Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A daring way to get out of summons! Watch and Win cool gadget!

Have anyone watched the video above Well if you haven't , you should! 

It's hillarious!!! 

A guy trying to convince the police with this Physics theory! Well I know its not right trying to challenge the police but then why not just try since if you are probably getting a summon! No harm trying as long you sounds polite and not rude.. it is a smart way!!!!

 Speaking of that NO HARM TRYING Code10 Malaysia Watch2Win contest since they are giving away different gadgets every week and just last 2 weeks they gave away a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPAD!!

And this week Code 10 Malaysia is giving a brand new Xbox 360 + Kinect!!!
1. Like the Code 10 Malaysia Facebook Fan Page.
2. Watch the video.
3. Answer a question in the comments section of the post here
4. Share the video and 5 tag friends

  So what are you waiting now ,go Watch & Win the prize!

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