Sunday, April 28, 2013

Be Bold & Different - Get the limited edition of Samsung Galaxy Note II in Red Ruby Wine

Besides pink, RED is my favourite colour

Do you agree that RED is the colour that symbolises passion, love courage, bold,alert, luck and most eye-catching colour of all.....Well most importantly whenever I wear RED it just boost up my confident even without much makeup on!

RED itself is a statement piece for fashion be it for clothing, hair, makeup accessories or mobile phone..everyone would actually turn their head and stop for a second to look at you because RED colour is attention catching! Just like when see traffic light turns red, STOP okay!

Beauty Tips : When I am looking pale & tired, I just glide on my favourite red lipstick and immediately I looked awake & confident! And every woman should own a killer red lipstick colour!

Yesterday I was caught checking out the new Samsung Galaxy Note II in Red Ruby Wine colour for Samsung Galaxy Note II . And if you want to know Samsung Galaxy Note II feature, you can always check it at their website here

Busy checking out the phone...

Well oh well I just realised Samsung Galaxy Note II in Red Ruby Wine just match my sexy red lippy perfectly!

Under bright lighting, Samsung Galaxy Note II in Red Ruby Wine looked like this.. so classy & feminine at the same time!

 Looked how the colour looked more maroon in store! And I'm glad it is not some bright red colour which might be too loud for some and older generation may not be able to accept it... and this maroon colour is just the perfect shade! 
Grey & White are the permanent colours of Samsung Galaxy Note II and just like the pink colour, this Red Ruby wine colour is also a limited edition!

And personally if I were to choose between 3 colours, I would definitely choose Red Ruby Wine colour because the colour is so feminine and it would make me stand out from the rest!

Instead of the usual boring black, white & grey colour why not be bold & different and get this Samsung Galaxy Note II Red Ruby Wine limited edition colour instead which is now sellling at RM1999? Check out them today, this is limited edition colour and it is while stock lasts!

And if you need more info, do visit 

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