Friday, December 25, 2009

My Unfinished Bangkok's Haul

A week in Bangkok definitely is not enough for Shopaholic like u! (and me)

It's crazy , their choice, price and promotion is real deal!

I have bought a total of 16kg of goods back home !!

And when my bf asked me enough, I said NO!!!!

Here is a sneak preview of what I have grabbed!

This is all I got for my Christmas ..for myself, family & friends

A good deal of around 30 pieces of clothes !!!

Maybe I will show you next time!


More bags

More bagss

Okay enough of bags, cant able to carry home if I am buying more!


Random hairbands

Accessories !

Body products
More lemongrass products

My best buy!!

Of course some cosmetics !!!!

I just do not have enough time & money to shop everything back home !

Therefore I still have unfinished business in Bangkok!

And guess how much I have spend for the above haul...

p/s: Coming soon will be more of my Bangkok's post! Keep a lookout...

Last but not least ....

Hope you have a very merry Christmas day today !


  1. Bangkok has NARS also??
    i like the grey small bag!!

  2. Hello from Bangkok! lol I'm glad you've got a lot of stuffs from here =)

  3. Jean : Yes yes, Nars in Siam Paragon having promotion and its even cheaper from the airport. Yes I like the grey small bag too.. my sister snatched 1 liao..

    Alisa : Hi to you!!! Hi Bangkok, I'm missing Bangkok nowww..I wan go for more shopping!!!!

  4. wah so nice and I love them all, cosmetics nice too never try that brand before.

  5. Sherry : Nars blusher totally pretty!!! U gotta try it, sadly Msia dont carry this brand although its under Shishedo

  6. the accessories & bags looked nice! bangkok indeed is a shopping haven for sh0pper like us;D


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