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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review : Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy by Cres Wellness

I am always a big fan of facial service because I like to be pampered and I think some face massage (especially lymphatic massage) could not do it on our own. So when Cres Wellness contacted me few months back for facial review I was really excited to try out. However I got to delay it because I got to had my sinus surgery and I couldd go for facial. So when I was OK to go for the facial few weeks ago, I went to the Cres Welness at the 4th floor of The Garden.

A little intro about Cres Wellness which I got from their website
CRES, a holistic beauty and health sanctuary which offers personalized treatments that helps women understand, manage and pamper their entire selves, in order to achieve a total wellbeing exuded by “Confidence, Relaxation, Elegance and Sophistication.”

Being the flagship boutique of Cellnique – the first and largest Paramedical Skincare brand in Asia, CRES is backed by decade worth of experience and industry know how, as well as deep insight into the lifestyle and needs of the contemporary women. It offers a wide range of state of the art personalized therapy that contours the women of the new age towards ultimate beauty of mind, body and spirit.

I was told that Cres Wellness was established by the founder of Cellnique Paramedical – Asia’s first paramedical skincare brand – in 2003, CRES Wellness is a lush, welcoming spa, where each woman’s unique well-being needs are determined, and personalized solutions are carefully designed and applied.

I was siting comfortably at their waiting area for my turn, I was given a cup of their home-brewed ginger tea to enjoy.

After that Beauty Consultant asked me to fill up a form and do a skin test. I was told that my skin is very dry and I know my skin condition deteriorated after I had my surgery.

So the Beauty Consultant recommended me to have their latest Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy facial worth RM408

What is Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy facial?
CRES Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy is a highly effective reversal and therapeutic treatment which combined the mighty energy of the natural crystal and the state-of –the-art nano-technology. It can unblock and activate the lymph nodes, increase the flow of nutrients to the cells, and thus stimulate better and faster cell repair and renewal, leaving skin instantly revitalized and ultra smooth

I was told the 2 hours facial could gives
1.Instant Pore refining
2.Instant Whitening and spot lightening
3. Ultra smooth and radiant complexion
4. Fine lines and wrinkle removing, look instantly younger
5. Ultra hydrating, calming and refreshing
6. Instant face lift, no more puffy face, face look thinner and sharper

The way to the facial room. I love the wall paper... very beautiful.

The beauty room where I will be pampered.

After my face was being double cleansed, the BC gave my face a cold steam instead of the usual hot steam before extraction. I was told that the cold steamer was good for sensitive skin. And when she do the extraction, actually I don't really feel painful maybe because my face is like stiff (c0ld) for a moment after the cold steamer. After that she sprayed Cellnique ginger toner which gives me soothing & refreshing effect.

I was told that by the therapist that she will be using top grading natural quartz crystal with different level of mineral contents based on my skin condition. She said she will be giving me a very pleasure, relaxing and enchanting therapeutic Chakra Massage.

First the crystals were used to open my points before message starts.

Then the clear crystals were used to message in the serum . The stones that are used round and not sharp.

Then I was massaged with the Chakra Healing stone with Whitening essence unblock and stimulate my lymph nodes. It will also increased my blood circulation on my face. My face did feel a bit warm at this point due to the massage.

Then she used the nano technology ultrasound machine and massage in the hydrating essence.

Last but not least, she put on Soft Masque which contained Ginseng Extract that revitalizes the skin while lubricating it to improve elasticity and tone. In addition to re-hydration, cells are oxygenated, calmed, soothed and, cells are oxygenated, calmed, soothed and softened.

After 15 mins, the mask was peel off. And my face was further slapped with moisturizer as the final step :)

Not sure if you can see clearly from the picture, my pores appeared smaller. I feel skin is smoother, hydrated and a little firm after the 2 hour of intensive facial.

p/s : Need to take pic with flash because the facial room was dark.

This is my before and after result.

Unfortunately the tool to test my hydration was not working after my facial, so I could not check . But of course after facial I feel my face is a little bit more firm and moist!

The result in the graph ( ignore the hydration level). According to the chart, my pigment spots appeared lighter after the facial... WOW! And I was told my face would be brighter after a few days when the essence totally absorbed into my skin. And I was told that I should drink lots of water and apply hydration mask after the treatment, since it will stimulate new cells growing and my skin cells will need more hydrating and moisture during this period.

And good news to all Jessying's readers, Cres Wellness agreed to do a special promotion for all of you to try their facial treatment !!!

They are offering 70% off for 1st trial facial treatment PLUS Free Steam Bath & 2 pcs of RM20 product vouchers !!!

All you need to do is to be the 1st 100

1) Like Cres Wellness Facebook's page
2) Leave message at my status (here) at Cres Wellness, stating "I want to try!" here after my message in Cres Wellness's Facebook wall
3) Wait for Cres Wellness representative to contact you via facebook personal message and you need to provide your personal details to them.
4) E-voucher will be sent to you and present them to the preferred outlet after making our appointment to try their 1st facial at 70% discount!

Note : Terms & Conditions apply.

For more information , visit or

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review : Kanebo Granmula Diamond Aura Facial Treatment

Remember I posted a while ago that Kanebo Malaysia invited me to try their latest range Kanebo Impress Granmula Diamond Aura Facial Treatment facial at their Starhill International Salon, KL. It was the most expensive facial I ever try. It was a 90 minutes intensive facial treatment for me. And I will be sharing the facial steps and how I do feel in the facial with my readers here.

I greeted by Cora (a small build friendly lady who was also my usual therapist for body treatment) who first brought me soak my tired leg in warm water after a long day at work.

This is a facial/body treatment room

Here is the bed where my facial treatment will start.

Cora started the the Kanebo Impress Granmula facial with Kanebo Impress Cleansing Cream which is the first step of cleansing, which Cora massage the whole cream on my face to remove makeup and other impurities. Then Cora used Kanebo Impress Creamy Soap to double cleanse my face. I like this because the cleanser is very gentle, smell good and make my face feel soft and moisturize. So now my face is clean and ready for 2nd step.

Then she proceeded using Kanebo Impress Brightener (softening serum) which will act gently to peel dead skin cell. After that my face was left to steam for 2 minutes before gentle extraction by Cora. ( bye bye all blackheads!)

Next she put Kanebo Impress Granmula Lotion and Emulsion before using Energy Lift Machine to do the lifting movement on my face for around 5 minutes. This can help to firm up our face and to avoid fine lines form due to sagging.

After that she started with the balancing massage for face and shoulder around 25 minutes using the Kanebo Impress Massage Cream. It was one of the most powerful massage I ever had and the cream smell so good! I felt like she was making a dough on my face and I know she was pressing a lot of lymphatic points on my face while massaging.... and my face feel so warm.. I was told the balancing massage will detoxify my face and improve my blood circulation.

After that 25 minutes intensive massage, so Cora took exactly 2 gram of Granmula Impress Cream (worth RM230!!!) to apply it on my face directly as a mask. Then she took a paper mask (soaked in Kanebo Impress Granmula Lotion) and laid on top of it. On the top layer, she put a plastic to wrapped my face before putting a hot towel above. This helps for better absorption of the mask (i.e creme) and not to have heat directly transferred to my face. I had the mask for 5 minutes .

And finally she removed all the sheets and massaged the remaining creme on my face before putting a layer of sunblock for me. And then I had a shoulder massage just to just before the facial ended.

I must admit , this is one of the best facial I ever had! Not because it is free invitation by Kanebo Malaysia, but the massaging technique used in this facial is very different ( even though I am their regular for their facial ) The massage is very powerful and I can feel my lymphatic nods was being pressed and released repeatedly. Other than that , these Kanebo Impress Granmula Range smells good and stimulating my sense as it is from a special fragrance, called the Bouquet de GRANMULA which consists of 20 scent extracts from flowers, trees and fruits.

More importantly, after the facial I looked into the mirror, I saw my face for definitely brighter and moisturize!

And good news is now if you buy the whole range of Kanebo Impress Granmula products RM6600 then get 10 Kanebo Impress Granmula Diamond Aura Facial Treatment for free ( 90 mins facial is worth RM688). Promotion ends 31 Dec 2010

Kanebo Impress Granmula Lotion RM800 for 150ml
Kanebo Impress Granmula Emulsion RM1200 for 100ml
Kanebo Impress Granmula Creme RM4600 for 40g

Currently Kanebo Impress Granmula range is available in Kanebo International Salon and counters in the mall.

However the Kanebo Granmula Diamond Aura Facial Treatment is currently available at the four salons only.

Kanebo International Salon, Starhill Gallery
Salon Address: S21-25, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
Phone Number: (03) 2144 1218
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Kanebo International Salon, Bangsar
Salon Address: No. 16, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL
Phone Number: (03) 2282 1218
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Kanebo International Salon, Gurney Plaza Penang
Salon Address: N170-04-67/68 Plaza Gurney, 10250 Penan
Phone Number: (04) 227 7618
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Kanebo International Salon, The Spring Kuching
Salon Address: Lot 123, 1st Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga,
93300 Kuching Sarawak
Phone Number: (082) 247 318
Operating Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Note : You can read my reviews on the Kanebo Impress Granmula's products here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Decleor Harmonie Calm for sensitive skin launch!

Sensitive skin and allergy problems - sensitive skin is not related to allergies but is a 'Skin Type'. Learn more about your skin type and ways to protect it at Decleor Harmonie Calm booth, Mid Valley from now till 21 November.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lunasol 2010 Autumn Makeup Auroral Purification Collection

Oh No ! Lunasol my ever favourite brand is launching their latest 2010 Autumn Auroral Purification Collection today 15 October 2010 in Isetan KLCC!!! Since Kanebo Malaysia only bring 2 Lunasol season collection to Malaysia once a year, I have been waiting for this for the longest time! I have been a convert since I tried for the first time last year. And I am still loving their collection! I openly declare their makeup collection especially eyeshadow is the best in market (in my opinion!) . I am still using the palettes which I bought since last year!

Back to this year Lunasol 2010 Autumn Makeup Auroral Purification, it an aurora shimmering like a beautiful wave in the serene, clear night sky. This autumn, Lunasol sublimed an aurora's fantastical beauty with a multitude of colors and lights in the world of Purifying Makeup. The ever-changing aurora's shimmer is fully represented by the splendid combination of colors and luster. Purifies your body an soul with auroral shimmering colors and luster. (quoted from Lunasol brochure)

p/s : I like the Nuance Variation and Gentle Variation by looking at the picture.

There are 5 types of palettes available under the Aurorized Eyes (RM175/each.. yes an increased of RM15 from last year).

Lunasol Gel Eyeliner (6 colors) - RM105/each (including portable brush).

A gel-type eyeliner that adds depth and defines the eyes with vivid and rich coloration. Clings to the skin with the smooth texture which is unique to gel-type eyeliner and maintains its finish for hours without smudging. The included brush enables the user to draw the desired line between the eyelashes or on the edge of the eye line. The six colors are Deep Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Olive Green, Brown Red and Dark Gray. (quoted from brochure)

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S - 10 new colors - RM92/each

Coloring Cheeks - 2 types - RM90/each

The suggested combination

The limited edition eye shadow colors for Auroral Purification to enjoy the aurora-like-nuances. Three colors combination green, pink and yellow.

Lunasol Aurorized Nuance Eyes - 3 limited colors - RM90/each

Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss - 3 limited colors - RM88/each

Lunasol Nail finish - 3 limited colors - RM52/each

However at this moment (last night) there is no sample to swatch as the counter still preparing for today's promotion.

This promotion runs in Isetan KLCC from 15-20 October 2010.

And from 8-17 October 2010, for every RM100 spend you will get RM10 Isetan voucher (not entitle to buy cosmetic/fragrance).

From 15-20 October 2010, purchase RM300* voucher to enjoy

-New Aurora Purification Makeover by Japanese makeup artist Mr. Makoto Hajino (by appointment)
-A4 size Personal Portrait
-Depp Nourishing & Relaxing Hand Cream
-Special Lunasol Eye and Kit
*The eye kit (limited edition from Japan) comes with 2 tube of eye cream and eye masks while lip one comes with lip masks*
-Redeemable for RM250 Kanebo products (Excluding best buy items)

Best Value set : Lunasol Makeup Set - Value Buy (worth RM430)
(Limited to 12 sets in KLCC -exclusively in KLCC only)

-Lunasol Aurorized Eyes - RM160
-Lunasol Gel Eyeliner - RM105
-Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S -RM92
-Lunasol Nail Finish -RM52
-BAZAAR Imported Cosmetic Pouch -RM29

Please be noted, the RM300 cannot use to redeem this value set unlike like previous years .. *cry cry*

Best Selling Sets (Exclusive for Isetan KLCC)

Impress Cream Excellent
RM1,980 value buy ( worth RM2,880) - Limited to KLCC 12 sets

Impress Basic Set RM780 value buy ( worth RM1,066)
- Limited to KLCC 12 sets

Purchase with Purchase -must buy !!!
Choose any 2 facial +1 body treatments for ONLY RM198

*with any purchase of RM100 from Kanebo*

This is such a good deal, as you can choose the most expensive impress facial (using skin lifting machine).

Facial Treatment
RM98 for Revitalising Facial Treatment (60min)
Rm128 for Skin Brightening Facial Treatment (60min)
RM168 Impress IC Facial Treatment (75min)
RM180 Impress Total Rejuvenating Treatment (90min)
RM48 Kanebo Intenstive Eye Treatment (20min)

Body Massage
RM98 Stress Relief Treatment (60min)
RM168 Hot Stone Treatment (90min)

p/s: Best time to try their facial !! I am their regular.... love them!

Kindly call the counter to reserve/enquiry if you are interested
KLCC - 03-2163 2216
Gardens - 03-2282 3215
Lot 10 - 03-2142 2216

KLCC Isetan Kanebo counter will be setting a booth outside Isetan in Ground floor.

NOTE : If you are interested to buy RM300 voucher and want the Japanese makeup artist to do your makeover (instead of the local one) it is better that you call to make appointment first as the Japanese Makeup Artist would be here for the 5 days from 15-20 October 2010 and my SA said his appointment for today, Sat and Sunday almost full. And also do note, the Isetan promotion voucher of purchase RM100 and get RM10 voucher will end on 17 October 2010 . So better buy the package first before you go for the makeover.

p/s: If I am not going to my oversea trips (going to the East) next year , I would not think further and buy straight for myself as a birthday present for myself this month as the set & PWP is so attractive.. However I think now with tight budget I will still go and check out the colors .. and hope I don't break my no shopping pledge!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Isetan Newsletter - 2010 Fall Beauty in Red Rouge.

Just got my hands on the latest Isetan's Newsletter electronically ! This season they are promoting their Isetan 20th Anniversary in 2010 Fall Fashion & Beauty in Red Rouge which starts 16-30 September 2010!

Check the below details carefully.

There are some workshops, free makeover and facial for you to try !

Sexy Red!

The workshop details was posted here

Details of the Shiseido workshop is here

Call now to get Dior free makeover from 24th to 30 Sept, only for the 1st 100 IMC cardholders.

Call the above number to book appointment for your consultation.

Call the above to make appointment to enjoy La Mer Luxury Facial

I like this Blue Dahlia Collection, Blue, Black and Green looks so pretty !

Thats all for now!

Happy Blue Monday!
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