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Friday, June 28, 2013

Get The Perfect Bikini Body

If you've booked your dream summer holiday and are starting to plan ahead, it might be time to start paying some attention to your bikini body. You don't have to be a size 0 to look hot in the summer sun but a few changes here and there will mean that you’ll have holiday snaps to be proud of. 

Stick to a healthy diet
You don't have to live off lettuce leaves in order to cut down your calorie intake but changing the way you eat could help you lose a few pounds in time for your beach holiday.

Instead of visiting the canteen at lunch time, make a packed lunch and take it to work. This way you'll be able to eat what you want and have more control over your calories. However, if your problem is portion size, try starting your dinner with a bowl of salad. This will help fill you up and prevent you from eating too much in your main meal.
 Pay attention to what you drink. Swap your favourite tipple for red wine as it has fewer calories than most alcoholic drinks and contains a healthy antioxidant too. 

 Start exercising

If the thought of going to the gym fills you with dread, don't worry as there are plenty of other ways to burn those calories. Try playing with the kids on the beach instead of just relaxing on the sun lounger. If you're going for a mid-afternoon stroll, walk along the sand instead – it'll burn more calories. 

When you're on your holiday, you'll probably spend plenty of time in the water, so why not beforehand? A quick dip works wonders to tone your arms, back and waist. 

Wear the right clothes 

 Getting the perfect body isn't all about toning up and losing weight, it's also about wearing the right clothes. By finding a few bikinis that flatter your shape and covering up with a flowing kaftan you'll instantly lose a few pounds. When it comes to what’s on your feet, flip flops aren't the only shoe of choice for a beach holiday. A pair of wedges will make those pins look longer and give them more shape.

Monday, June 17, 2013

TIPS : Recyle your chipping nails colour and gives a fresh new design!

Hey lovely people, are you having your Monday Blue! Let me cheer you up by sharing my tips on how to recyle your chipping nails colour and gives a fresh new design! 

I guess everyone loves it when nail polish looked pretty & nail when it was it first applied right? So after a week or two (depends how well you take care of your nails), the nails colour at the tip of our nails usually began to chipped and looked really ugly. And that's usually a signal of us to visit the salon or DIY ourselves to remove it & re-applying it with a new colour. Don't you think is a waste of money & time sometimes?

Instead of the hassle of removing & applying a total new colour...I have my way of keeping the existing nail colour even when the tip of the nail colour has chipped. And it save your time & pocket money too! 

Recycling the base colour of the nail colour & give a touch up!

So after a week more or so when my nail polish started to chipped instead of using the same nail colour to fill it up (which is boring) , I used a different colour and give my nail a fresh new design re-cycling the same colour base which I applied a week ago :) Rather than the tedious waiting period, applying at the tip nail only takes very little time!

I applied Max Factor Sunset Glossfinity Sunset Orange (if not mistaken RM22/10ml) and this is one my favourite colour from my stash because I could never go wrong with this! This bright & pigmented orange colour makes me happy.... as my fingers looked fair & it is so easy to apply! Not only it dried up pretty fast, the colour stays really glossy for more than 10 days (more than what it promised!) - longer when I applied top coat on this! 

So when tip of the nails started chipping & looked ugly, I applied Ciate Paint Pots in Peppermint (RM52). I feel in love with the colour at the first sight, it is fresh mint green (this colour remind me of tiffany blue). 

Instead of applying it like french manicure drawing a line across, I created the melting nail effect to give a little bit design to my nails!

To make sure your nail colour stay longer (double longer for the base colour!) don't forget to apply top coat on top of that! I tried Butter London P.D Quick Topcoat (RM64 for 17.5ml) at Sephora and I'm sold! Dried up amazingly fast & my nail is so glossy and pretty until today... super amazing and better than OPI or Essie ones! I am gonna get this when my top coat at home runs out!  

Seriously it is really easy to do & need not much skill...Best of all, your friends might be thinking you just did your new nails design when in fact you just recycle your base nail colour & give your nails a new face lif by giving a little bit touch up !

Saving your time, money & effort too :)

Try them today! 

Note: Ciate , Butter London nail polish is available in Sephora Malaysia. As for Max Factor Glossfinity, it should be available at all Max Factor counters.

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