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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary to L'occitane Malaysia!

L’occitane who is founded in 1976 in Provence, France is now in over 80 countries and with 1,899 stores worldwide. And just last month, L’occitane Malaysia celebrated their 10th anniversary here in Kuala Lumpur.

Nancy Ferriman, South East Asia General Manager of L’Occitane said that “We’re pleased with the strides we’ve made in Malaysia. We understand that uncompromising premium products and a penchant for subtlety over flash is what have been our key driving initiatives every time a new range is conceptualised. We want our products to speak for themselves through the pleasure and radiant glow of the woman who uses L’OCCITANE in ways that shows that beauty is more than just skin deep.”

She shared that her favourite is Almond Shower Oil where it pampers her skin after a long day at work. It's my favourite too! 

A celebration would not be complete without cake-cutting ceremony.

Here are the 10 key L’occitane Malaysia’s milestones over the 10 years 

1. The very first L’occitane Boutique’s opening ceremony in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur back in 2004.

2. In July 2006, L’occitane Malaysia brought 3 press members to Provence, the home of the brand, for an exclusive Lavender Discovery. 

3. In 2007, L’occitane Malaysia branched out from Kuala Lumpur and opened its first outlet in Queensbay Mall, Penang; followed by the first L’occitane Boutique in East Malaysia at The Spring, Kuching. Two other outstation outlets were opened later in Mahkota Parade, Melaka and Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu to bring Provencal lifestyle to more parts in Malaysia. 

4. In 2007, L’OCCITANE Malaysia re-launched its bestselling anti-ageing skincare collection, Immortelle Precious formulated by its signature everlasting flowers – Corsican Immortelle. 

5. 2009 was an exciting year for L’occitane Malaysia as we launched their first premium anti-ageing skincare product, Divine Cream. 

6. In line with L’occitane’s CSR endeavors, the brand’s first local charity fundraising initiative was launched in 2009. A total of more than RM150,000 was successfully raised over the years and donated to the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB)to equip the association’s different projects to empower the visually impaired with knowledge. This noble effort has become L’occitane Malaysia’s annual affair, where funds are raised each year to help the visually impaired. L’occitane Malaysia was proudly be commended by Foundation France in year 2013 on its local efforts in helping the visually impaired. L’occitane Malaysia takes pride in its efforts to help these people have a better, brighter future, and they are proud of the award as it encourages them to strive even harder.

 7. In 2010, in line with going green, L’occitane Malaysia introduced its first eco-friendly green house concept Boutique in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur and eco-Refill packaging was also introduced to reduce the usage of plastic bottle. 

8. The first Melvita flagship boutique was opened in Suria KLCC end 2010. Melvita, L’occitane’s sister brand, was founded by Mr. Bernard Chevilliat in 1983, and offers a wide selection of organic beauty care products developed and formulated in France, featuring bee products as its key ingredients. The grand opening was officiated by Mr. Chevilliat, the founder itself. 

9. In 2012, L’occitane Malaysia relaunched its popular hydrating skincare collection, Angelica. Selected members of the press were invited on an exclusive discovery trip to Salagon Garden, Provence. 

10. Today, in 2014, L’occitane Malaysia has rapidly expanded its wings over a short period of time. From one humble boutique in Suria KLCC to 18 boutiques nationwide, and from 10 staff to a team of over 150 dedicated employees, its success story continues to grow and flourish…

Last but not least, Happy Anniversary L'ocittane Malaysia! 

 Although L’occitane is more well known for their body care, their skincare worth a mention because it actually works pretty well on me . As much as I love their body care, I do like their L'Occitane Immortelle Precious where I did a review 2 years ago and it works wonder on me!

Before I end my post, a sneak preview of my next product review on L'occitane Sublime Essence & Beauty Cream. Do check out later to see how it flares on my skin :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway sponsored by Bloom, The Floral Shop

With Mother's Day around the corner, I bet a lot of us are thinking hard what to give our beloved mother to express our love and appreciation right ? Well I am thinking to suprise her with flowers...because my mother loves flower and she don't receive flowers that often.A. Before I talk about the giveaway, let me show you my visit to Bloom, The Floral Shop in Intermark Hotel to see what can I get for my mother!

Teddy bear is there welcoming me :D

I really like the Bloom's interior, it's simple & sweet. Also like how it is spacious it is which allow me to roam around to see stuffs.

If you have no time to visit their pretty store then visit Bloom website at as it is an online florist where you can also place your order online with a click away anytime & anywhere ! There are tons of pictures with prices, choice of time to do the delivery and conveniene online payment method available at the website.

Some really pretty roses I spotted. It's in light pink!

Floral arrangements with beautiful lilies :) One of my favourite flowers!

Fresh orchids !

Besides fresh flowers, Bloom carry artifical flowers for decoration purposes too.

Do you know what flower is this?

This lavendar flowers looked so real to me and it is so beautiful in purple!

These beautiful lavendar can be decorated in such a way that it looked so pretty to put it at our garden or entrance of our house! Definitely want to have this because not only it looked beautiful, it is almost maintenance free!

I think my mum definitely want this!

Artificial orchids

Besides fresh & articial flowers, Bloom also offers unique home decoration too!

These are some of the unique photo frames which I really like. And do you know all these are made from recycled items ?

Cute teddy bears shouting to me "Bring me home"!

I like this when I first saw this thinking it is a pot, it's simple & pretty. Later I found out it is a pen holder.

There are some intersting vase I found here, very oriental type which usually Chinese older people will really like it! I am not that old but I do think some of these vases are really beautiful.

This is my favourite vases of all, very unique in colour, design and shape! Would definitely stand out for sure!

*can't resist the pretty "lavendar" flowers, so must take pic with them!

And I think I would go again to buy the articifical lavendar flowers to decorate my living room!

Flower Cake arrangement in petite size - RM50

I love the pink lilies used here, so lovely!


Well good news to my readers especially if you have not think what to get for your mother because Online Florist - Bloom, The Floral Shop would be sponsoring a flower cake worth RM120 (pic as shown as below) to one lucky winner!

Flower cake arrangement 1

Flower cake arrangement 2

Also this flower cake can be delivered to your mother on Mother's Day itself, awesome right !

What a beautiful suprise for your mother right?

*note the flowers used in the flower cake may differ from the pic*

How to join this giveaway to win Flower Cake worth RM120, it's simple!

1.) Be my follower of this blog, click on the follow box at the right side of the blog
2) LiKE Bloom, The Floral Shop Facebook ( and click HERE to view my Mother's Day greeting picture shown above.

3) Please leave at the FB pic HERE with your most touching greetings to your mother (can be your mother in law, bf's mother grandmother, aunt, wife or nanny too!) or anyone who you think deserve to receive this beautiful Flower Cake on Mother's Day! Remember comment at the FB link there and not here for your entry to be valid!

Then the readers who leave the most touching greetings wins one Flower Cake worth RM120 to be delivered to your mother on Mother's Day!

Result of the Mother's Day giveaway would be annouced on 9 May 2012, 12pm and winner must replied me back by 10 May 2012,12pm. Failure to do so, another winner would be selected and decision is final.

Note : This giveaway is opened to Malaysian only and the flower delivery for the prize is only within Klang Valley!

Visit Bloom, The Floral Shops at
C13, The Intermark, +60321611616

LG17, Empire Shopping Gallery, +60356321228

LG25, IPC Shopping Centre, +60377224429

or visit

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day to all of you out there!

We have worked hard in contributing to the nation, economic, political and social achievements

Let's celebrate today with joy, love and pride!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Isetan Lucky Bag on 1st Jan 2011

Have you heard before Lucky bags ?

Fukubukuro (福袋 lucky bag, mystery bag?) is a Japanese New Year's Day custom where merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. The low prices are usually done to attract customers to shop at that store during the new year. (quoted from Wikipedia)

And in Malaysia, Isetan a Japanese owned mall also took the opportunity and organise lucky bag for shopper to purchase. Below are the details I extracted from the latest newsletter for you people to plan what to buy this coming new year!

And usually you need to be early to grab the lucky bag due to limited quantities available for sale.

And the exciting part would be you do not know what are inside the lucky bag until you pay for it at the counter.

Kindly click on the pic to enlarge to find out the different lucky bags available on 1st Jan 2011 so that you can plan your shopping !!

So far, I know that the Kanebo Lucky bag worth RM188 consists of

One Lunasol palette from AW 2009 collection worth RM140 (left no 1,2 and 4)
One Lunasol Mascara - RM90
One Lunasol Lipstick - RM88
5 pcs travel size Kanebo Blanchir skincare
One Impress facial worth RM180
One Brayoga body treatment for 1 part worth RM180

definitely very worth buying worth RM678 (but pay RM188 only) , only 15 sets available in KLCC , 10 sets for Gardens and 8 for Lot10

Other than this, Shiseido is selling their own yearly Fortune Box as well.. check out the details here

Good luck people with your lucky bags!

Happy New Year !!!

Good news, I am offering free personal shopper service to all Jessying's readers. Terms & conditions apply~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

F.O.X Cosmetics Malaysia's Christmas Party

(Click on the image above to read the details)

Party time starts from 10am to 10pm

For more info, visit F.O.X Cosmetics Malaysia's facebook here

Kiehl's Christmas Party in Pavilion and KLCC!

Dear Friends of Kiehl's,

Come join us for some Christmas cheer! There'll be festive music, refreshments plus fantastic Christmas treats and goodies bags for guests.

The party is open to the first 100 (each store) who RSVP through Kiehl's KCRs, details as follows

Venue : Kiehl's Pavilion ( Level 2 - Concourse Level)
Date : 17 Dec 2010
Time : 7-9pm
Contact number : 03-21417160

Venue : Kiehl's Suria KLCC (Concourse Level)
Date : 21 Dec 2010
Time : 6.30-9pm
Contact number : 03- 2300 2784

Don't forget to give your name and contact number, and Kiehl's KCR will contact you to confirm the place!

Let's have fun with Kiehl's!

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy International Women's Day!

This is the day , all of us as woman should remember and celebrate !

Not because its our 308 Malaysian General Election anniversary ( 8 March 2008) but because this is the day that women from the past have continued fighting for the interest of women and here we are today to pledge to continue to fight to promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women. To work towards the elimination of discrimination against women, and to bring about equality between women and men!

How can we fight for interest of women ?

Be it you are a MAN or WOMAN

(Let me share a few ways which some of you might or might not agree!)

1)Join an non-governmental organisation (NGO) which champion for women rights. You join because you believe for a cause !

For example: Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) , All Women's Action Society Malaysia (AWAM), Sisters in Islam (SIS) amongst the others which are in the
The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG), which are also they are under the umbrella of National Council of Women's Organizations, Malaysia (NCWO)

2) Be a volunteer

You can always be a volunteer for any NGOs , whether you are a doctor, lawyer, tailor, housewife or babysitters.

3) Contribute your money

If you do not have time to be a volunteer due to your busy working lifestyle, then financial assistant will be the next best choice!

4) If at all , you have no intention to join a NGO, then be a caring and responsible citizen. Which mean, you report when you see domestic violence (abuse) !

Violence against a woman is a crime, and a violation of her human rights.

"Be brave for the truth and afraid that judgment day will come one day" !

5) Be an extraordinary WOMAN yourself!

Be it at home, work or social circle, always equipped ourselves (WOMEN!!!) with knowledge ( not necessary formal education only !! Beauty knowledge too !!!!), skills ( any skills includes cooking, cleaning and nagging ?) and confidence ! And always believe that we are as equal as any man out there !

Mother Teresa!

Sirimavo Bandaranaike was elected to be the Prime Minister back in 1960 in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) according to Wikipedia which is 31 years ago. And I hope to see very soon that a woman Prime Minister to be elected in Malaysia !

And meantime let's continue fight for

1) Equal treatment and respect towards man and woman in all places!

2)30 percent of women in positions at decision-making levels!!

3) Equal work opportunity; salary and promotion!

We are equal because we 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth just like you!

Happy Women's Day my dear women readers !

You are the BEST!!!

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