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Monday, December 16, 2013

3 months after my makeover, my hair still looked fabulous!

This is my current hairstyle now...after 3 months of hair makeover ... I still think it looked  fabulous! Since I have received some many enquiries about where I cut my hair I think I shall blog about this.

Remembered I had my first hair makeover earlier of the year where I cut my hair short after 10 years and had my hair coloured red in Centro Hair Salon in Gardens.

And 9 months down the line, my hair is long again and I went for a makeover again in Centro.

Seriously I love this hair cut & hair colour and I think one of the best haircut I ever had.. it is fresh and complement my face shape very well. 

I love the rose gold base colour !

I had front side highlight in copper. Instead of full head getting highlight, I got side front being highlighted because this is the new trend Kevin said he learnt from his London's trip.

Styling this hair is pretty easy as I just need to as most I need to do is to blow dry. And on special ocassion, I use this Loreal Professionnel Super Dust to style and create texture for the hair..super simple to use, just pour the powder on the hair and use fingers to comb through the hair to create the volume.

Thanks Kevin Woo who is the founder of Centro Hair Salon for the hair makeover! Twice in a row and I am pretty impressed with his skills and all I need to do is to sit back and relax... and he will decide what to do with it and assured me that it would look fabulous!

Many people told if you have short hair, you need to visit the salon every month to maintain it. I still remembered Kevin told me previously when he was cutting my hair that my hairstyle does not require much maintenance and even it is grew long it would still looked nice. True enough even after 3 months I had my haircut, the hairstyle does not go out of shape and still looking fabulous! I have friends who message me recently and asked me where I did my hair recently....(though did my hair 3 months ago). The colour of the hair though has fade a little and not looking as bright as before, it was alright if I want to keep them as long as I do touch up on the hair root soon! 

Personally I think short hairstyle makes me looked really young & cool and when hair grew longer, I looked more ladylike. I still think I like the short hair version so I guess I will cut my hair soon ....and would be keeping them for some time :)

By the way, Centro Hair Salon is currently offering 10% off on Restyle Package. You can call now for an appointment at Centro The Gardens Mall 03-22877330, Centro KLCC 03-21616330, Centro PrivĂ© KLCC 03-21623330. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

An overview of Mary Quant Cosmetics; now relaunched in Malaysia in Muse by Watsons

Has been a while I played with colours and last week I had the opportunity to play with them. And if you are a makeup addict that loves to play colour, you cannot afford to miss this out! Let me tell you more about this in a while.

Some of you who are the frequent shopper in Sunway Pyramid this few month, sure will not miss spotting MUSE by Watsons.

This not so new first premium beauty retail brand MUSE by Watsons which was opened back in June this year carries only premium skincare and cosmetics products. Recently Mary Quant acosmetic brand from United Kingdom make a comeback after being launched by Mandom (Malaysia) hence you can see Mary Quant was being highlighted at the window display. In fact I have friends who told me that this brand used to be in Msia long long time I guess they are making a come back! I read that this brand was established way back in 1970 ; wow that is way before I was born (ahem I am quite young also ^.^)

“The Black Daisy” is the brand symbol of Mary Quant. A black flower, unique in the world, impossible to produce through the power of science; it is the symbol of the freedom fashion designer Mary Quant gave to women, and of the Mary Quant brand which continues to defy convention to create new forms of beauty.

Mary believes that cosmetics are part of fashion, with unrestricted combinations to enhance female beauty, allow women to express their true selves and enjoy life. “Be free, be yourself”, this spirit is part of their brand, means to value your own way of life. They hope to continue to provide products that resonate with their customers who value their own way of life, regardless of age, helping to give them the freedom to be themselves.

Before I start introducing Mary Quant cosmetic line, let me briefly their simple skincare line. Special Recipes Skincare Series offers 5 products for a complete skincare regime; cleansing gel, washing milk, toning lotion, moisture milk & moisture cream. Their main ingredients are derived from chamomile, daisy, rosemary, wild thyme and honey. Their price ranges from RM119 to RM159.

Let's start get to know the makeup base first

1) Oil Zap is an oil control face makeup base that will gives a dry, matte finish as if you have applied powder. It prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to the excess sebum. Its fine texture will helps in covering up the pores too. Priced at RM119 for 20g.

2) Moisture Zap is a moisture infusion makeup base that has high moisturizing properties like a beauty serum will helps makeup last longer while hydrating the skin. Priced at RM129 for 30g.

3.) Eye Gloss is a treatment eye foundation for delicate & dry prone  eyes area.  Not only it covers dark circles and dullness; it also helps to make the eyeshadow colours looked better. Priced at RM79 for 8.5g.

Next on foundation, Mary Quant Obedient Finish Oil Free Foundation comes in 6 shades; offers smooth & shine proof result with SPF 20PA++ protection. Personally I think it would suits people with oily skin would appreciate this oil-free formula. This is priced at RM135 for 30g

Mary Quant Loose Face Powder comes in 4 colours promise to make skin appear brighter and pores looks finer. The velvety corpuscular powder makes pores and fine line less noticeable while making giving a long lasting beautiful finishing. This is priced at RM109 .

Up next, on my favourite products of all is definitely the EYESHADOW! Well I love mixing colours to create different looks when I have time to do my makeup :D

Mary Quant Eye Opener offers a total of 57 eyeshadows colours! I tried some of the colours, some which are creamy in texture are more pigmented compare to those which are powdery in texture. Well each is selling at RM49 without casing. 

Can you guess which is my favourite colour? 

Ahem, my love at first sight is the Bright Blue , Pastel Orange, Wasabi Green, Lemon Gold, Bright Pink and Purplish Blue... quite a lot I know but there are 57 shades and its hard not to notice the bright & striking colours :P

Mary Quant Blush Baby is something worth checking out too. Available in 14 shades, Rose Pink is my favourite pick! Each priced at RM75 without casing.

The beauty of  Mary Quant is that you can customised your own beauty palette. You can handpicked your favourite eyeshadow or blusher colour and and put into the colour palette. Voila you can just bring your own customised palette for the holiday without lugging like 4-5 eyeshadow & blusher palette! 

The casing comes in 3 sizes and the cheapest RM45 (fits 2 blushers) and the above shown colour palette (either can fits 12 eyeshadows colour or 8 blusher colours) is priced at RM49.

Coming up next, Mary Quant Moisture Rich Lipstick. 

In Malaysia we have 20 shades while in overseas they offers around 36 shades. I tried one of the colours and the texture feel creamy and not drying too. Each priced at RM108.

The eyes makeup would not be complete without eyeliner. Mary Quant Out Line is a colour pencil that comes in 19 different shades. I was told that some colours can work as lip colour too! Also the formula is a waterproof one. Each is priced at RM59.

If you are not a fan of pencil eyeliner, there is liquid eyeliner.  Mary Quant The Talkative Eyes which is a liquid eyeliner with MQ's original brush. Comes in 3 colours; ebony black, barbwire grey and cocoa brown. It has a quick dry & waterproof formula; I tried them one and felt its tip is too fine to my liking. Each is priced at RM99.

Mary Quant Brow Line comes in 3 shades ; Charcoal grey, Chestnut Brown and Camel Brown. This is also waterproof formula. Each is selling at RM59

Can anyone guess what is this ?

Mary Quant Action Lashings is a lengthening mascara that comes with MQ's original two-sided coil and chip brush, which features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara its elasticity together create sharp & spectacular long lashes. This comes with Anti colour-fading effects and waterproofing effect to prevent smudging. Each is priced at RM109

Another product which a lot of people has been like drooling on is the pretty Mary Quant ColourShine for Lips. Available in 8 beautiful shades.

Because they really loked beautiful, they deserved another picture! I tried the Campagne Shine and really like the fine gold dust that gives lustre & volumious effect on my lips! Each is priced at RM99.

I think I almost features all the Mary Quant products except the concealer & powder foundation which I can't find the pictures in my camera.

At the event, we have privileged to see Ms. Takaki who flown in from Japan to show us makeup demostration using Mary Quant products.

This is the model before & after

Products used for the makeover

A close-up

The eyes makeup - I like the bright under eyeliner which brighten up the whole look.

Next is my turn to try Mary Quant products

My whole makeover which I did using Mary Quant products.

My colourful eyes makeup - inspired by Malaysian Independent Day ; as it falls on the same day I attended the workhop.

Overall, their eyeshadow has lots of colours to play with.... and their texture is creamy and easy to apply.. only a few colours are powdery & difficult to use. Their blusher, lipstick & lipgloss are really pretty with  lots of beautiful shade. Their liquid eyeliner and mascara colours are fun to use but need to master the skill to use it. 

A picture with Ms Takaki - happy that she praised my makeup skills  :D

Finally a group pic with the bloggers after having fun playing with Mary Quant cosmetics.

Don't forget to check out Mary Quant products in Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid. 

For more information about Mary Quant, please visit

p/s: Which Mary Quant products that caught your attention to play with?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review : Kate Spring/Summer Collection 2013 ; Goldish Eyes Collection with 24k Real Gold!

Last week I attended Kate Makeup Workshop in Pavilion and one of the highlight of the event is the latest Kate Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. 

It was conducted in Platinum Room, Level 7, Seventh Heaven, Pavilion KL.

Kate Malaysia invited Mikiya Hirai is a Japanese Makeup Artist to conduct the workshop.

Lucky we got translator :)

Isabelle was the model for the makeup demonstration. This is her BEFORE picture.

Below are the products that Mr. Mikiya used on Isabelle during the makeup demonstration. He would be creating Day & Night look.

Mr. Mikiya used Freshel Whitening UV Gel (RM67) after he removed Isabelle's face. According to Mr. Mikiya, this Freshel UV Whitening has 5 functions i.e Lotion, Essence, Emulsion, Cream and UV Makeup Base. Since it has SPH 26 PA++, it can be used in the morning only. For night, use Whitening Gel instead.

Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB Cream Pore Cover (RM59) , this is something new to me. It's a BB Cream at the same can work to help pore cover. I really like this because I do think my pores looked smaller and face is smoother after using this! Glad to find that the shade is alright on me too :D

After that Mr. Mikiya used Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover (RM79). I remembered Mr Mikaya was saying the liquid foundation will turn into powder in 15 seconds and surely it really turn into powder when I applied on my skin! No need to use loose powder after using this :D I quite like how smooth it feels on my skin :) 

Mr. Mikiya then used Kate Cover Concealer for Cover on Isabella, the texture is pretty creamy, well this is not my type of favourite texture for concealer. 

I tried Kate Eye Shadow Base for the first time, although this is cream in texture...I only need to use a little bit and I love how it smoothen out the creases on my eye lids and actually help to enhance the pigmentation of the eye shadow! 

Let's check out the highlight of the workshop, which is the Goldish Eyes Collection under the Kate Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. I remembered Mr Mikiya told us that in this Goldish Eyes Collection, each palette contains  of two unique gold pearl powders ; i.e Real Gold Pearl, a pure gold pearl powder with 0.1% 24k REAL gold, and Nuance Gold Pearl, a bright pearl powder with a hint of gold. Yes you read it correctly, REAL GOLD... how luxury is it to apply real gold on eyes right... !

There are a total of 4 Goldish Eyes palettes and each palette, you can see the word "GOLD" is embedded on top of the eyeshadows , which means those 2 colours have "real gold" in it. 

Below are the swatch for the Goldish Eyes Collection under the Kate Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Each priced at RM59.
GD-1 is my personal favourite, I like the overall combination of colours of gold, brown and dark brown. 

Overall the collection colours looked very natural and with the goldish shimmer it would give a glamorous and sophisticated finishing! And these kinda of natural colour are really easy to apply & suit all skin tone. However I do think the eyeshadow texture is quite powdery to apply and colour looked really light in reality.. and in order to let the colour looked more pigmented, the eyeshadow base is definitely a must here.

This Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner is part of the  new launch in the Spring/Summer Collection 2013 too! Very easy to use & the shine is not too overwhelming. Perfect to use at the lower eyelid to make the eyes looked more dolly!

Kate also have Mascara base, Volume Gel Mascara & New Lash Extension Mascara (which is the middle one) RM59. I heard that the curved fibers can give 5mm lenghtening effect to our existing lash! 

Others Kate products that Mr Mikiya used on Isabelle.

The day look at Mr Mikiya created on Isabelle 

The night look (party) version. 

For night look, Mr Mikiya said shading is important to make the face feature looked sharp. He showed that the shading stars from the cheek bone all the way up to the side forehead. 

And now is my turn to try on the makeup! 

Naked face - a compulsory Before picture

p/s: Got to take with flash because the light in the room is quite dim :(

Well I followed exactly the tutorial in the booklet given in creating the Goldish Eyes using GD-1 palette.

My after picture

How do you like my makeover which I did on myself :D 

 Close up on the eyes makeup I did. The goldish shimmer is fine and shimmering and it must be because of the pure gold ingredients in it I think

 Look, can you see the BLING shimmering on my eyes!  

Must be the gold bling bling I have on my eyes that brings me luck..because during the workshop I won a set of Kate Goldish after answering correctly during the Q&A session! Yay!

 A picture of myself with Mr. Mikiya Hirai. He was really friendly and keep checking on my makeup when I was doing mine. And he nodded and said... good ! *happy* 

Me & Farah Hany, one of readers whom I invited along to the event...I knew her few years back and now she is now a web designer in Nuffnang office :D 

Looking at my picture, I quite like the Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB Cream Pore Cover & Powderless Liquid for Cover because my face looked pretty flawless & fresh here! 

So what is your favourite pick from the Kate Spring/Summer Collection 2013?

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