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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Bangkok Mini Haul!

Yes I been to Bangkok 8 months ago and thanks to AirAsia promotion I flew in Bangkok last weekends for a 3 days 2 night holiday! Guess how much is my airfare and hotel.. It's only RM200 for 2 persons inclusive of round trip air fare and hotels for 2nights inclusive of breakfast!!! How can I say NO to promotion like this!! Anyway my boy and I love Bangkok so much that we would not mind to fly in anytime if there is such promotion again! Fingers crossed!

Since it's such a short trip , this would be more like a relaxing weekends getaway trip rather than a shopping trip!

However the shopping gen is still in my blood

So let me present me my mini Bangkok haul!

My first Naraya's handbag ! RM23

p/s: Naraya is Thailand famous local designed bag that are unique as it's only made from fabric. Not only they have a lot of outlet in Bangkok and other stores around the world ( Macau, Indonesia, Dubai, Japan.. etc)

A bag I picked up from Chatuchak's market for RM15!

Ahem...faux limited edition Longchamp - RM20

p/s: I asked my best friend to get me this back few months back from UK, but this design went out of stocks.. sad sad..

Small handbag - RM6 only!

My first Jim Thompson's haul !!! Got this lovely from their outlet mall.. for RM90!

Love this 100% Jim Thompson silk shawl!! RM75

Can anyone guess what is this! It's a pouch for something!


Another shawl I picked from Chatuchak - RM10

Got this from Chatuchak as well , Heating pad - RM2

Chatuchak- RM1.50 for each spagetti strap! This is from a reject shop!

Short pants from Platanium mall - RM20/each

Flowery dress from Platanium mall - RM35

Beach dress from platanium mall- RM14

Long pants - RM35 from Platanium mall

Blue/green skirt RM30 from Platanium mall

Some accesories ranging from RM1- RM5/each

Got this rings for RM6/each!

My last minutes haul from Boots!

Lip balm, hand cream and eyeshadow palette!

That's all.. I got it all !!

p/s: Now need to go back to saving mode.. need to save for Korea trip which is 6 months away from now!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Bangkok Clothing Haul

Most of my money has been spent on clothing in Bangkok because it is very cheap compared to what they are selling in Malaysia and the quality quite good.. You are spoilt with choices in terms of price, design, colour , patterns but not sizes!!! And normally I only buy from shop/stall that allows me to try which is quite a common practice in Bangkok. However there are usually no fitting room available especially in Chaktucha market, therefore you just got to try it on the spot...And as long I feel good, I just buy it because it is so cheap affordable after all !

And most of my haul are done during the last 4 days in Bangkok because the first few days we were busy doing sightseeing and more serious stuffs. And I was keep complaining to my boyfriend that I need more shopping and when I went to Chaktucha on the weekends, I just BUY!!!

And I was not satisfied !!! So the morning before I fly back, I went for a crazy shopping alone in Pratunam Wholesale market, where I basically pointed there , there and grabbed...

And when my boyfriend saw me back in hotel with my shopping bagssss after 2 hours of shopping war, he said "You are addicted to shopping already " ! I said " Now only you know "? .............

And of course this is a must have shirt !!!
Because the shirt says it all...

Guess how much is the cheapest clothing that I have bought !!!!

Just RM4 okay !!

And my clothing price range from RM4 to RM29 (40 bath - 290bath)

Guides to ask for better deal in Bangkok

If you are in Chaktucha market - You can make the best deal from 5pm to 8pm although officially Chaktucha market close at 6pm but there are many stalls who came out and put their stuffs for sale at the roadside to clear off and the price displayed already dropped by 20-50%, by then and you can bargain further. Unlike in Shenzhen, Bangkok pricing are more reasonable and it often it is so cheap that even you do not ask for discount.. it still worth it! Fyi, ALL stalls in Chaktucha market is only opened on weekends (although some of them do open on weekends) because there is where the crowd will be... and usually they want to sell off their item rather than keeping them.

If you are in Pratunum Wholesale market - Normally the wholesale price will be given to you if you purchase more than3 items from the shop, and you MUST asked how much is the whole price before you step in the store to choose.

In a shopping mall like Siam Paragon, Siam Centre, they offer tourist a 5% rebate card for all items in the store, and I was lucky to enjoy their 10% discount storewide during their festive seasons promotion instead. And the best thing that you can ever expected is that they even give you 10% discount on top of best buy items !!

Last but not least, there is a cheat way (my way lah) to ask for discount, when you went into the store/stall always start by greeting sawadeka... and hold your hands together and bow slightly ( it's a thai way of greeting) ... and then when you spot the items you want, you just point at the item and said "tow rai"? (which means how much in Thai)

Often than not , they answered me back in Thai as they thought I'm Chinese Thai (it may only work for Asian as we looks more like each other, sorry if you are European/American your look cant cheat them) and I smile back and said how much... and they know they being tricked and strike small conversation from there and later ask for discount . Well this works pretty well for me... because its easier to ask for discount once the sales assistant is comfortable chatting with you. If the deal is yours , always say Kap Koon Kah... (which means Thank you)

And remember ALWAYS ask for discount, because if you never ask, it would never be given to you.
Above are my own experience and opinion, and if you fail to asked for more discount after following the guides, then it must be your SMILE which is not sincere enough okay!! I exclude myself from all liability if you not able to get a better bargain. Xoxo...

p/s: Guess what, my boyfriend got even a better bargain, RM3.90 for a shirt !!!! Ops, I just realised some of my shirts is not in the pictures above, because no time to take pic! Never in my life I have bought so many clothes within few days , this is record breaking!

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Unfinished Bangkok's Haul

A week in Bangkok definitely is not enough for Shopaholic like u! (and me)

It's crazy , their choice, price and promotion is real deal!

I have bought a total of 16kg of goods back home !!

And when my bf asked me enough, I said NO!!!!

Here is a sneak preview of what I have grabbed!

This is all I got for my Christmas ..for myself, family & friends

A good deal of around 30 pieces of clothes !!!

Maybe I will show you next time!


More bags

More bagss

Okay enough of bags, cant able to carry home if I am buying more!


Random hairbands

Accessories !

Body products
More lemongrass products

My best buy!!

Of course some cosmetics !!!!

I just do not have enough time & money to shop everything back home !

Therefore I still have unfinished business in Bangkok!

And guess how much I have spend for the above haul...

p/s: Coming soon will be more of my Bangkok's post! Keep a lookout...

Last but not least ....

Hope you have a very merry Christmas day today !

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