Monday, December 17, 2012

Review : Maybelline Hyper Cosmos Duo Eyeshadow

I think this is my first time I came across baked eyeshadows and well now I have two from Maybelline to try! Everyone knows Maybelline always offers the most affordable cosmetics with good quality, and personally I love their lipstick, plenty of beautiful shades to choose at very affordable price.

Well this Hyper Cosmos marbleized eyeshadow collection is inspired by galaxy and reminiscent of the solar system comes in 7 shades. Each has beautiful multi-color and multi-effects with its swirl of pristine uncrushed pearls.

Hyper Cosmos delivers two complementary shadows – a marbleized eyeshadow with prismatic pearls that o ers an easy blending solution on eyes, and the other, a solid eyeshadow with color so intense and bold that only one swipe is needed to enhance eyes further. The two eyeshadows come together for the ultimate harmony of colors for outstanding make-up styles.
  Instruction how to use it just behind the casing

 WN-1 comes in duo colour which has earthy colour combination. 

The darker shade is a dark maroon while the lighter shade has a mix of bronze, pale yellow and grey.

 Swatch of WN-1 with one swipe.

The pigment for this collection is fine and easy to pick up with finger or brush. The texture was smooth Personally I prefer to use brush here because I could pick the colour I want on the pan and start to blend. 

Tips : Remember to tap away any excess shadow on the brush before applying on our eyes. So that the pigments will not fall and ruin our face makeup.

I particularly like this colour combination because itwas extremely easy to use. The pigments are easy to blend and it was done within few minutes. The lighter shade was not too over shimmering and was great to use as highlighter.

 The makeup look stay for whole day without smudging.

  BU-1 has a combination of bluish and sandy shades.

Swatch of BU-1

Unlike many brands, I like how the colours turn to be what I  see and it was just nice.

At first when I saw the bright bluish shade, I was a bit worried I would look like a walking Christmas tree. But turn out I only need to pick up a little bit and blend and it was sufficient to create the intensity. And that was just nice and not too much over the board.

Overall I was quite happy with Maybelline Hyper Cosmos Marbleized Eyeshadow Collection as the colour was beautiful, pigmented. I only need a little to blend and this duo eyeshadow could go quite a long way (probably lasts me for very very long especially if I'm using brush to apply).

Each Maybelline Hyper Cosmos duo eyeshadow is sold at RM28.90 for 2.5g available exclusively at all Watsons, Guardians, Sasa & Caring pharmacies.


  1. The blue one looks really good on you! :D And all the colours are so pretty.

    1. Thanks Laura, ya the colours are really pretty and it turns to out the just perfect! So easy to use and I only use very very little!

  2. Oh, it's shiny too!!! Nice, am gonna get the blue or turquoise one I think.

  3. Shannon: Go get them, definitely you will love it!


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