Monday, March 8, 2010

Origins' Get Out of the Red Workshop


Dr. Weil, the foremost authority on integrative health, has collaborated with Origins to create a collection of cutting-edge treatments that help optimize the skin’s defenses and address diverse skin concerns. These proprietary formulas feature Dr. Weil’s potent blend of health-promoting plants and herbs including Hypsizygus ulmarius, Cordyceps and Reishi Mushrooms plus Ginger, Turmeric and Holy Basil. Used daily, skin stays calmer, maintains a stronger, healthier and more vibrant appearance.

Discover the intensive overnight repair of Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Night Health™ Collection. Dr. Weil’s proven, soothing blend of 100% natural Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin essential oils relaxes mind, body and spirit before bed to help you get the rest you need. You and your skin will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Now is your chance to experience Dr. Weil’s highly potent Plantidote treatment and Night Health Collection at an exclusive event jointly organized by Style: and Origins. You will have a chance to try all the Dr Weil product hands on and get your make-up done by Bobbi Brown.

THEME: Get out of the Red!


Date : 27 March 2010, Saturday

Time : 3pm – 5pm

Venue : Sky Lounge Hotel Maya, 138 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Dress Code : Red & bare-faced


Be one of 5 lucky readers to win a complimentary stay at the stylish Hotel Maya.

So what are you waiting for? Email your full details [name, IC number, postal address and mobile number to to book your seat. Fantastic door gifts and a delicious spread of light refreshments are provided as well!

Limited to 40 participants only.

Closing date: 19 March 2010


This event is only for FEMALE readers. If you are interested, kindly send your the details below to

1. Full name
2. IC
3. Contact Number
4. Email address


  1. Thanks for sharing, I send my email.. Will you be going? I wish I'm in the first 40 who register!=p

  2. Thanks for sharing the info. Wish to have a chance to meet u gals there :)

  3. ei...i wanna join bcz of wanna try the bobbi brown make up n the prizes leh~~ but go again so paiseh ohh><

    and hor~ i dislike the SA who come and talk wif me b4 we go for the refreshment, she left bad impression for me =.= dun1 2 see her anymore

  4. Jess , thx for the info ^^ where did u saw this ya ?
    I din saw this in my Female mag wor ~~ ( I jz simply peak lak ^^)
    And I've emailed ady ^^
    Hope that I'll be the first 40 oso lak ^^ hehe...

  5. Sinar Bari Trading : No problem ! My pleasure !!!

    Jean : My pleasure! Not sure yet, might not be around in town !

    Queenie : Would love too ! Remember to say Hello if we happened to meet !

    Zoe : Sunday's workshop I dont think its very details, its more experimental for us to try the different products. This time around focus details of Dr Weil's range is interest me most because I feel its better absorption and more calming on my skin compare to others! Which SA tell me more !!!

    Yjia : My pleasure, I saw this from facebook but the pamphlet's image was small and not clear so email to ask for a better version to post on the blog ! This is from Style Magazine not Female one ! Good luck to you !

  6. i interested on the mushroom range, coz the mushroom mask i tried tat day felt quite nice~ wanna noe more abt it...

    the SA who came to our seat b4 u n ur fren go for refreshment~ the long hair 1 ar~ her words made me felt bad and felt like i nvr wanted to join Origins workshop anymore T.T
    * 1 tumbuk for her ar~

  7. I just posted about this workshop at

    Check it out!
    Comment please


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