birthday who fall on other day than 25th?

Why not 21st ????

I love anything bling bling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This GUESS watch I got from HK's outlet mall last December for less than RM350 when the original price is double !

Anyway I am going to Hong Kong in April again, need to save to get another bling2 watch !!!!!!!!!!!!

On top of that must match my bling2 heels from Lewre...

Actually I am shoes lover freak!! I should post here one of these day..

p/s: Thinking of shoes make me very angry/sad, the latest Guess collection has very nice design unfortunately their size only starts at 5 and I am wearing 4 !!!!!!!!!


  1. u make me wanna dig out my guess watch to post also!

  2. whoa.... sad... i'm on the 27th... y y y!!!!!! lets go ask them to make it for all birthday that falls on 2x... 20 to 29... ROAR!!!!

  3. Miu : Fast2x show your collectionsss.. hehe i m looking forward for it :P

    Janice : ok we together hug and sad2x , i think maybe they know not many ppl bday falls on 25th .. thats why lor.. if made for those bday from 20 to 29 then those 1-19 and 30-31st will says us bias.. hahaha.. headache.. u wait another 2 yrs for their 27th anniversry la.. mine alrdy pass liao.. sobsob

  4. har... like this 1 meh? nvm lorh... next 2 years i can help u buy mah... xD

  5. ur feet so small la, hehehhe =P i love my guess watch too, very2 simple one only but i love it very2 much!!! hehhehe @_@

  6. Janice : I am going Hk April next yr, so probably going to see if there is nice 1 to buy... cos its really cheap over there cos HK all duty free !!!!! If not wait another 2 yrs..kekek...

    Mizz Ayna : Out of so many things, u only see my feet.. apa la.. u foot fetish ke.. kekeke.. jk jk.. anyway i do have very small feet size 4! Some Guess watch really nice.. especially the classy + bling2x type


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