Thursday, December 20, 2012

Watch SUPERCYCLONE on SyFy HD, HyppTV Channel 165

Is the world coming to an end?

 Will we SURVIVE tomorrow 21 Dec 2012 ?

Is the Mayan's prediction about the world coming to an end is true? Well I asked many of my friends.. half of them think something bad will happened, another half claimed that this is a false alarm because NASA brushed away the possibility.

Well this will remains as a question until the clock strike 12am tonight (but which time zone do we follow again? *confuse*)

With these questions in mind, packed with gleefully gruesome deaths, spectacularly over-the-top disasters, and the puny humans who try to stop them—let these Syfy(Sci-Fi) Original Movies help you get ready for the big bang.

Did you managed to catch SUPERCYCLONE (2012) Premieres yesterday on SyFy HD,  HyppTV Channel 165 in Msia and Singapore?
Umbrellas not necessary: A mega cyclone threatens to rip the East Coast of the United States off the map with deadly winds and killer waves. Before the storm claims millions of lives, a beautiful meteorologist (Ming-Na, SGU Stargate Universe) must join forces with a street-smart petroleum engineer (Nicholas Turturro, NYPD Blue) to brave the elements and save the day. We highly suggest putting in a call to Storm of the X-Men.

Watch the trailer here

Well if you have, not to worry... there is a repeat on Saturdays at 10:50pm ar the same channel on HyppTV Channel 165.

IF we survived, let's watch this movie at Hypp TV while eating popcorn!

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