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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review : Essenseri Skincare & Serum Mist

I was being introduced to our Malaysia home-grown brand Essenseri a while ago and my first impression ...

Aww their packaging is so colourful & cute!

According to them, they offer the simplest, easiest and fastest skin solution which will work every time. Each Serum Mist is specially formulated with active ingredients which derived from the nature and each offers different solution to our skin. Hence if you have acne problem, you are recommended to Acne Reduction Serum Mist.

I was given 4 products to try and let's see how I think about them.

 Essenseri Skin Renew Facial Cleanser : RM18

This is a facial cleanser that is free from synthetic fragrance and helps to deep cleanse the skin. It is specially formulated with NMF, Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Lactic Acid and essential oils. The benefits of using this is that it removes dead skin cell that which will caused our skin looking dull. It also helps to hydrate the skin which end of the day leaving our feel soft & fresh.

 The ingredients

This is a gel cleanser and does not come with a lot of foam. I quite like this because it does not make my face feeling dry after using it. I feel my face feeling smoother every time after I wash my face with this!

Come to the highlight of the review, Essenseri Mist Serum which comes in 3 types namely Acne Reduction Serum Mist, Age Defying Serum Mist and Extra Whitening Serum Mist and each priced at RM29 only! And this is my first time coming across serum that comes in a mist form and I'm looking forward to try to see how it works! 

The instruction was to use to shake well before used.

Essenseri Age Defying Serum Mist (RM29) is specifically formulated with natural ingredients that will help stimulate skin growth such as nanosom oligopeptides. It promises to deliver younger looking skin, forget about the lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. It is simple to use and works every single spray in restoring your youth.

Benefits of using Essenseri Age Defying Serum Mist are:-
- Help to control and preserve skin youthness by stimulating skin cell
-Help to restore collagen and elasticity
-Help skin renew and firmness


It's important to press and massage the serum mist after spraying all over the face to ensure the products is properly absorbed.

Review : I spray Essenseri Age Defying Serum Mist all over my face after I used toner. I was quite surprised how it actually make my face feel more hydrated, smoother and plumped after I used them. There are few nights that I skipped my moisturer and try this alone and when I woke up my skin still remained hydrated.. pretty impressive how Serum Mist actually can work alone without any other products!

Essenseri Acne Reduction Serum Mist (RM29) is specifically formulated with natural ingredients. It has oil control properties and suitable for people with acne skin. 

Benefits of using Essenseri Age Defying Serum Mist are:-
- Help in restoring skin moisture level
-Help with skin oil control and help in reducing pimples. 
-Help skin renew and firmness


Review : I have used this when my skin was breaking out on certain "time" of the month. And this does help to calm my skin and clear of the acne within few days. Instead of applying cream or gel, I feel this is serum mist easier to use and my skin feel more refresh :)

Essenseri Extra Whitening Serum Mist (RM29) is specially formulated with natural ingredients to help in brightening up skin tone and reducing pigmentation.

 Benefits of using Essenseri Extra Whitening Serum Mist are:-
- Help to even up the skin tone hence making skin looking brighter.
-Reduce fine lines
-Delay the aging process which is caused by harmful UV rays.
-Help in reducing pigmentation.


Review : Whitening is my cup of tea but I am quite careful when I use whitening products because while it works usually it dehydrates my skin. And was glad to find this Extra Whitenning Serum does not make my skin feel dry and yet feel light after I pat them on my face. And I think it does brighten up my skin a little bit after a month of using.

Overall my skin looked a bit brighter than before... besides using this I have better sleeping habit i.e I sleep earlier than I used to be (age catching up! Hahaha....). I like how it is so simple to use and light to carry around. And instead of spraying water mist , I would prefer to use this on top of my makeup... it does not smudge my makeup yet giving some treatment benefit on my face. Essenseri is definitely an affordable brand that offer fuss-free application with result. And this would be perfect for people who are lazy or reluctant to apply so many products on their face as each Serum Mist is formulated to target specific skin need.

For more info how to purchase Essenseri products, visit their facebook at

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