Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grand Launch of MaskSlim SS2 outlet - One stop Centre for masks lover!

Oh I spotted a real cute panda mask in the recent MaskSlim grand launch in SS2! It's an eye mask for people with panda eyes like the picture shown on the mask! I think I should pick up this mask to try to cure my eyebag & dark eye circle!

During the recent grand launch, celebrities who came to support MaskSlim SS2 branch includes Hoong Jia Hui (TV host), Evelyn Ch'ng (Founder of Emage Style Consultancy), Amber Chia (Malaysia's Top Super Model),  Estee Leong (Executive Director of Beauty Majesty Sdn Bhd), Mr Chuah ( Managing Director of Jade Majesty International Sdn Bhd), Dato Ricky (CEO & Founder of Asia Media), Allen Leong (COO of Beauty Majesty Sdn Bhd) and Jean Thor (1st Runner-up Miss Malaysia Universe 2008)

Just before the cutting ribbon ceremony, there is a lion dance performance which is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness!

MaskSlim is a new concept of store in town where we can get all type of masks and slimming products under one roof.

They have masks from head to toe! Be it face, eye, chin or foot mask, MaskSlim has all types of masks you can think of!

Let's check out some of the masks which I spotted in MaskSlim! They have various Brands Of masks For women and men as well! They carried pretty decent brands from My Beauty Diary & Baviplat and also some of the mask names which I haven't heard before as it is imported directly from Taiwan & Korea such as Annie’s Way, Mini Princess, Vanedo,  Hadabisei, The Saem, Dermal, Beautee, Ispring And Etc.

MaskSlim has also became Malaysia sole distributor for Annie’s Way products which orginated from Taiwan. I picked up some masks from here too!

Annie's Way Jelly Mask, different colour gives different benefits to our skin!

Mini Princess & Kila Doll

Kila Doll masks packaging is so cute!

My Beauty Diary masks

I bought this My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime set! Like how its has variety of flavour of masks inside!

I bought this My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic masks to try too!

Spotted promotion; Buy 10 for RM25

Check out the mini My Beauty Diary mask for customer to try on their hand! With this mini mask, we can at least smell the scent of the mask!

 Baviphat masks

 Quti1 Ice Cream Soap Aloe

Anyone want to try Snail Moisture Essence Mask Pack from Korea

Which masks you want to try, Snail, Snake(Syn-Ake) or Honey essence masks?

Super cute masks spotted! Ah I want to bring all this cute masks home and keep as collection!

Check out what masks did Amber Chia picked up! She is quite adventurous as she picked up 2 Syn-Ake (Snake) masks!

I invited Sharon to join me for the launch and we have such a fun time selecting & picking up masks to try! There is no secret I'm a big fan of all types of mask and I just went crazy picking up the masks! 

I really love the idea of MaskSlim making it a One Stop Centre for people to pick up masks from head to toe, so convenient1 And I like how they are helpful sales consultant that can advice me what kinda of masks that are suitable for me!

Don't forget to check out this store! With so many types of masks that are available in MaskSlim, I'm sure you will find masks that are suitable for you! Any masks you spotted that you interested to try?
MaskSlim SS2 Outlet
Add: No.34, Jalan SS2/63, 47300, PJ, Selangor.
 (Few rows away from KTZ Dessert shop and same row with Maybank SS2)

MaskSlim also have outlets at:-
Sg Wang Plaza: Lot G126A & 127A
Berjaya Times Square (KL): Level 03-2
Tropicana City Mall: Lot L1-01  

 For more info, follow MaskSlim's Facebook at  


  1. The animal packaging mask is so cute !! hahaha.. I wud be attracted by the design rather than the result !!! hahaha


  2. all of them are so cute! Especially the mini mask omg. That lil thing is too cute

  3. wow! that is alot of mask range! im excited!

  4. The mini mask is so cute! LoL! ish.. geram!

  5. The mini mask just makes me go like zomg zomg so cute!!

  6. Omg! Why didn't I know about this shop. Will go crazy buying all the masks! And the panda mask..cute! I definitely need those

  7. Can't wait to drown myself into this sea of mask!


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