Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas came early with Dermalogica 2012 Festive Gift Sets

Thank you to Dermalogica I got my first Christmas gift of the year, the cute rubber duck!! Quack quack! Haha, let's see what Dermalogic has to offer to you!

Well what is the first thing you think of when we think of Christmas? It must be GIFTS, afterall Christmas is the festival of giving! It is the season where everyone is busy shopping for gifts and exchanging on the night of Christmas under the twinkling Christmas tree!

Well well, a lot of people usually like to do last minute shopping and some times it is sold out, so Dermalogica decided to start selling its 2012 Festive Gift Sets TODAY! Following last year plan, Dermalogica continues to offer their bestselling products into festive gifts sets.

This year Dermalogica 2012 Festive Gift Sets come in three different bag designs and is available n three vibrant color! Each of these bags contains a winning combination of products to suit every individual's skin needs, making these gift sets or bags the perfect presents for yourself & others.

All gift sets or bags are available in bright orange, exciting magenta and refreshing green to compliment the festive season.  

 Dermalogia Skin Health Carry-All Bag Set RM520 (worth RM699)

100ml Essential Cleansing Solution
13g Daily Microfoliant 
250ml Multi-active Toner
100ml Skin Smoothing Cream

 All products are part of Dermalogica’s skin health system called the ‘grey line’ and are suitable for all skin-types for daily usage, day and night.

 Dermalogica’s all-time favorites in the medium 7pc Travel Pouch gift set RM298.00 (NP RM418)

150ml PreCleanse
 50ml Multi-active Toner
, 10ml Gentle Cream Exfoliant
4ml Intensive Eye Repair,
10ml Solar Defense Booster SPF50. 
 50ml Essential Cleansing Solution 
2ml Intensive Moisture Balance for dry ski
50ml Special Cleansing Gel
22ml Skin Smoothing Cream

Dermalogica Toiletry Pouch set RM88

75ml Conditioning Body Wash
75ml Body Hydrating Cream
A pair of cute yellow rubber ducky too! 
 All products that are included in the festive gift sets are from Dermalogica’s skin health system called the ‘grey line’ and are suitable for all skin-types for daily usage, day and night. 

If you or your family/friends are a great fan of Dermalogica or has been thinking to try them, then you should consider getting Dermalogica 2012 Festive Gift Sets as a gift for them or even for yourself! This Dermalogica 2012 Festive Gift Sets in colorful bags are available starting today in all AsterSpring Signature, AsterSpring and Dermalogica Consultation Pods as well as Dermalogica authorized dealers nationwide. 


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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