Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MANifesto.my- The Social Media Campaign for Women :100.

Daphne Iking , Low Ngai Yuen and Kal Joffres

2 weeks ago , I was invited to witness the launching of MANifesto.my at Actors's Studio, a campaign website that drive the call for support through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to create a network of supportive individuals and organizations in celebrating women and uniting their voices through the performing arts.

Their goal by collecting thousands of signatures on the MANifesto both online and through the Women:100 events organized by Kakiseni..

Tandemic's Director Kal Joffres said "In a year that marks 10o years of International Women's Day, Tandemic will assist Kakiseni to highlight women's issues through social media by enrolling the men, primarily, to engage to seven commitments that will make Malaysia a better place for women"

The MANifesto and MAXim will engage both men and women in a series of tasks that address issues commonly-faced by women. Both genders must work together to accomplih these tasks, sharing their accomplishment via the use of social media, and in so doing, Women : 100 hopes to stimulate healthy and productive discussion of women's issues.

After the launching , we are ushered to watch the showcasing of Life Sdn Bhd - 6: ABUSE.

Each of them got a story to tell, they are whether a survivor of an abuse or story are being told by their close friend who also had been a victim and survivor of abuse.

It is not easy to tell the public, how it really happened.

They had to recall the details of the incidents.

They talked about how had they been abused when they are a child.

I think by these times, our tears flow down to our cheek.

It is heartbreaking to hear how their parents, spouses, family and etc betray their love and abused them.

Its not easy for them to walk out from the nightmare.

This man said, not only human are being abused but animals also victim of abuse. And he actually managed to save a little puppy, victim of an abuse from being put to sleep at the PAWs centre.

All of them are winner. They are the brave survivor, indeed its not easy to share with the members of media their story. And yes I think most of them who are reading this are very fortunate to have a loving family.

And I hereby pledge to declare that I am against abuse in any form ( whether physical, oral ) . I am going to sign up by going to MANifesto website at www.manifesto.my by simplying up my name and email to complete form and share it on twitter and/or facebook!

So kindly support and give a minute or two to support for a good cause !!

What more , today is the 100th International Women's Day!

Happy Women's Day to all ladies out there!!

For more information on the programmes running under MANisfesto, kindly visit MANifesto.com official website here.

Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation!

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