Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shoes, Beauty or Health ?

This is an auto-posted which I had scheduled earlier... and currently I'm in Bangkok eating tomyam, seeing tiger cultural shows, shopping like mad ... and refused to come home !!!
Well... I guess I can't stand to see my blog being so naked for that few days I am not around...

Many many days ago , I was reading about this....

p/s: I used to have skipping competition between my siblings, but then after awhile we grew bored with it and we played Mario video game !

I sprained my both ankles two different occassions, the first one is like 7 years ago when I took a bus to college and was forced to at the entrance because very difficult to catch a bus... suddenly someone pushed me from behind and I falled down and I was at that time wearing 2-3 inch heels!! I was so in pain that I cant even stand up ... that my friend hailed a taxi and send me to the doctor...and I was on bed for 2 weeks!

And few months ago when I sprained my right ankle, I insisted of wearing heels to work immediately when the bandage was taken off. Even though I felt sharp pain , I insist to wear until I cannot stand it anymore and bought a pair of flats... And I never quite like flats because so unfortunate that I am not born tall and heels is the only way to enhance my length height!!!

Yes I have corn!!! And nowadays I cut down my frequency of wearing heels because simply my legs are not as strong like it used to be . And the doctor told me once you sprained your ankle, you ankle will easily be injured. So I am so afraid to be disabled... LOL.. so I have to give my legs a break sometimes...

My current favourite heel !

Speaking of that, 6 months ago when I counted how many heels I have ... I got like 30 good pairs of it !!! Some I wear daily, occasionally, once a while and some is still in the box ! I like to match my clothing with my heels, and right now I am looking for a pink one !! And because of my shoes size is so small , size 4 very difficult to buy ... And guess what Guess shoes all starts from size 5 or 6 !

Some of my shoes collection !

And if today you asked me if I am willing to give up my heels for my health..

I cannot make a decision !

p/s: Okay lah , I cut down my wearing of heels already okay.... and right now I'm walking until kaki patah in sport shoes/flats in Bangkok in the name of Shopping.. LOL


  1. Nice heels. I don't really wear heels coz I am 170cm. I only wear half or 1 inch to office. My colleagues said that too low cannot match my dress/skirt but I want to be comfortable.

  2. I had same problem before.

    I choose health because I hope to still be able to walk when I'm old.

  3. hi jess, I have the 1st pic of foot the side like coz last time wear shoes at school too tight.

  4. so far I have three pair shoes so enough for now as seldom wear heels

  5. OMG! Didn't noticed heels can cause bad health. I'm not very tall so I do owned like thousand pairs of 4 inches of heels and 2/3 pairs of flats? I think I better get on buying more flats now.

    I have a small feet like you too. The only prob i have with that is the shoe that I always wanted to buy is forever out of stock. Lol..

  6. Lavender : so good to be tall , envy envy !!! Nowadays I no longer buy cheap heels but rather slightly expensive heels for more comfort.


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