Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Le Ann Maxim Fall / Holiday 2012-13 collection preview and RM100 shopping voucher giveaway!

Le Ann Maxima is a Malaysian home grown fashion that that is no stranger to me and I was glad to be invited to their Fall / Holiday 2012 collection preview show recently at their Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. This collection is infused with mythical prints and motifs from ancient Egypt Revival with French Artisan's intepretations of Chinese art & culture.

The dominant theme of Cleopatra sybolizes the sensuality, lust, allure, beauty and desirability of an ancient Egyptian icon who surpasses her own time. Mixing an array of prints and accessories, Le Ann Maxima's Fall Holiday 2012-13 collection blends Striped Chiffon, Shine Organza, New Cotton Twill with Light Weight Crepe, Printed Sequins an Viscose. Colours are accentuated by mixing exotic prints and contrasting/blocking prime colours like Emerald Green, Ivory Red, Black, Candy Pink, Cobalt Blue and Siler/Metalic Grey.

I'm not very good in describing so let's the pics do the talking ya!

I like how their prints comes in blouse , dress and pants!

Love the cute pretty blue lace shorts!

I really like Chiffon tops!

Very smart office wear!

Red is already sexy and with the back cutting its even sexier!

Can turn from office look to party look with a jacket. After work, just take off the blazer and you are ready to party!

My favourite!

Love this cocktail dress , the colours, material, cutting and the details just match perfectly! Very beautifully done!

Bold Emerald print in chiffon material !

Beautiful print & cutting!

I am a big fan of chifon material and here I really like the colour and details, so feminine !

Besides enjoying the pretty impressive collection by Lee Ann Maxima, I like to train myself to do shooting at events like that ! Very challenging to capture models doing fashion show

Group pics of models

Le Ann Maxima team

Celebrities who came to support!

Pictures with blogger friends

Wendy& Alexio

With Wendy &Pawwen Phua

Overall I like the prints, pattern, vibraant colour combinations and details of this collection! Their collection looked luxury, really wearable and easy to pretty easy to carry!

In this new collections, the brand takes up an ambience of inferred grandeur and luxury with a youthful spirit this coming festive season. The importance of prints and the sense of worldliness and travel that has been intrinsic to every collection in the history of Le Ann Maxima. This Lee Ann Maxima's Fall Holiday 2012-13 collection will be in all local & international stores this September!

Do you like this collection like I do, which is your favourite?

Well if you do, you are lucky because thanks to Le Ann Maxima they are sponsoring RM100 shopping voucher for ONE lucky readers here who lives in Malaysia!

To win RM100 Le Ann Maxima RM100 shopping vouches, simply complete the following steps:-

1) Be my blog follower via Google Friend Connect (Click on the box Join this Site),you gotta to be public follower and not annoymous follower.

2) Like my fanspage (

3) Leave a comment below & complete the sentence

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I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because…..

The best comment will wins RM100 shopping voucher from Le Ann Maxima , giveaway ends 17 July 2012 , 5pm sharp . Good luck people!

For more upcoming fashion updates, visit them at


  1. Follower ID : fuifui

    Facebook Name : Fui Fui Lee (
    Email :

    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because women and nice clothes are inseparable!!

  2. Wow! Been seeing pics of the fashion show on a few blogs lately, the dresses look gorgeous every time :D

    Follower ID : LauraLeia
    Facebook Name : Laura Lee
    Email : Laura1990my [at] hotmail [dot] com
    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because…..

    I want to look glamorous when I'm in the office as well as on my off days! Not being able to wear my usual outfits is making me feel gloomy when I go to work on week days, so I'll definitely need a few fun and work-friendly pieces of clothing. :P

  3. Follower ID : lyksell
    Facebook Name : lyksell
    Email : lyksell[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]my
    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because…..
    I need a push to change, with a RM100, at least there's a motivator for me to start my little first step for a better me change ....

  4. Follower ID : Li Lian
    Facebook Name : LiLian Wah
    Email : wahlilian[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because
    I believe Cleopatra-inspired designs embracing the beauty of exotic prints definitely make me perfect for a sexy night out!

  5. Follower ID : juli1202
    Facebook Name : Ju Li
    Email :

    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because it would be a great rewards for myself, especially being a full-time working mother, does everything (house work, cooking, laundry,etc) for my family. Thus, for the wonderful job I have done, I really deserves it!

  6. Follower ID : ellislst
    Facebook Name : Ellis Liew
    Email :

    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because I need a nice outfit so that I can look nice when I leave the house. My friend always says that I look like a trash when I go out.. 'sob sob'. Plus, I would travel to PJ even though I don't live in KL if I won this RM100 voucher.

  7. Follower ID : vernz_08
    Facebook Name : Angelin Ng
    Email :
    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because I want to get a new outfit as my birthday present (= Besides that, I have not own any outfit from Lee Ann Maxima. I wish I could get one for myself <3

  8. Follower ID :janoahelegant
    Facebook Name : janoah elegant
    Email :

    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because the name itself connotes that a gracious lady,in need of a miracle worker to maximise the all embracing greatness that she may be after.And the greatest garment of a woman is to wear her best smile,and knowing that Lee Ann Maxima is behind the reason for that joyous smile,that itself ,would be the very essence of why I say my deservance to shop at Lee Ann Maxima,for that very same reason.

  9. Fuh! Love the red with that plunging back. Love it love it love it! *imagining myself wearing it... * aiyo spoil picture liao.. i dun think i can wear that :(

  10. Follower ID : AiLeen
    Facebook Name : Aileen Lau
    Email :
    I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because am adoring their new collection! Their style never fails to impress me. Its all glam with them and that's what I love. Definitely a big boost of the ego with Le Ann Maxima :)


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