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Prolonging the Beauty of Salon Treated Hair with Keratinology by Sunsilk

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Everytime I stepped out from the salon, I felt I'm Rapunzel because my hair is perfect the way I wanted. But after few weeks, it is not the same anymore... I wonder why?

Deborah Henry the emcee at the media launch Keratinology by Sunsilk said that the reason we often step out of the salon only to be faced with difficulty in keeping the beauty of salon perfect hair at home is because our hair undergoes scientific alteration at the salon and is more prone to damage afterwards. Consequently, the loss of salon effects is inevitable.

Hugo Verkuil, Marketing Director, Malaysia and Singapore, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd

He said that "Hair is often weakened through chemicals used salon treatments. Oftentimes, this condition is intensified with daily styling that causes loss of protein and tiny surface imperfections appear. These small openings allow the entrance of free radicals that effects the deterioration of hair fibres. Over time, this process becomes the culprit behind fading beauty of exquisite salon style causing hair to look lacklustre and lifeless. This is known as ‘The Infinite Cycle of Beauty’.

“With a deep scientific and professional understanding of how hair behaves, Unilever recognises the need for a solution to help women win their battle in maintaining the effects of their salon treated hair and express their personal style. Keratinology by Sunsilk is designed to take women from the salon chair and maintain their hair in its most beautiful and lustrous state. The range complements the anatomical changes within the hair structure especially after salon treatments,”

The revolutionary formula ensures no hair is left untouched, catering to for all hair types whether it has been coloured, permed, professionally straightened and even on hair which has naturally become damaged over time.

Keratinology by Sunsilk keeps hair’s cycle of beauty alive by reinforcing its natural strength and shine.

Ashlee Ng, Marketing Manager for Hair, Malaysia & Singapore, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd

The secret to maintaining a gorgeous mane lies in protection and nourishment. The Advanced Reconstruction Program has been created using revolutionary Pico Technology that enables pico-nutrients and keratin complex to penetrate deep within the hair cortex, to nourish and reconstruct hair. Own shiny and healthy tresses well beyond the salon chair for longer and experience a total hair metamorphosis by adhering to a hair care regime that complements the hair’s cycle of beauty.

The creation of Keratinology by Sunsilk is deeply rooted in this understanding of consumer trends, augmented by their proficiency in product formulation.

Therefore Keratinology by Sunsilk encompasses home hair care ranges customised for tresses that have undergone different chemical treatments to deliver long-lasting salon perfection. The premium hair care range consists of three variants – Advanced Reconstruction, Korean Bounce Therapy and Sun Kissed Colour Therapy ranges to prolong the gorgeous styles of salon treatments.

Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program

Revives shine and reconstructs hair, while simultaneously repairing damage and replenishing moisture to prolong the beauty of salon treated hair. Recovers up to 1 year of accumulated damage in 5 days.

KerationologyKorean Bounce Therapy

Luscious, healthy and soft curls that add bounce to hair can be retained with the new Korean Bounce Therapy. It is designed to nourish every inch of hair, right down to the fragile perm tips of hair.

Keratinology Sun Kissed Colour Therapy

Gives intense long-lasting vibrancy and shine to women with the latest colour treatments, including 3D of high and low lights.

Group picture with the models

Group picture with celebrities that came to support the event.

Myself with the product range

Keratinology by Sunsilk range is available at leading retail pharmacies and is priced quite affordably from RM17.50 to RM32.90. Each shampoo, conditioner, mask and overnight treatment with a first of its kind Head Protector Spray Anti Frizz with UV Filter and Dual Treatment Shots is combined to lock your style and bring life to your hair for a salon-like finish every day.

I will be trying this range Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction program soon after I finished with my current hair products. And reviews will be up soon after I tried them for few weeks at least. Hope by that time I will have Rapunzel's hair.

So have any of you tried this range ? Do share with us here .

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