Saturday, February 2, 2013

So what is this Samsung Ecobubble washing machine all about?

Oh I saw this video and it was so hilarious!!!!! This is not the first time Samsung is so creative with their ads!!!! At first I was wondering why Samsung is filming their latest Ecobubble washing machine advertisment at snow mountain... and out of sudden a brown bear appeared....!!!!  Well NO FUN lah, if I tell you the whole story right... watch see how it turned into a polar bear at the end!

So what is this Ecobubble washing machine is all about? Well I have heard of hair bubble hair colour... but I can't related how washing machine got bubble one... 

 I was wondering if it can produce bubble and let me play???

 If you remembered, in the olden days we see our grandma or mother create large quantities of rich and soapy foam for their laundry day, helping the detergent to penetrate and get absorbed deeply in each clothing they washed. Samsung applied this traditional wisdom in their bubble based washing system, to make the tiresome chore of cleaning clothes much easier and more convenient without energy waste. And definitely we no need to worry our hands becoming rough when we use washing machine right?  

If I am not wrong, Samsung is the first brand in the world to design this ecobubble technology for washing machine! Basically this Samsung ecobubble technology will generate special bubbles, enabling great performance from the start, so cold water washes like hot water. These soap rich bubbles penetrate deeper and dissolve faster into fabrics, so you can save on energy but still get great results.

I also found out that this Samsung Ecobubble which comes in 7, 8 and 12kg capacity has Super Eco Wash mode which washes at just 15°C only but it is washing as effectively as warm water. Think of the amount of energy saved! When wash cold, can save up to 70% energy compared to a 40 celcius wash, so eco-friendly! Also I always prefer to wash my clothes with cold water because I know it is gentler on our clothes!
It's more than a washing machine, it's a revolution  

• Wash Cool, Save Energy with ecobubble™ technology 
• Wash more at once with a huge 12kg drum capacity 
• Enjoy peaceful washing with Vibration Reduction Technology™ 
• Reduce noise with a longer-lasting Digital Inverter Motor

I think my washing machine at home almost going to die on me soon... ah  just the right time to consider this and I'm sure my clothes will have fun playing with the bubbles if I were to get this!

For more information on the Samsung Ecobubble washing machine, visit

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