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Enchanteur Love Fragrance bring alive the celebration of love

Love is like a flower which blossoms, undaunted when affectionately showered with unvarying care just as every spark of romance keeps love alive and exciting. But love, entwined by daily thorns of life means little time for romance to be nurtured. 

Yes we need to water our love to keep it Alive!
And often when we are in relationship for too long, romantic expression is not there anymore. And this is essential to our relationship because it is the extra zing that keeps it interesting and enjoyable. 

Every expression of love, big or small, is significant in flourishing a committed relationship towards a love that is forever. It brings about a wave of euphoria, flashing back memories of that single throbbing moment when love first took place.

With that in mind, ENCHANTEUR is proud to introduce ENCHANTEUR LOVE, a new range of fine fragrance specially dedicated to women who are in a committed relationship. 

ENCHANTEUR LOVE wish to be the perfume that celebrates every romantic moment with your loved one to keep the flames of love burning bright.

Inspired by the heart-warming, wonderstruck moment when a woman receives a jewel, Enchanteur Love is presented with a passionately designed Emerald cut cap where its brilliant sparkle brings to mind the diamond on a ring which symbolizes the seal of a true and everlasting love. 

 Pieced together with an elegant glass bottle, receiving the new ENCHANTEUR LOVE Eau de Toilette is akin to receiving a precious jewel from a loved one as a pledge to celebrate an everlasting journey of love together.

ENCHANTEUR LOVE comes in two signature scents:-
  • ENCHANTEUR CELEBRATE LOVE Eau de Toilette (pink box) - starts off with an explosion of sparkling freshness of bergamot, white peach and pineapple. The heart of the composition then sparkles with sweet red peony and passion fruit which symbolizes love and excitement of being together. Warm cedarwood, golden amber and musk wraps this lovely creation that together form a base as comfortable and warm as the embrace of a lover.
  • ENCHANTEUR FOREVER LOVE Eau de Toilette (yellow box) - has a lively, fruity scent of citrusy bergamot, lemon and mandarin combined with the sweetness of cassis, pineapple and apple that symbolizes the beginning of a wonderful journey of love. It then blossoms beautifully into a floral bouquet of roses, jasmine, geranium and freesia just like true love that grows deeper, while the stable comforting nuances of musk and amber completes the fragrance to signify the promise of an everlasting love.

Karen Poi the Product Group Manager of Enchanteur announced at the launch that celebrity couple Sazzy Falak and Nazril Idrus as the face of this new range because the couple’s relationship personifies the inspiration of ENCHANTEUR LOVE. She said Sazzy and Nazril is an exemplary couple as they both make it a point to keep the flames of romance burning, this is truly what ENCHANTEUR Celebrate LOVE and ENCHANTEUR Forever LOVE is about.

Unveiling the new Enchanteur Love fragrance range at the launch!

Group picture 

Nadia Heng the emce of the launch interviewed how Sazzy and Nazril keeping their love alive & burning after marriage!

Look at how cute Sazzy Falak and Nazril Idrus as they are teasing each other during the interview!

Do you know Enchanteur is one of the first scented body powder I have ever tried during school days and I'm still loving them! And this Enchanteur Love fragrance also exceeded my expectation, not only the packaging looked nice but the scents are really really nice too..for a mass product fragrance!!! It does not looked cheap or smell too common in my opinion, in fact it looked really beautiful on my vanity table!

Personally I would prefer Forever Love over Celebrate Love because it has this nice fruity scent which is refreshing and not too empowering! And both the scent is just perfect for people who just fell in love or wanted to zing up their relationship!

Both Enchanteur Celebrate Love EDT and Enchanteur Forever Love EDT retails at RM 31.90 per bottle of 50ml Eau de Toilette. And it is available at all major outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. 

So if you are a student or just started working, this is the fragrance for you to invest.. smell nice & pocket friendly too! 

For more information, about ENCHANTEUR please log on to or check out Enchanteur’s Facebook at

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