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Review : Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System

Mary Kay launches the new MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System, a complete skin care line that addresses a whole new level of luminosity which targets 5 key benefits including even-looking skin tone, hydration, brightness, translucency and purity. In another word, this is a brightening skincare range. Thanks Mary Kay for sending the whole range of products for me to try out! 

The new MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System also reduces dark spots and helps protect skin against further damage from the sun and other environmental stresses. The MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System has been extensively tested and offers the optimal combination of scientific innovation and the power of nature to target the multiple causes for uneven skin tone. And it's suitable for dry, normal, oily and combination skin types.

At the heart of the system is the MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous Complex, a patent-pending blend of key botanical ingredients which targets melanin to potentially help reduce the appearance of dark spots. 

 Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System contains the key ingredients of: 

  • Edelweiss extract - has been shown to target melanin, helping diminish discoloration on the skin. 
  • Algae extract - targets melanin and helps reduce the appearance of discoloration on the skin’s surface. 
  • Vegetable amino acids: shown to significantly improve the brightness of skin**, improve the overall evenness of skin tone** and reduce the visible contrast of dark spots on the skin** so they’re less noticeable. 
  • Shiitake mushroom extract: Certain mushrooms, like shiitake, contain a specific enzyme known for their purification properties. In fact, the paper industry has utilized the discovery of this enzyme from mushrooms to purify the color from tree bark in order to make white paper. (available only in Cleanser, Freshener, Mask and Ultimate Cream) 
Although Mary Kay is an American skincare brand but these range seems to be made in Korea, no wonder it is stated specifically formulated for and tested on Asian skin. 

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System Foaming Cleanser – RM129/100ml

This is gentle, purifying foam looked milky. The purifying foam effectively lifts away impurities without stripping skin. Formulated with the exclusive MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous Complex, it brightens dull skin and improves the look of uneven skin.
It's pretty creamy and you need lather it with water to create foam. It has mild botanical scent.

Put a small amount of Foaming Cleanser in the hand and mix with warm water to create foam. Then apply the Foaming Cleanser to the face and neck and wash in circular motion ( avoiding eye area) before rinsing with water.

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System Freshener – RM129/100ml

This brightening, softening lotion formulated with the exclusive MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous Complex promises to leave skin supple and radiant. 

As you can see in the picture, the texture of the freshener (i.e lotion) is really watery.

Although the instruction was to use cotton pad, I personally prefer to pour on my palm and pat into my skin. The lotion absorb almost immediately onto my skin without feeling greasy. Love my skin feel softer and supple after patting!

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System Mask (RM169/85g)

Refines the skin surface for a more luminous complexion, providing overall brightening while leaving skin softer, smoother and more radiant.
Creamy white texture. Applied on clean & dry skin after face wash. 

I applied a medium layer of mask all over my face and neck too. Leave it for a minimum of 10-15 minutes before rinsing. (Note that the mask will not be completely dry). Recommended to use 2-3 times a week.

Usually I like to use after I steam my face with my favourite Panasonic Face Steamer and scrubbing for a optimum result. I can see my face look brighter and supple. Surprisingly because more brightening/whitening mask is quite drying!

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System Serum - RM350/30ml

This MelaCEP Plus+™ Ultimate Serum is the star product because it contains Maritime pine and white birch extracts, to target melanin, and Hexylresorcinol which targets glutathione and the accumulation of pigment on the skin’s surface. Glutathione is vital to the skin’s purification process.

As we age, our body’s natural production of glutathione starts to decrease while stress and environmental pollutants also can deplete its levels. In addition, glutathione can impact melanocytes, which are responsible for melanin that can appear on the skin. With that it helps to diminishes the appearance of dark spots, improved the appearance of skin discolouration and leaves skin looking more even-toned.

The texture of the serum is quite gel-lish and it absorbs pretty fast after I use freshener. I use one pump and applied evenly all over my face. This is the kinda of my favourite serum texture!

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System Ultimate Cream - RM180/30ml

This Ultimate Cream promises to deliver 24-hour moisturization when used day and night, leaving the skin looking luminous and even-toned.

Out of all these products above, this has the strongest botanical scent. Although it looks thick and creamy, it absorbs into my skin nicely after I warm my palm and massage it in. And you can feel there is a thin veil on top of the skin protecting the loss of moisture in the skin. Very smooth and hydrated after application!

Although it's a cream, it also suitable to apply during the day time especially during hot season like this where our skin need to be hydrated properly.

Sorry, I wish I could take a better picture to show a proper comparison but nowadays weather is so crazy hot and next moment it's raining (it's hard to go get same lighting at the same spot and before I even start taking picture, I already drenched with my sweat!) but I do see my skin colour (on right side) looks more even, brighter, translucent and feel hydrated!

We all have the perception that brightening/whitening products are usually drying to the skin but this Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System has been quite moisturizing for me. Despite me siting in an air-conditioning room all day long (thanks to the weather), this range seems to hydrate my skin pretty well , in fact skin feel soft and smooth each time I finish applying the products! It's quite gentle and no irritation during my trial period for last few weeks! And out of all the products I tried, I really like the serum, mask and cream! 

And if you been following me on Instagram (Follow @jessyings) /Facebook (like Jessying), you might know that I just came back from Bali last week! Gosh the weather is so much hotter & humid there compare to Malaysia!! And lucky I brought this range along to use , which I think it helps to keep my skin looking luminous, even and hydrated! Unfortunately I think my pigmentation has not been lighten (well it has been there as long as I can remembered) so I think I need to continuous use this properly a little bit longer to see result? Well I will monitor if it gets lighten.. and tell you guys if it does! 

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System is available exclusively through your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant from April 2016. To locate a consultant, call 03-7711 7500 or visit www.marykay.com.my

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