Friday, August 28, 2015

Zalora, Lazada, Uber, Foodpanda and HappyFresh unveils #UnitySale in conjunction with Merdeka Day!

With Merdeka celebration around the corner, this year Merdeka 2015 is set to be an even bigger celebration this year as Malaysians (shopaholic) will get to enjoy something special! The five leading e-commerce businesses are combining their resources to bring the first ever #Unitysale to life! Lazada, foodpanda, ZALORA, UBER and HappyFresh revealed the first ever joint online sale of its kind in Malaysia that will run from 26th August - 1st September, 2015.

They offer more than 20,000 online deals and up to 94% in product discounts across individual products and services being offered by the five participating brands.

For more details on #Unitysale, log on to:
Happy Fresh:

Happy Shoppping & Have a nice long weekends! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My 4 Simple Tips to Perfect Selfie Picture!

Last September, Malaysians broke the Guinness World Records’ world record for most number of selfies in an hour. Malaysia boleh!!! Actually I also contributed a fair amount of selfies! 

And recently a friend asked how to take a perfect selfie picture? I have list down my 4 simple tips to share with you how to take perfect selfie picture! 

1) Natural lighting 
One of the key thing in photography is lighting  and for selfie it's also the same. Natural light is the most flattering kind because the light will brighten and soften our features, rather than casting harsh shadows across your face. Make sure the sun or other light source in front of you, a bit above eye level, for the most flattering shot. And if you ever try use camera flash to do selfie , you will probably see forehead glare, sometimes the harsh lighting will distort your appearance and possibly give your selfie the red eye effect.

I always prefer to take selfie near a window or outdoors because the light softer and more flattering. It like how it will give the impression of smoother & softer facial lines, and smile appears to be more attractive I think!

2) Get your angles right

For a perfect looking selfie, it's important to get our angles right. You can experiment in front of the mirror to determine which angles are most pleasing for your face.

I think when one look straight into the camera usually the face looks round and fat .. (unless you have really think face lol). And I think it's nice to make the face tilt at a slight angle to the camera to create the illusion of slimmer face.

3) Clean & Clear Skin

Want to have a perfect looking selfie? Have a healthy skin! I cannot deny the magic makeup can do to help to boost up my confidence but honestly it still could not conceal 100% of our skin condition (eg pimples, big pores etc). I know now girls are into filter apps, got to admit how it makes the skin looks perfect within a touch but in actual fact, we know it's not real . So why not start to let people to see the real you? Beauty starts with healthy skin.

I admit I started taking care of my skin pretty late, I wish I would have started way earlier. At minimum, I think one needs to practice 3 simple step of skincare step i.e clean, tone and moisture to to clean & protect our skin from our polluted environment.

And if you use makeup, please, please make sure you remove your makeup properly everyday before you go to sleep! And yes makeup residue left on face will cause pimples, skin irritation etc.

I remembered very clearly Clean & Clear by Johnson & Johnson is the first skincare brand that my mum bought for me to use when I was a teenager. I remembered how it is really simple, efficient and affordable to use to keep my skin clean & clear from pimples etc.

And here are the 3 skincare steps everyone should practice ; 


Step 1 : Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser cleans my skin gently removing, dirt, oil, and very light make-up to help skin stay clean and healthy. The rich lather is oil-free and gently removes dirt and oil without over-drying and leaves skin clean and refreshed. My favourite product among all!
Step 2 : Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner works deep down to the pores to help prevent common skin problems leaving my skin feel clean & refresh. Although this is an oil-control toner, it does not make my skin feel drying at all. 

Step 3 : Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Free Moisturizer nourishes our skin whilst helping prevent pimples and blackheads. Love the light texture and absorb quickly into the skin! 

And finally don't forget to apply sunblock everyday to protect our skin from harmful sun rays and to prevent premature skin aging! Dark spots, pigmentation etc..once they appear, it's difficult to remove them. Trust me, preventative is better than cure! Healthy diet and lifestyle are important as well because that contribute to your whole well-being !

4) Just Smile
Someone told me before, your smile is your best asset. It is free and the perfect accessory for the perfect looking selfie!

p/s : Do make appointment with your dentist every 6 months to clean & polish your teeth to have a great smile. You know it's not awesome when your mouth has odor or looks yellowish.

So this are my 4 simple tips to have perfect looking selfie! 

Do you have any tips to share?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I arrived KL Fashion Week 2015 in Style with GrabCar!

Last week KL city is filled with glitz and glamour because it's KL Fashion Week 2015! Not only the models look fabulous on runway but those attending especially the celebrities dressed up from head for the red carpet. 

I booked GrabCar service to chauffeur me around last Saturday...  send me to KLFW15 since I would be busy running around in the city that day. Save petrol, parking and effort.. you know how jam is weekends! And in fact I made quite an entrance when I get down from the car.. a lot of people is looking...and I think they are wondering whose Hummer H3 is this.. lol

Guess what car came to pick me up?

OMG it's the Hummer H3! 

Must pose with it .. so cool got sun roof! If I have this car, I would do country crossing by drive all the way to China or even Russia! 

 Since cannot afford to own this, I managed to convince the driver to let me pose as if I'm the driver :D 

In conjunction with the month of Merdeka, GrabCar a smartphone booking apps under MyTeksi is offering a month-long 31% promotion for all GrabCar rides making it the most affordable ride in town this August! What more, GrabCar will reward its riders with a chance to ride in luxury and comfort with our luxury cars for absolutely FREE! Imagine you arrive at your workplace or dinner with a Jaguar XF or the Hummer H3! I did made quite an entrance actually when I arrived KL Fashion Week when I arrived in Hummer H3... lol! 

Not only that I found out that GrabCar riders can join & win a luxury chauffeured ride in Chrysler Limo by just uploading your favourite luxury car on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, tell them why you chose it, hashtag #GrabLuxuryCar #GrabCar and tag MyTeksi. Who knows, you might be the lucky one... (actually I want to be the lucky one lahh!!!) Check out more info at

Check out their  

Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram –

You know going for fashion week is pretty stress for a lot of people because they are worried about what to wear .. Luckily I love shopping for dress... and I'm sure you girls know how much I love shopping in Zalora, so convenient plus they offer 30 days return policy! A lot of my friends always ask me how do you know I manage to shop so often there? Well just keep an eyes on the promo codes but honestly very tedious to wait for one! Well recently I found Flipit has a loads of Zalora discount codes. Flipit is one of the best global site offering best deals/coupon codes for your favourite online shops. Ah now I'm hook at this site looking because they have all sort of different promos code for me to enjoy more discounts! Well now you know my secret to more shopping and sign up now to have more reason to shop and dress fashionably!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AirAsiaGo Grand Sale Secret Promo Code!

Hey people, what you guys been busy with recently? I have been busy with work, life, travelling and shopping! Speaking of travelling...I thought of sharing this good news with you guys (or more like I'm trying to tempt myself to book a holiday for myself)! is currently doing Grand Sale where you get to enjoy exclusive Flight and Hotel packages covering a wide selection of holiday destinations, locally and internationally, from as low as RM159 per person. With guaranteed 20% off for flights, you can book an all inclusive vacation now and save the cash for shopping or souvenirs, only with!

Just log on to from now to 23 August 2015, to satisfy your wanderlust with amazing deals of 3D2N all-in flights + hotel packages from as low as RM159 per person to domestic destinations and RM399 per person to international destinations for 4D3N packages. The attractive promotions cover travel packages to holiday destinations within Malaysia, as well as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Maldives, Korea, Japan, China and Australia. I want to go Maldives!!!! And to take advantage of these exclusive deals, you need to purchase your trips as a complete package (flights + hotels). 

As for those who have existing flight bookings and are looking for hotel stay, key in the special promo code of ‘AAGO8’ to get an additional 8% off on accommodation. All bookings will be valid for the travel period from 1 September 2015 till 30 June 2016.

So what are you guys waiting for? Go and book the long awaited holiday you been waiting for! You can also book your trip using AirAsiaGo Mobile App which is available in AppStore and Google Play.

For more info,  visit for further information.

p/s: If want to enjoy cashback from AirAsiaGo booking, don't forget to sign up with ShopBack Malaysia here to receive cashback with every booking made!

A collage picture of my recent awesome Sri Lanka's trip!!!

Let me a comment if you want to see more pictures :D 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Yay, I got Diamond Coral Refined Filter Water System installed at home!

 Do you know the importance of drinking water.

I guess many of us know that our body composed of about 60% water and it helps our digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. Hence since young we are always told to drink lots of water because it also helps to flush out toxic.

We can't just drink water from the tap because our Malaysian Government do not encourage that. Hence we always advice to use water filter at home to filter our those bacteria, organism, soil, chlorine.
This was the current water filter that I'm using in my KL house. As you can see it's really small and only have 8 stage water purifier system and I have to wash and test it regularly with iodine drops. Very troublesome to twist open the cap before washing. 

Thanks to Diamond Malaysia, I finally managed to try Diamond Water Filter System since I have been hearing them for the longest time. 

Diamond went through over a hundred kinds of materials to finally create this unique refined life water technology. They use 100% natural purifying materials such as diatomite, coral calcium, coconut shells and bamboo charcoal base activated carbon. This system can purify harmful elements over a hundred times, and it can get rid of radioactive elements found in the water while keeping intact the minerals vital to the human bodies. They have conducted research of a variety of hundred types of materials, the most precious billion-year mineral ores such as Maifan mineral stones and tourmaline for the mineralization and magnetization processes, turning ordinary water into alkaline water.

I made appointment with the service agent and they came to fix Diamond Coral Refined Filter Water System at my place. He was really professional, explaining step by step to me.

Tadaaaa .... I like how the Diamond Coral Refined Filter Water System refined concept, feature and design match my kitchen's tiles nicely.

I read that Diamond teamed up with a group of the world’s top designers and spent over 4 years to refine this design by stringently scrutinized over 2000 drafts, 200 models, and 100 kinds of materials. They have made 250 changes…from product concept to a tiny little screw....from product structure to the hidden details.

Technical specification : 8.1kg
Size : 320mm (L) x 223mm (W) x 343mm (H)
Filtration volume : 1.2L /min at 40psi
Max System Operation Temperature : 40ºF-100ºF

In total there is 6 filters in Diamond Coral to produce natural alkaline PH water
Why is alkaline water good for our health?
Alkaline water neutralizes the accumulated acidic waste in the human body and washes away the accumulated waste thus helping blood circulate. Alkaline water produces natural ionized minerals such as calcium ion, magnesium ion, sodium ion and potassium ion. These ionized minerals can be absorbed 100% in body.

Of all the filters, only filter A need to be cleans every 2 months or so OR when you feel the water pressure is lower. 

Use the tools included in the box to open the filter and brush to clean the filter.

Brush lightly on the filter to remove the residue left on it. Once it's done just close back the cover, very convenient.

I also  found out in the box that all the filters component is made in England and certified by U.S National Science Foundation International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements. It also received certification from ISO:9001 

Just switch the Diamond Diverter Switch to the symbol to enjoy Diamond water. And when switch to the tap logo, means using tap water. 

Very simple to use, with a switch I can enjoy natural alkaline PH water at the comfort of my own home.

I felt that since water is the main liquid that we consume everyday it's important that we choose and invest in the right water filter for our health. And ever since I google about the benefit of natural alkaline PH water, I'm surprised to see that Japanese is a firm believer to alkaline water and maybe that contribute to their radiant glowing skin? I will be sharing my review with you all soon... in the mean time let's drink more water!

Now everyone can enjoy Diamond Coral Water at home, enjoy their high trade in value for your old water filter up to RM2500. Find out more here.

Diamond Coral Refined Filter Water System is now available at RM2980 (WM) / RM3060 (EM)

EM Filter Replacement Service Fee/year: RM994 (WM) / RM1020 (EM)

Filter Replacement Service Fee is inclusive of: 
A) 3 Years Filters 
– Coral Mini series: Total 7 filters included the 3 filters come with the new machine 
– Coral series: Total 11 filters included the 6 filters come with the new machine 
B) FREE Maintenance 
C) Product Warranty Prices above are West Malaysia pricing exclusive of installation fee.

For more information, visit

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