Monday, May 31, 2010

Youth'10 Goodies !

Well I been to Youth's expo since 2o08, that time the scale of the whole event was much more smaller compare to this time. And this time around I think they managed to get more sponsors and supports from big companies as well as the Government. Good jobs ! This is a very good event because it encourage and gives young people ( youth) a platform.

When I reached the entrance the Youth'10 photographer shoot a picture of me and pasted it on the wall of fame? And I'm allowed to take down my own picture on the way out . :D

Got 1GB free pendrive from filling up a form regarding our lifestyle.

Redeem Laneige's sleeping mask by showing the booklet and was given some other samples as well.

I got myself a pair of Freshlook Illuminate daily lens for trial and my bf and friend went and filled up a form and redeemed for me too *happy*! And unable resist good offer I bought normal disposable monthly lens at RM69 ( buy 1 box free 1 box) by showing them my old student card :D (hehe still manage to cheat with my young look!) and got another extra daily color lens for free. I got Freshlook Illuminate, grey, green and hazel color looking lens to play with now!

Bought 3 Ricola for only RM9

A lady just passed me a sample when I walked passed by , then she basked me if I wanted to buy the trial set... quite worth it but I reminded myself again and again I have tons at home!

Filled in a questionnaire and got a box of Libresse sanitary pads ! Libresse is a new brand in the market and they are promoting their brand.

12 pieces ! Wow how generous, well got to try all types of sanitary pads ! First time come across having so many samples for sanitary pads!

Took part in their contest , write a slogan and pose with it ..

p/s: Actually I want to do the Superman pose.. but seems fail lah!

This is the ugliest picture of the century, that should be burned!

p/s: Took part in Canon creative photo shoot, where they took our picture with fish eye setting. I love and proud my nose because its so small, now I hate this picture because it is so damn big ! okay lah you all please laugh.. i already expected that! I purposely post this hoping to make you laugh.. :P

Quickly applied KFC Snax card when the queue is not crazy long, got a pack of chips, a bottle of ice lemon tea and a complimentary letter (entitles for burger+wedges+drink). I think been 6 months or more haven't stepped into KFC or MCD,

Last but not least , I am the cover girl for Cosmopolitan June 2010 !

Don't forget to buy ya !

p/s: In my dream lah I am the covergirl.. hehe ! I just took a photo shoot at Cosmopolitan booth and they print out the picture for me with Cosmopolitan as background.


  1. Hahahah OMG I didn't see the disclaimer for the Cosmo cover for the longest time and I was like...WTH I WANNA BE COSMO COVERGIRL XD

  2. many goodies. I missed out the event coz fever!! Need to stay at home. *sob sob*

  3. Slowbrogal: Wait next year !! this is a yearly event.. aiks ya your fever okay liao ?


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