Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mercedes Benz Stylo Model Search of the Year 2013 is now opened for registration!

This year Search helmed by Stylo International with show presenter, Mercedes-Benz and Saito College is an initiative undertaken in the lead-up to the 15th Malaysia F1 GP. It is also part of the Mercedes-Benz STYLO World Fashion Series presented by Mercedes-Benz launched 2011 in London.

“Opening up the talent pool to modelling is creating yet another additional platform and greater opportunities for the young,” said Mercedes-Benz president and chief executive officer Roland Folger. “Our aim is to put Kuala Lumpur on the world fashion map by promoting creativity among local talents and to be recognised for their global standards in fashion.

He added, “It will be an even more exciting year for Malaysia, thanks to our exciting partnership with STYLO to present Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion World Series. Together we will carry the name of Kuala Lumpur as a fashion city to the world through local talents participating at international shows in London, Mumbai, New York, Prague and other fashion capitals around the world”

As the world begins to rely more and more on digital and computerised means of communication and social media becomes the epicentre of advertising and media, Stylo International is moving forward with the times. This year, 2013, the Mercedes- Benz Stylo Model Search of the Year Competition will be conducted online. Aspiring models will be able to upload their profiles and photographs straight onto the website and the public will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite contestant.

 This online competition is being conducted in partnership with Asia Fashion Inc. is Asia's leading online fashion hub. Their lifestyle e-tail portal serves as a bridge to connect and promote Asia’s best and most exciting fashion designers and brands to the global fashion industry and consumers. 

Finalists will be chosen based on height, looks, runway presence and overall impression.  

Requirement of the Mercedes Benz Stylo Model Search of the Year 2013
1) Open to both Male and Female contestants
2) Min age: 18 years old
3) Open to all nationality but must be residing in Malaysia for the last 2 years
4) Min height requirement: 172cm tall
5) Applicants are required to submit their photographs    
     i)  Close up of face with minimal makeup   
     ii) Full length profiles (preferably with one holding a standard 4.7in CD)
6) Entry closing date: 31st March, 2013      
 The 12 shorlisted finalist will undergo a month long intensive training with STYLO ACADEMY where a customised course on Personality Enhancement and Finishing School Curriculum will be taught to prepare them for the finals and to walk international runways. Public voting will count towards 20% of the final judging.

According to Stylo International founder and chief executive officer Dato’ Nancy Yeoh, “Our World Fashion Series has opened up international opportunities for young people who call Malaysia home.”

She further added, “We are a small country and need all the help we can get. If a Malaysian is unearthed here and makes it big internationally, she will say she was discovered in her home Malaysia, a place with great multi-cultural integration.” 

The finals will be staged during Mercedes Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix themed “Fashion Dolls” this year at a secret venue in the Klang Valley on the xx of March 2013. How exciting to find out the secret venue only at the night of the event!
Prizes of Mercedes Benz Stylo Model Search of the Year 2013
1) One year model management contract by Stylo 
2) International International modeling exposure in Prague during its Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, London, Mumbai and other cities 
3) Scholarships from Saito College      
     i) Overall winner: 100% funded scholarship     
     ii) First Runner Up: 50% funded scholarship     
     iii) Second Runner Up: 30% funded scholarship
Register Mercedes Benz Stylo Model Search of the Year 2013 here

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