Thursday, April 17, 2014

Preview of Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection

As promised this is the Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection. This is a special preview brought exclusive for you readers here as the collection has not be launched anywhere in the world. Yes you see it here first!

The thing about Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection is that the colour gives can differ totally depending on the glow added to it. 

These are the products under Kanebo Lunasol 2014 Summer Collection at the event, the lighting is bad. So  I would be posting some pictures from PR to compensate.

“Double Lighting” Dazzling sparkles like summer sunshine and a dewy luster. 

 Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes (2 limited edition palette) : RM185

A five-colour eye shadow set for this summer with the sparkling 15th Anniversary logo decorated on the center. Layer elegant sparkles and a dewy luster that makes the skin look beautiful to create eyes with clarity and three-dimensionality. A sleek yet defined look with a softly-nuanced shading e ffect. Off ers beige tones that impart a slightly cool impression and coral tones that evoke a warm, feminine look. Enjoy special anniversary eyes with a summery glow.

Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes EX01 Cool Beige Collection

Creates a sleek shading effect with mature colours.

Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes EX02 Warm Coral Collection

Creates a fresh look with bright pink and coral.

Among this 2 , this is my favourite one.. I tried their texture and I love them! The colours are so pretty and this would be a good everyday colours to use!

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes (3 limited types) -  RM93 

A limited-edition bi-colour eye shadow set featuring the 15th Anniversary logo design. Gently blend Lighting Colour, which contains large and small brilliant pearl pigments, over Clear Colour with a bright coloration. The eye shadow creates a summery, fresh look filled with dewy luster and clear sparkles. Play alone or together with other eye shadows to experience a summery, lustrous look.

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes EX01 - Lighting Purple 

Creates a chic, elegant and gorgeous look.

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes EX02 - Lighting Turquoise

Brings out a sophisticated look with fresh colours.

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes EX03 - Lighting Coral

Creates lively, fresh-looking eyes.

 Lunasol W Lighting Mascara EX01 Dark Purple × Lighting Navy - RM111
A deep hue and delicate glow for eyelashes. This is a limited-edition mascara that combines a Base Colour that provides colour to the lashes and a Lighting Colour that adds a sparkly accent. Accentuating every single lash with a dark purple and overlaying a navy blue blended with gold lame completes eyes with a mature look and unique nuance. Naturally curls the lashes and maintains the curl for hours. It is waterproof mascara that perspiration will not smudge. Enjoy the alluring look only available this summer.

Lunasol W Lighting Lips (3 limited types) - RM104
A limited-edition lip colour that combines liquid lips that delivers excellent adherence and a succulently lustrous lip gloss in just one stick. After applying a dullness-free, clear colour on the lips, layer a lip gloss with a succulently clear glow to create a rich luster and plump three-dimensionality that cannot be achieved with just one colour. The combination of carefully-calculated colour and luster adds pure, clear luster to the lips to create a special allure only for this season.

Lunasol Nail Finish N (3 limited colours) - RM56

Limited-edition nail colours featuring two different types of glow; luster and sparkles, that look perfect in the summer sun. Dries quickly. Will not crack or chip, helping to maintain a beautiful fi nish for days. The lineup of three vibrant colours are carefully selected according to the nuance of luster. Dullness-free, clear colours and carefully-calculated luster brings a summery, fresh look to your finger tips.

Compared to the Spring Sandy Beach Purification Makeup Collection 2014 , I prefer Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection more as the colours and texture are much more nicer. In fact the Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes EX02 Warm Coral Collection is already in my wishlist now!

Lunasol Summer 2014 Collection would be available June 2014 onwards. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NEW : ZA True White EX Skincare Range

 Early this year ZA launched the All-New Za True White EX in Italianese in Gardens. Such a lovely set up!   

 Za True White Ex For a truly brighter skin

The Za True White Ex consists of six products :-

ZA True White Ex Cleansing Foam 100ml - ( RM19.90)
The Za True White Ex Cleansing Foam is a type of cleansing foam that acts gently and removes the dead corneal cells that contain melanin from your skin surface with its rich lather. It gives a cushioning effect to your skin and leads to a brighter, clearer skin, and this cleansing foam is the first step in using the Za True White Ex Range.

ZA True White Ex Toner 150ml - (RM39.90)
Coming in a 150ml bottle, the Za True White Ex Toner is the next step in using the Za True White Ex range. This whitening toner is a moist type lotion that keeps your skin looking translucent and hydrated. The Za True White Ex Toner gives clarity to the skin, leaving a refreshing sensation after each use. Keep your

Za True White Ex Day Cream SPF20 PA++ 40g - RM49.90
Keep your skin moist while protecting yourself against the harmful UV rays during the day. With a smooth after-feel, you’ll no longer feel the ‘heaviness’ on your skin – feel fresh and comfortable all-day long!

Za True White Ex Night Cream 40g - RM49.90
Allow Za True White Ex to work for you while you indulge in your beauty sleep! Use this whitening cream before you hit the sack and wake up to a more moisturized and translucent skin the day after. Its lightweight finishing works effectively and provides comfort

Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay 100g - RM24.90
The Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay clogs dullness-causing dirt that clogs pores and also effectively removes dead keratin cells that contains melanin. Use the Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay once or twice a week to unveil a brand-new translucent and bright skin.

The star of the Za True White Ex series is the Za True White Ex Essence Lotion 150ml (RM54.90). The Smarter 3-in-1 Skin Brightener claims to reduce dark spots and even out skin tone in just 7 days! 

Formulated with the Triple Whitening Ingredients which contains 4MSK, APM and Vitamin C essence (VC-IP), the thick liquid hydrates the skin to give you more translucent skin!

This single lotion promises pronounced whitening and moisturizing effects without the needs of additional essence or emulsion. This lotion is a new type of gel-like lotion that is luxuriously formulated withwhitening essence encapsulated within fine granular particles.

Besides the whitening and moisturizing ingredients, the Za True White Ex Essence Lotion contains Hydrolytic Pearl Protein extract derived from conchiolin, a substance that exists in the layer of Pinctada Fucata (Akoya Pearl Oysters). It is known to demonstrate high effect on anti-aging, skin texture refining and whitening and has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has also been served as a delicacy or as precious medicine, amulet, antidote, and cosmetics.

Seems like now essence lotion is an IN thing for beauty brand. I have tried Estee Lauder Micro Essence Lotion absolutely love it. Another brand that has essence lotion is Clinique but am not a big fan of Clinique so I'm putting on hold to try it. And looking at ZA which comes under Shiseido group has it now, where the price is so much more affordable I shall try this out soon! 

Triple Whitening Ingredients
Za True White series include both whitening-target ingredients and moisturizing-target ingredients. True White Ex targets to clear dark spots, blemishes and acne marks through its blend of active whitening ingredients - Whitening 4MSK and highly moisturizing spa ingredients to give you soft, smooth and transparent white skin. 

The whitening-target ingredients are formulated with Whitening 4MSK and two derivatives of Vitamin C (APM, VC-IP). Whitening 4MSK is an effective whitening ingredient exclusively developed by Shiseido over 13 years ( I remembered it's the same ingredient used under Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Essence!) . It can inhibit the generation of melanin, accelerate the elimination of melanin out from the skin, even out skin tone and remove marks of dark spots. Together with the 4MSK, the derivatives from the Vitamin C, APM and VC-IP deoxidize melanin and accelerate its elimination, restoring clear and bright skin. 

The moisturizing-target ingredients contain spa ingredients such as Natural Spring Water from the Cazzaro Mountain (Tuscany, Italy), Aquainpool, Glycerol, TMG, Trehalose, and White Lily. These ingredients are known to bring you an extraordinary whitening experience which puts no stress on the skin, just like having a whitening facial spa every day! Besides its floral green fragrance of Tea Rose, blended with the lovely fragrance of Jasmine and the fresh smell of Lilac will surely make your stressful day a better one!

Have you try any of the ZA skincare before ?

It was great to catch up with Mimi (owner of Bag of Love) , me & JQ at the event. My hair is so pretty that time because just had a makeover from Centro Hair Salon that time! 

Za True White Ex series would be available starting March 2014 at leading pharmacy chains, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide. Price range RM19.90 to RM54.90.

For more information, visit

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My photos entry for Shizen #StandFirmStayFirm Contest

 Remembered earlier of this month, I blogged about Shizen "Stand Firm, Stay Firm" photography contest here ? Have you submitted or not ?? Still got 15 days before closing eh.. as it ends this 30 April 2014!

In case you don't remember the prizes! So attractive where the best photos will receive amazing prizes worth up to RM18000, proudly sponsored by Shizens, Flissco and Samsung.! 

Even pictures taken using your mobile is accepted under Mobile Photography category! Just make sure your pictures is in line with the theme: Strong emotions, Human & Feminine

Since the prizes so attractive, I also want to win lah ! So after going through all my albums ... I finally submitted a few pictures .. #fingerscrossed

I submitted this picture under Photography Enthusiastic category. 

I took this picture in Tonle Sap, Siam Reap Cambodia 2 years ago. Saw this mother ferrying her children with snakes around their neck looking for tourist to take pictures. I remembered clearly that I could see sorrow in the mother's eyes while she was rowing the boat while shouting  "Picture! Picture, USD1! USD1! It's not easy to make a living in and the mother's is the pillar of support to her children. Future? The mother only knows that she needs to fill up her children's tummy. 

If you like my photo you can vote it at

I picked this laughing photo to submit under Mobile Enthusiastic category. Took this photo few years back when I am still having my long hair! There's a quote from Marilyn Monroe ..

If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything 

For mobile enthusiastic category, you can either submit your pictures via instagram with the hashtag #standfirmstayfirm or submit via their website here

A friend took of me while I'm learning how to surf back in Rip Curl Pro Terengganu. It's very very  very challenging but I'm proud to tell you all that I overcome my fear and did it!

“Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.” – Margaret Sanger. 

So guys which pictures of mine do you like ?

It's really simple to join with not much effort! 

Join today and hope that we all are the winners to bag home all the prizes! Contest close 30 April 2014!

For more info visit

p/s: I'm going to dig more photos and submit :) May the best photos win!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dorothy Perkins Spring and Summer 2014 Collection x Burton Menswear London Spring and Summer 2014 Collection

Last month I had the privilege attending on my favourite fashion brand fashion i.e Dorothy Perkins Spring & Summer 2014 Collection Fashion Show in Paradigm Mall. If you have been wondering where usually I get my fashion fix, my answer would be Dorothy Perkins!

Thanuja Ananthan was the emcee of the night, she is also our Miss World Malaysia 2009/2010.

This Spring/Summer Dorothy Perkins embraces two key looks: pretty and feminine pastels and geometric graphics with a sports luxe feel.

Enjoy the pictures and leave a comment which one is your favourite ya! 

The pastel trend signals the return of femininity, combining sheer and lace textures with delicate organza details.

Red Floral Maxi Dress on the far right is absolutely gorgeous and if only I had the height I would totally get this! And yes I bought the coral lace top already :D In fact I had few lace top in different colours, and yes I am crazy about lace!

 The graphic trend combines minimalism and geometric prints for a relaxed easy to wear collection. Laser cut, asymmetric finishing and colour blocking are mixed with sheer panelling and midi length styles.

 The monochrome colour palette receives an injection of colour and the inclusion of delicate floral prints. 

My friend Juli got the printed dress on the left while I bought the the chiffon blue top!

 Jacquard and lace pencil skirts are worn with a slub fit logo tee and a biker jacket.  

Separates are key for Spring Summer – whether it’s a midi skirt teamed with a dip-hem top or wide leg palazzo pants with a translucent blouse. The midi length is a must have - whether in a sheer panel detail dress or printed skirts.

 Black midi dress on the left is the perfect little black dress that all girls should have in the wardrobe

For casual wear, washed out denim is mixed with the soft pastel palette. Simple tees are given an instant update with pretty embroidery and jacquard detailing. The summer sweat makes a playful return with fun logos and lace wording. Long-line blazers and fitted zip detail jackets are the perfect outerwear options and footwear classics like the flat brogue and simple court get a feminine make-over in sugar pastel colours and metallics.

I am into chiffon blouse recently and I'm liking the colour block chiffon top on the right. 

 Co-ordinated sets in fresh whites and soft tones are worn together to create a ladylike chic silhouette, worn with metallic flat sandals or strappy heels with a fold over soft clutch to finish the look.

Dorothy Perkins also suggested tailored high waisted shorts to pair with dip-hem top as this will make the ideal sports-luxe look along with the sheer sleeve bomber jacket and a structured neon mini cross body bag. 

I'm loving all the pastel colour under Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer 2014 collection!

Oh besides Dorothy Perkins, Burton Menswear also showcased their Spring/Summer Collection 2014 as well. Just to shared with you Burton Menswear London is a new fashion brand in Malaysia also owned by DNP Clothing 

Burton Menswear message for this Spring and Summer 2014 is loud and clear; simple, stylish and confident is the way forward. Through a cohesive, wearable and masculine collection, Burton lives up to its promise of making it easy for every man to wear great clothing. Clear trend stories with vibrant summer colour palettes, cool street-wear, vintage refinement and perfectly cut tailoring provide the definitive summer wardrobe.

Our first story sees a Tropical Ranger take on the challenges of urban living. Bold floral prints and colour-flash is teamed with khaki, pebble and stone creating the sense of a summer garden city rich in colour. 

 Dip dye shorts, hooded fisherman jackets in yellow and bright green and washed denim are worn hand-in-hand with floral and Hawaiian fabrics. A back-pack comes with an all-over green, black and yellow leaf print, the ultimate accessory for the urban jungle.

City living is explored further with the Gothic Skater and California Warrior trend. Here a darker, moodier palette takes over with black, slate and white creating a sporty and decidedly laid back approach to summer dressing. Grey marl drawstring joggers and navy jersey make a simple but significant statement. Black wash denim shirts partner with monochrome baseball jersey tops and the Gothic Skater is ready to roll.

Rich, natural colour dominates the theme of our next trend – Botanical. Here we find some of the most striking and daring pieces from the collection including tailoring in teal and cobalt, both suits exquisitely slim-cut and contemporary. 

Multi-colour yarns represent the less tame side of nature with mixed shots of light blue chambray, apricot, maize and salmon in lightweight summer knitwear. Team with chinos in rose or light indigo and let Mother Nature work her magic.

Step forward the Super Mod. Sharp and cool suiting in slate, dark grey and Prince of Wales check offers a slick tailoring alternative for the confident style king. A more dress-down take on the trend comes in the form of a navy Harrington, ditsy print short sleeve shirts and the ultimate mod favourite –the khaki parka 

It’s time to smarten up our act, and for this we look towards the timeless and elegant pieces that are intrinsic to stylish menswear. Wardrobe staples such as the single breasted mac, pale blue and pink linen tailoring and a light chambray collarless shirt make up the Vintage Traditions range. Traditional navy, stone and mushroom appears alongside pastel hues of lilac, spearmint and pale pink to create perfect modern classics. 

At the event, a number of Malaysia’s top  celebrities were dressed in the latest Dorothy Perkins and Burton Menswear Spring & Summer 2014 outfits.

Pictures of all the female models

Men who were all decked out in Burton Menswear were Zizan Razak, Jack Lim, Jonathan Putra, and our very own Malaysian Idol, Daniel Lee.

Besides Thanuja Ananthan, celebrity such as Diana Danielle, Ng Kar Yoon and Tan Ley Teng were all daintily dressed in DP.

For more information, visit

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