Friday, September 7, 2012

Review : Pretty Japanese Gel Manicure at Shige Hair Salon

I love my pretty Japanese Gel Manicure which I had during my Raya holiday break! 

Ah well pampering myself on public holiday is the best thing to do!

I did my Japanese Gel Manicure at Shige Hair Salon in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. You will be asking me why doing nail services at a nail salon right? Well the owner of the hair salon just introduced the nail services located a floor above the salon.

Biju greeted me with her smile when I arrived. She is a Korean but she speaks fluent Japanese (and Korean of course) and a little bit of English :) She told me that she lived in Tokyo for a few years and she learnt her skills as manicurist back in Japan. And now she works in Malaysia because she love the warm weather here and I on the other hand love Japanese winter weather! How irony is it right?

Akiyo the Japanese owner of Shige Hair Salon was there too to meet me & shared with me that their products & machine used in hair salon & nail salon are from Japan & they also use Japanese technique to maximise the effect.

 Well I always undecided when comes to colour, after having a consultation session with Akiyo & Biju, I decided to go for Japanese manicure with beige as my nail colour as I wanted something simple & classy.

They also showed me some of the pretty designs which Biju did. Love how Japanese nails design are always full of bling & cute details!  

 Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Colour range

 Even all this bling & nails accessories are brought in from Japan!

 Biju is very detailed and talent manicurist as each nail design is patiently created by her, step by step.

After 2 hour, my nails have a super pretty makeover! 

Very pretty & classy just like how I wanted!

Do you like my nails design?

I like how Biju gave her full attention and very skillful for the design she created for me. I really like the long lasting effect as the glitter shine & accessorries still remains even after 3 weeks unlike our normal one which can last less than a week! My true story, I was really impressive on how durable of my gel nail polish is pretty impressive considering the colour & accessories still nicely attached on my nail even even after I spring clean my kitchen I had a lot of wiping and brushing! The only donwside is that I woud need to go back there to remove the gel polish! 

 Services available
Oh I checked my Japanese Gel Manicure is RM350, it is not cheap but this is definitely a personalised design :)

Shige Hair Salon 
C-0-6 & C-1-6 Plaza Damas, 
 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 
Sri Hartamas, 50480 K.L
Tel: 03-6201 7368


  1. Love your nail design, very simple and elegant! :D

  2. Ooooo I LOVE your nails! If only I don't have to do housework everyday I'd love to have this on my nails too!

  3. The nails are pretty! I just realised how expensive gel manicures can get :O

  4. Sometimes simple design in the best (: So pretty!


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