Sunday, August 17, 2014

Annoucement of the #JessyingxPerth giveaway winner!

Last week I ran a giveaway in my blog here to giveaway a pair of KUL-PERTH air flight ticket here as an appreciation for all the support that you have given me for the past 7 years! How time flies!!! 

I would like to thank every single one of you here for reading and commenting here for continuously sharing, inspiring, encouraging me to continue blogging. If you have realized I have been posting less frequent compare to my past because now I am really busy working, living a life and I do really want to produce quality blog post that worth you spending time reading it. I do not want to just copy & paste the press release to put in my blog because than this would not be called as a blog but a newsletter right? Each post you see here took me a lot of my time and effort to do research, take pictures, try properly before I could sit down to write down my thoughts here. Thank you once again for spending your time to spend my blog and I hope you will continue supporting me   Kamsahamidahhhhhhhh! 

Are you ready to find out who is the lucky winner who will win this pair of air flight ticket to Perth?

Waileng Wong!! Congratulation you won yourself a pair of air flight ticket from KUL to PERTH!!!!! 

In case you are wondering, I did not pick you as winner but did pick you as a winner out of 507 entries! Fuiyohhhhh you are one very lucky girl!!!! I will email shortly for you to claim your prize! 

For other participants, thank you for your participants and I promise I will have more giveaways soon (since my blog will be turning 7 years old in 2 days time!) . Usually I had my blog birthday giveaway in Oct in conjunction with my birthday but this year is my lucky 7 years of blogging hence I would be having another round of giveaway soon!!!! Stay tune and keep supporting my blog.. thank you!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Giveaway : Win a pair of air ticket to Perth from !

Hai lovelies, you know how much I love travelling ?

 Well thanks to all the support that you have given me all these years, I decided to giveaway a pair of Air Asia economy class air flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Perth to one of you here! Go and see the world people!

I'm going to make this giveaway as simple as possible and you can join via my Rafflecopter giveaway!

One very lucky winner would be picked randomly on 15 Aug 2014 12.01am to win this pair of air ticket to Perth! 

An email would be sent to the winner to claim the prize immediately after that and winner is require to reply my email within 48 hours, I would pick another winner. Hence kindly provide the correct email address and check your email often! 

Remember you can multiply your chances of winning by getting extra 15 entries if you facebook, tweet or instagram about this giveaway!  

Note that : This Air Asia Air is valid for fares only for the travelling period till 30th September 2014 (reservation is required). This complimentary voucher does not include airport tax, fuel surcharge, counter check-in fee, insurance, baggage, meals and amenities, which will have to be borne by you. 

Win up to RM40,000 weekly with #ShellEasyWin

With the rising cost of living in Malaysia, we need to be a smart spender. While there are are a lot of expenses such as food, electricity consumption that can be reduced, my petrol consumption for my car could not be reduced simply because I need my car to travel too work and event daily. And  it's more convenient and accessible than our public transports!

Shell Malaysia understands the importance of making smart choices on the road and in life. In line with Shell’s commitment to promote fuel efficiency and smart mobility, Shell Malaysia is encouraging Malaysian drivers to be more conscious about their spending, so they can save on more than just fuels and can enjoy a better overall lifestyle.

Hence Shell Malaysia is giving back to its loyal customers with “Shell Easy Win”, an 10-week campaign beginning from 7 July, 2014 that aims to reward Malaysian drivers who make the smarter choice of spending with Shell.

Simply need to spend RM30 at Shell stations nationwide to be eligible to win cash prizes!

Weekly Grand Prize 1 x RM20,000 
Weekly Consolation Price 250 x RM300 

Do you know you DOUBLE your winnings by fueling with Shell V-Power! Which means if you are selected as grand winner instead of RM20,000 ... you get RM40,000! Wah more power!!!!

Winners for the Shell Easy Win Contest is published in their website here

Not only that, there is also Shell Easy Win Instagram contest!

  1. Just take a photo with the Shell Easy Win polaroid imagery available at Shell Stations*
  2. Write a your most creative caption to follow,
  3. Hashtag us at #ShellEasyWin
  4. Post and share it on your Instagram account! 

Stand a chance to win 10x cash vouchers worth RM50 up for grabs each week!

*Disclaimer: Please be careful while you are take pic and be aware of your surroundings.

I just fill up RM30 Shell FuelSave 95 for my car before I picked up the contest entry form at the cashier. 

Next time going to fill up  my car with Shell V-Power to double up my winning liao!!!

Don't forget to attach to the receipt together with the form before submitting the entry form. 

Oh did I mentioned that even you shop inside Shell Select with a min of RM30 you also can submit your entry form to win the cash prizes! 

You can either buy Shell Helix engine oil for your car

or buy drink and snack!

Now I am going to tell my friends and families to fill up petrol at Shell Malayia today! And hopefully either of us win the cash prizes! 

And IF I win this RM40,000, I'm going to go clear all my debts (to live as a debt free person!), buy a holiday package for my family and then go backpacking around the world! Or win consolation prize to pay my shopping bills also not bad lah! Please pray for me yo!

Go pump your petrol now at Shell station in nationwide (min of RM30) to join #ShellEasyWin to win the attractive cash prizes! Contest ends 14th Sept 2014.

For more info, visit

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Philosophy Skincare & Bodycare is now available in Sephora Malaysia!

Not sure if you have heard that Philosophy skincare is now available in Malaysia. This post supposed to be published some time ago but after my laptop got stolen I thought I lost all my pictures. Unexpectedly I just found these pictures saved in one of the folders in my hard disk! Just like Philosophy's tagline Believe in Miracles.. it was a miracle to find some of my previous pictures back so I would be introducing them in my post here!

Robin White is the Director of International Education and Global Press for Philosophy gives a brief introduction about the brand.

"Philosophy is a brand that approaches personal care from a skin care point of view, while celebrating the beauty of human spirit."

Purity Made Simple Cleanser - RM85 (RM85 for EM) / 240ml

One-step facial cleanser is our award-winning cleanser, loved by all for its multitasking, 3-in-1 approach to cleansing. purity made simple gently cleanses, tones and melts away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating. skin is left feeling perfectly clean, comfortable and balanced.

Benefits :
  • Deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up 
  • Natural oil extracts help condition skin 
  • Fragrance-free formula
Summary review : I have tried this personally, I love to use  because it has citrus scent which is really pleasent! It's not drying and great to remove light makeup (like powder foundation). And the price is really affordable too

Hope in a Jar moisturiser - RM140 (RM147 for EM)/ 60ml

Philosophy Hope in a Jar comes in two types; Hope In A Jar Oil-Free Moisturiser for Normal-Oily Skin and  Hope In A Jar High-Performance Moisturiser.

Hope In A Jar High-Performance Moisturiser
Is an award-winning and high-performing lightweight moisturiser hydrates and provides antioxidant protection while improving the skin texture and tone, leaving it smooth and radiant. Formulated with lactic acid to help remove dead skin cells and beta -glucan to improve overall skin health, Hope In A Jar is our go to product to dramatically improve the skin’s radiance whilst providing gentle exfoliation to give smoother, healthier looking skin.

Hope In A Jar Oil-Free Moisturiser for Normal-Oily Skin
If your moisturiser is weighing you down, set your skin free with this oil-free, lightweight moisturiser. packed full of antioxidants to protect against environmental damage, it helps hydrate the skin, absorb surface oil and keep pores clear, leaving behind a matte finish and a clear, healthy complexion.

Philosophy's When Hope is not Enough - RM175 (RM184 for EM) / 25ml

When hope is not enough .... i.e moisturiser is not enough for your skin ...then you might want to consider to use serum/essence.

What'’s good for your heart is good for your skin. nurture your skin with essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 and unsaturated omega-9 to help stimulate the skin'’s natural process of renewal and regeneration, while maintaining its suppleness and elasticity. Philosophy's when hope is not enough omega 3-6-9 replenishing oil is a lightweight oil that hydrates dry skin, while helping to protect it against environmental attack. The nurturing formula also helps maintain skin's elasticity. Ideally used in the p.m., when hope is not enough omega 3-6-9 replenishing oil helps fight moisture loss and free radical attack, while nurturing the skin's natural barrier and inspiring a healthy glow. It also serves as a great post peel or exfoliation treatment to soothe irritated skin and provide overall conditioning benefits.

Philosophy's Miracle Worker solution with 60 pads - RM275 (RM289 EM) 

Miracle Worker miraculous anti-aging retinoid pads soak in solution deliver the ultimate in skin confidence, revealing youthful-looking, radiantly luminous skin in one easy step.These miraculous multitaskers diminish the appearance of wrinkles, dramatically improve skin discoloration and promote flawless clarity, while inspiring a stunning healthy glow.

Pour in the solution to the jar to allow the pad to soak up !

This fresh-pour elixir is formulated with HPR next-generation retinoid technology that helps maximize skin's rejuvenation potential, while minimizing the risk of irritation commonly associated with traditional retinols. loaded with antioxidants, skin conditioners and soothers, these one-step, multitasking miracle pads deliver miraculous results that can be seen in days.

Philosophy's the Microdelivery Peel in Home with Vit C Peptide Peel- RM260 (RM273 for EM) 

Born from biomedic, the acclaimed medical company the pioneered in-office lunchtime peels, Philosophy skin care has long been recommended by dermatologists. the microdelivery collection helps brighten, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improve clarity, promote smoothness and enhance the performance of your skin care products... all in 3 minutes or less.

This fresh-pour elixir is formulated with HPR next-generation retinoid technology that helps maximize skin's rejuvenation potential, while minimizing the risk of irritation commonly associated with traditional retinols. Loaded with antioxidants, skin conditioners and soothers, these one-step, multitasking miracle pads deliver miraculous results that can be seen in days.

Besides a wide range of skincare, Philosophy also offer shampoo, shower gel, lotion and perfume and all comes in really colourful packaging! I don't really have the prices for these so do enjoy my pictures and check out the price at your nearest Sephora store!

And as you can see from the above pictures, Philosophy products name come with very inspiring quote ! Totally love that because every time when we apply skincare, the quotes would be giving some positive vibes! 

For more info about Philosophy's products visit 

Also don't forget to check out Philosophy products at Sephora Malaysia . Find out where is the nearest outlet near you from their FB page

And yes, Sephora is now growing rapidly with their 2 latest coming soon in KL i.e Avenue K and in Robinsons in Gardens Mall. And also found out Sephora Malaysia is opening in Sabah and Sarawak soon! 

Can you share with me which is your favourite Philosophy's product? 

p/s: In the meantime, I shall try to put up a detail review on some of the Philosophy products that I had too! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BCL BFF Makeup Party

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to learn 2 Japanese makeup look (Cool Beauty & Japanese Idol look) from Takeru Hiro san using BCL products with my BFF aka my sis Jem :D 

 BCL is a Japanese cosmetics brand and the name BCL is the short form for Beauty Creative Lab. BCL is suitable for fashionable young, working adults who wants to look good. And this is the first time I tried out their products and I am pretty excited to try out as my friend has told be before that their eyebrow and eyeliner is quite nice. 

According to him Cool Beauty look are more defined and mature, and it has the characteristics of sharp eyebrow, black eyeliner, volume & curl mascara as opposed to Japanese Idol look that give supernatural look with soft eyebrow,  brown eyeliner, volume mascara and plus one point focus (either lips of cheek)

Allow me to share with you my opinion on the BCL products that I had tried in the workshop

Clear Last Pore Cover Face Powder

Very light coverage but it does cover a bit of my pores and brighten up the face.

 Browlash EX W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid

 Comes in Natural Brown and Grayish Brown shade

For people who want to have quick touch up with define finishing on their eyebrow, this would be a good one.

Browlash EX W Eyebrow Gel Eyeliner & Powder is a new product coming in to Malaysia.

Comes with 2 shade; Natural Brow and Light Brown. 

Finally we have lighter colour eyebrow colour and this powder eyebrow would give a more natural finishing to our brow. My hair colour is pretty light so I have been looking for the correct eyebrow shade to match my hair colour and this 2 shade that they bring in is even lighter than the one I had back home.

 Makemania is also a brand under BCL and this is Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow, basically eyeshadow in a pencil form

 Bronze Brown and Light brown shade

This is super easy to use, just glide through and blend using brush or finger. Colours is shimmering but very pigmented. This is great to use on the go and small to carry in our handbag.  We were told that this is called magic pen because this can use as eyebrow, eyeliner and eyeshadow. 

Of all the products I tried, this is my favourite Brow Lash Ex Water Strong Liner. The name on the product might sound misleading because this is actually a liquid eyeliner and not a another eyebrow product. Browlash is just another range name (just like Makemania) under BCL.

The colour is deep black, very intense.. I like! The unique thing about this eyeliner is that this is waterproof but yet can be removed using warm water! 
The brush head had the shape like a marker pen, the brush is soft yet firm.

Over the years from the makeup workshop I attended, I picked up a very important tips that help me when I apply eyeliner or eyehadow which is  to always to brush a little bit of loose powder on our eyelid (or if you had your eyeshadow on then it's fine) to create a clean canvas before applying eyeliner/eyebrow colour so that they will stay and will not smudge. 

Same goes to our eyebrow, I used to have problem drawing my eyebrow using eyebrow pencil then I came to realised that sometimes our eyebrow is damp (from sweat etc) so the eyebrow colour does not stick on our eyebrow hair. Hence brushing a thin layer of loose powder before applying would let the powder to absorb all the sweat etc before the eyebrow colour can  easily 'stick" stick on the eyebrow hair.

 Browlash Ex Perfect Macara & Eyeliners is a new product in BCL that recently available in Sasa. Anyone tried this before ? I'm sure this cute pink packaging caught our attention right?

This is a volumised mascara with shimmering brown eyeliner is the tools to create the Japanese idol look. 

 Brow Lash EX Volume Up Fiber Mascara in Black

I tried this I think this give me more lengthening effect

Takeru Hiro san also brought 2 very nice blusher from BCL unfortunately it's not available in Malaysia yet.

Model before & After 

Love her eye makeup!

 These are the products use to create my look .

Before & After look.

A very simple natural look using BCL products, as you can see it's very natural finishing to enhance our existing feature. I bought the eyeliner from the event and shall put on a review if I got time.

I had fun learning makeup with BCL with my BBF aka my little sister, thanks BCL Malaysia! It had been a while we attend workshop together because she is so busy working!

 Group pictures with all the happy looking participants!

BCL products are currently available in all SASA Malaysia. For more information,visit 

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