Friday, February 26, 2010

Report of Clarins White Plus HP in Midvalley

Currently Clarins are having their roadshow at Midvalley Centre Court from 25 to 26 Feb 2010. Check out the details here

Walk through the Clarins Tunnel - that is decorated with sea lily, sands and information boards.

So pretty!!!

The 4 main ingredients used in the new White Plus HP Range & the purpose of it

At the end of the Clarins Tunnel, there is a lucky game where participants are allowed to choose 4 keys from a basket of keys and choose 1 cupboard out of 4 to open it . One of the SA told us (Zoe & me) that all cupboard contains random full size items and those who open will get the lucky gift. Zoe & me are unlucky (sob), unlike my sister who was lucky to open one... but suprise to find inside was empty ???? So another SA who was serving my sister just grabbed some samples and gave it to her.. and when we asked isn't inside was full size items, she said No ? Kindly suprise as different SA who serve Zoe and me earlier told us different story...Anyway my sister got the same samples that we have... from participating in the game.

Our lucky prize for the game ~

31 some of pigmentation was found on my skin which was high !

SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The product thats I need to use is intensive range , but I just bought Hydraquench collection

The New White Plus HP enriched with Sea Lily consists of new 5 items which was meant to replaced some of the old White Plus collection which do not contain the new Sea Lily extract. The items are ( with prices) :

1)Pearl to Cream Brightening Cleanser - RM110

2) Whitening Pure Aqua - Lotion - RM145

3) Whitening Soft Aqua Milk - RM145

4) All Spots Whitening Corrector - RM185 ( this is so good have lightened my pigmentation but so expensive ~ sob sob~)

5) Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion SPH 20 PA++ / oil-free - RM190

Promotion available on that day

Purchase RM250 above, entitles to 4 pcs gift shown above.

Purchase RM580 , get additional 2 more GWP


Of course a PINK tote bag too !!!!

Door gift !!!!

My door gift of the day !!

Also got free caricature pic too!!!!

This is Zoe

My sister one so yeng ONE

And of course this is me !!!!!

p/s : Sea Lily smells so good that I can tap dancing on the floor!! With the samples I can now try and see if its suitable for my skin, though the SA had told me that the range not just for whitening but also help in hydration which sounds perfect for me. Currently I am using Clarins Hydraquench set which has helps me tremendously increasing/maintaining my hydration level. If the White Plus HP works well on me, I am going to upgrade my range, somemore lily is my favourite flower, <3 it to max~~ Go try out !

Note the roadshow runs from now to 2 March 2010 daily from 10am to 10pm


  1. oh what were the bags for?
    I only got the samples.. no paper bags!

  2. CY : thats for people who rsvp via email for the event and came between 5-8pm yesterday.

    TH : Hehe should out there once a while to check out ~

  3. I reached around 6pm and i feel disappointed on their services. My friend and I waiting for so long for registration & skin dignosis test and consultation. Nobody serve us, so we looking for one women i think is their supervisor. So she arrange a SA for us. SA didnt give us the door gift after consultation. We asking it from another SA. Too bad....

  4. was back in seremban so din get to join this one..sob sob..

  5. wow your sis's cariature pic is really yeng leh ~ yours is cute one ^^ oni Zoe one is not nice >< kekeke...

    aiks...I was so sad too coz i can't attend this due to my pathetic mid term test :( sob sob...


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