Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review & Giveaway : weBoost Drive 3G-S Mobile Booster in Malaysia worth RM389

How often you have dropped call problem and that caused you frustration and argument with your friends? 

Worry not because now Malaysian can enjoy better phone coverage with weBoost a mobile phone coverage boosters which exists to improve lives via superior mobile/cellular communication experiences. The mobile booster will help to enhance cellphone carriers in Malaysia (both voice and data) and ensures that you’ll always stay connected. 

Formerly Wilson Electronics, weBoost is leader in the wireless communications industry for more than 40 years, designs and manufactures the industry’s broadest product portfolio of cellular signal boosters, antennas and related components that significantly improve fixed and mobile cellular communication for use in consumer, enterprise and industrial applications worldwide.

Robert Van Burskirk, President and CEO of weBoost said that "Based on our research, Malaysians desire cellular signals and seamless connectivity for their work and personal lives. We’re excited to bring our products and technology to Malaysian consumers as we enter this new chapter in our global expansion into Asia, with Malaysia being our first destination outside North america for weBoost.” 

In Malaysia weBoost has launched two cellular signal booster: The Connect 3G and the Drive 3G-S.

The weBoost Connect 3G is a office or home solution device, which is designed to be installed in buildings like an office block or in a home. The signal booster will then pull all available signals from all telecommunication providers in the area to itself, thus boosting the strength of all the lines for the mobile phone users within its radius.
The second product which was launched in Malaysia and attracted my attention is weBoost Drive 3G-S which is the first mobile booster available in Malaysia and I was lucky to be given a set to try! Knowing that I'm always on-the-go , I always need a strong and stable voice & data network!

weBoost Drive 3G-S specification

Benefits of weBoost Drive 3G-S - Stronger mobile signal in your vehicle
-Fewer dropped calls and lost connections
-Faster data downloads
-Longer battery life for cellular devices
  What's in weBoost Drive 3G-S box- Mini Magnet Mount Antenna
- DC Plug-In Power Supply & USB cable
- Vehicle Dash Adhesive Mounting Bracket
- Adjustable Arms ( there are few pairs to match your mobile phone sizes)

Features of weBoost Drive 3G-S
-Boosts voice & data signals
-Works with all mobile carriers
-Works with nearly all smartphones and mobile hotspots
- All needed components included in the box
-Simple installation

It's really to install, no need to do any modification on the car!

1) Stick the holder handler on a flat surface

2) Plug in to your DC Plug-In Power Supply

3) Place the mini magnet mount antenna on the car roof

It was glad that it does not look weird and obvious from far! 

The whole set up looking good ya! You know WAZE is the must have apps in my mobile phone cos I really hate to stuck in the jam and this is my savior to help me to find faster alternative way to my destination! 

Very often while I was navigating to some unfamiliar places, my mobile network will sometimes lost connection and that's the worst thing can happened! Half way in some unfamiliar area like housing/industrial area, Waze cannot find data connection to continue to navigate and to add salt to your wound my call network also no line and I can't call to ask for help! And seriously this is really dangerous for us as female single driver! 

But now with weBoost Drive 3G-S, my mobile call & data network will be boost up and will never suddenly got disconnected because of low connectivity! Rejoice to all of us!

Looks how my network bar was boost in less than a minute from 3 bar to maximum 5 bar i.e full network!!!

Not only that I also found out weBoost Drive 3G-S help to boost up my can watch MTV or korean soap drama smooooothly in my car (however not recommended to watch if you are driving!).

I'm really glad to have weBoost in my car now since my mobile phone have better battery life (no need to waste battery to scan for better network signal in the background), obviously better GPS signal to help me in navigation and most importantly, fewer dropped calls! Seriously I think those who always on-the-go like myself, would really need this!

weBoost is currently available for purchase at selected locations throughout the country retailing at RM389 (USD $119.99) for Drive 3G-S and RM1145 (USD $349.99) for Connect 3G. For more information, visit 

GOOD NEWS to my readers who is reading now! Thanks to weBoost for sponsoring one unit of weBoost Drive 3G-S mobile booster (worth RM389) to one of our lucky reader here! 

To join please follow a few simple step to submit your entry at Rafflecopter below. Contest runs from 26 Nov to 3 Dec 2014 11.59pm and ONE random lucky winner would be picked to win this awesome prize! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Make your Guinness Bold Confessions and win tickets to Guinness ‘Guilty as Charged’ party!

With Christmas just around the corner in less than a month time. And Christmas is a time of year when people gather for good times and to celebrate the past year. It’s also a time where we look back on things we have done or left unresolved.

With that in mind, Guinness came up with Christmas Bold Confessions campaign to inspire consumers to confess to something, to own up to something they have done, or to open up and let people in on a secret about themselves that nobody else knows.

*Gulp gulp gulp... drink some Guinness already can do #BoldConfessions already!*

Speaking at the launch, Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) Marketing Director Bruce Dallas, explained the thinking behind the campaign, “As the year draws to a close, thoughts turn to all that has happened over the last 12 months, and ahead to resolutions for the new one. Most of us have done something in the past year to which we’d like to confess and get it off our chest, whether it’s not using that expensive gym membership or admitting a guilty pleasure. But it’s also a time of year when we like to celebrate and have fun, and that’s what these confessions are – it’s a chance to celebrate who you really are, in a light-hearted and guilt-free way. "

Bruce further said that.. "Guinness we are all about making bold choices, inspiring our consumers to take a step forward and prove that they are Made of More. With our exciting new Christmas campaign, we’re challenging our consumers to stand up, ‘fess up in our Bold Confessions Booth, and be rewarded for their boldness.”

Starting November to December, consumers will be able to record their confessions in the Guinness Bold Confessions Booth which will be visiting outlets throughout Klang Valley. Locations would be released in Guinness Malaysia's Facebook

Good news to those bold enough to step inside and get it off their chest in time for the New Year will be rewarded with vouchers for  FREE pints of Guinness and 100 best confessions will win two tickets to the exclusive Guinness ‘Guilty as Charged’ party just before Christmas!!!

p/s: Not to worry, you can do your confession in private with your door close! 

Those using the Bold Confessions Booth will be able to watch some of our local personalities joining in the year-end fun with their Bold Confessions, including Kyoto Protocol, Paper Plane Pursuit frontman John O, and comedian Prakash Daniel.

This week #BoldConfessions schedule! 

Okay now head to any of this locations and make your #BoldConfessions now! Don't forget you will be getting  a FREE pints of Guinness and a chance to win an exclusive Guinness ‘Guilty as Charged’ party just before Christmas... I'm sure you don't want to miss this! 

To find out where you can catch the GUINNESS® Bold Confessions Booth this Christmas, log on to the GUINNESS® facebook page at

Friday, November 14, 2014

My Christmas #BoldConfessions

Been quarantine myself at home this week because I had eyes infection. Feeling down and bored lah....till I receive this mysterious invite from Guinness! Guinness challenge me to do Bold Confessions! Okay, challenged accepted!

I know Santa would be checking who’s been naughty or nice this year. Well it's time to wipe the slate clean so that we can start the New Year afresh in 2015!

The first bold step on the way to a clean slate is to step up, own up, and confess to your naughty deeds this past year with Guinness!

I'm guilty as charged!

 I am really addicted to travelling.... can't stop thinking where to go next every single day...... I think what my life dream is to be a world traveler!

Santa ...I promise I would be work hard so that I would I would make a lot lot lotsss of money to go traveling! 

That's my confession! What are yours, take your challenge and share it with Guinness #BoldConfessions ! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Travel photos of my recent Myanmar backpacking trip!

Hey all! Anyone miss me here? 

Well I just came back from my Mystical Myanmar backpacking trip a while ago. Been so busy trying to catch up with my work and sleep!

I was there for 5 days 4 night and it was a very tiring trip but fulfilling one because we managed to traveled 1500km to 4 different regions i.e Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. And 3 out of 4 nights we spent sleeping in the bus to travel from one place to another. We spent about RM880 which includes my Airasia flights, transportation fee, 1 night accommodation fee, food, entrance fee and a little bit of souvenirs! 

I have so much to share with you all about this trip because I realized there are not much info on the internet that you can find. So before I can do that, let me take a nice break and do sit back and enjoy a few pictures which I took using my new camera Olympus E-PL7 (oh my this is such an amazing camera!)

Initially we have a a few more friends who supposed to come along, but all pulled out last minutes. Anyway I had fun travelling with my bff Lam.. he is so chatty and crazy!

Not only that we also managed to meet new friends during out trip! On the first day, we managed to know this very fun couple Cheryl and Juno from Penang during our trip and we decided to travel together! Ahh.. that's the beauty of backpacking.. to meet different people!

The famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon!

Botataung Pagoda in Yangon - How I wish all these gold are mine!

 Some very colourful Sleeping Buddha statue in Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda in Yangon!

 Bagan sunrise view at Shwesandaw Pagoda

Egg york - Sunrise at Shwesandaw Pagoda

Took a picture for Cheryl and Juno, the couple who are we travelling together! They are getting married end of the year ... so took this as their pre-wedding pic for them ...Love is in the air!

Lots of huge & beautiful Buddha statutes in Myanmar, especially Bagan!

Beautifying my skin the local way! Met this super friendly lady and she insisted me to try this yellow liquid  extract taken from Thanaka tree. This extract is very interesting because most Myanmar girl applied this on their face. I was told this has the benefits of sun protection, cure acne and promote smooth skin. It is also an anti-fungal cream too!

We also went to  Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay is the world's largest book stands upright! The book is actually the each small shrine behind me house a marble slab inscribed with texts! And there are 729 of them!

Beautiful sunset in U Bein Bridge in Mandalay! 

 The Signature post on how the fisherman catch fish at the lake!

   Amazing view at Inle Lake at noon!

The life in Inle Lake

Hope you guys like my pictures! Myanmar is a really beautiful country to explore and the people there are really friendly and kind! I kind miss Myanmar now!

So you guys interested to know more about my adventure leave me a comment ya! Maybe I will blog about my trip how & where in details if there is  request!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Join Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest to win RM70,000 worth of prizes!

Are you a SELFIE QUEEN ?

Then you should Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest where there are 70,000 worth of prizes to be won! Grand prize winner  will get a brand new Sony Xperia C3 Smartphone, 1 year supply of KISS ME products and 100,000 Watsons points! 

Omg.. I want the Xperia C3 which is the ultimate selfie phone that comes with 5MP front camera!!!!

To join, simply just visit any Kiss Me Selfie Station at Watsons Pavilion, Watsons Mid Valley or Watsons One Utama and take a picture using the selfie machine! No purchase needed for you to join the contest!  

Just 6 simple steps to join! Remember to give your most charming smile, after that share the picture to your facebook! Automatically the picture would be uploaded to Kiss Me Selfie Apps in Kiss Me's Facebook! 

Pretty simple mechanism and if you have any questions, you can asked always ask the Kiss Me promoters for help! 

After you take the picture, you will be rewarded with some really awesome Kiss Me discount vouchers! I'm going to buy the eyeliner,eyebrow powder and mascara later!! 

And if you purchase any TWO Kiss Me products (with or without using the vouchers) you are entitle to get Sunkiller Sunblock for FREE! 

Not only that,  you will be automatically entered into their weekly lucky draw to win Kiss Me products worth RM100! 

Are you ready to win these awesome prizes? 

There are total of 3 rounds of contest where each round Kiss Me would pick one grand prize winner, one second prize winner and 10 lucky draw winner!

Round 1 : 1 Oct to 7 Nov 2014
Round 2 : 1 Nov to 7 Dec 2014
Round 3 : 1 Dec to 7 Jan 2015

Remember to put on your most charming smile when you take your selfie picture!

Grand Prize Winner for Kiss Me Selfie Fixaton Contest
- Each round, Kiss Me would pick grand prize winner would be chosen based on the most number of LIKES on their selfie picture to win one Sony Xperia C3 Smartphone, 1 year supply of KISS ME products and 100,000 Watsons points! 

Second Prize Winner 
- Kiss Me will pick  person with the number of SHARE in their Facebook on their Selfie picture to win 1 year supply of Kiss Me products! 

Weekly Lucky Draw Winners (entitled to join with min purchase of 2 Kiss Me products)
- 10 lucky winners would be selected to win Kiss Me products worth RM100 every week

Group picture with fellow blogger friends!

With Choulyin and we are doing our own "wefie" while waiting our turn to do the selfie :O

So what are you waiting for, go take your selfie at Kiss Me Selfie Station today at selected Watsons store (Mid Valley, 1 Utama and Pavilion!) and get the free gifts upon joining it!

To find out more about KISS ME Selfie Fixation Contest, please visit
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