Saturday, September 12, 2009

EOTD : Going Green with MAC Pigments

Day 7 : 10 Days No Shopping Challenge

One fine day last week decided to do EOTD (Eye of the Day) post. I started to use M.A.C pigments for more than 5 years or so  and never look back since then ... Well simply  because I found that powder/creamy eyeshadow simply cannot be able to deliver the end result like pigment do. ..Until recently a friend told me that by using eye premier (base) it can do miracle to the eyeshadow.Although I have bought it but yet to try it to believe it if it would be as the same effect as my MAC pigment could do.

Some of my MAC pigment collection which I never have enough ...

 Peace to the earth :) Going green...

I always love green eye makeup because it easily match with any colour of my attire without looking too dramatic (like black).. 

I am so in love with Stila  Major Major Lash, my eyeslashes looks so long and not curly!!! Okay , I am so lazy not to use curler !

MAC pigments that I have used to create the look !

M.A.C Deep Blue Green

M.A.C Neon Pigment Green Space

M.A.C Golden Olive

M.A.C Dark Soul

M.A.C Frozen White

Would appreciate if you readers could leave me a comment and tell me if you like it or have any suggestion ! Thanks readers!!

p/s: My part time makeup artist for this look is Sasa ....Thanks darling :)


  1. Like!

    You always lemming for cosmetics, now turned into green-eyed monster!! hehehe

  2. lololo, so nice!! must be the 1 who did it for you very talented (muahahahahahaha........)

  3. oi sasa,

    u masuk bakul angkat sendiri ke? hahaha

  4. yeah if you do the eyes lashes curl, looks better :)

  5. Pigita,

    haha, i always shock sendiri ma muahaha!!

  6. wow i nvr thought the pigment of mac can be turns out into such beautiful colors ^^

    btw , jess ur eyes is so big ( jealous lak ><) ...haha...i think watever u put on it will be very nice ^^

  7. pigita : if i ever turn green monster, i find out 1st to join my gang.. u wan become what colour eye monster also can.. keke

    Sasa : Dont syok until fall down.. hehehe.. i think the person who let u draw the eyes also must be pretty only got this effect.. kekeke

    Sherry : must try MAC pigment, once u try never turn back!

    p/s: i memang lazy curl lash.. hahaha

    yjia : mac pigment can mix and blend 1 somemore.. hehehe .. is like playing with water colour..

  8. WoW soo many Pigmetns :P I'm soooooooo jealous... LoL. Love the green eye look, i tink i'll try it out wif my new baju raya ;)

  9. Zezo : took me years to collect it and share and steal some from my sis and friends :P cos mac pigment retail is rm82!! even u buy it cant finish it


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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