Thursday, December 31, 2020

Review : LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮)

Today marks the last day of 2020 and tomorrow we will add a year to our age! 

Let's do a self-checklist to check if your body is GETTING OLD & if you have more than the above 2 symptoms then you are facing ageing.  I have to admit I seems to have all the symptoms above, especially my muscle was suddenly injured last month.  

I was diagnosed to have tennis elbow condition where there is an inflammation of the tendons that join the muscles of the forearm to the outside of the elbow. It often occurs due to overusing the muscles. Believe it or not, I got this from cleaning my windows. The injury is so bad that my wrist suddenly loss grip of my Samsung Note 10 while sitting down. And my phone glass has a cracked due to that.. 😥 I have been going for acupuncture but the recovery is slow and the pain is still there especially when I stretch my arms straight.

So when Wellnous approached me to try out this LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮), I researched & found out that this product promises healthier skin condition, better blood circulation and joint health. I quickly agreed to try because besides wanting to improve my skin condition, I wanted to improve my health condition.

LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮) is an anti-ageing antioxidant and anti-glycation ready to drink botanical beverage formulated in New Zealand. 

LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮) is made of 4 major patented natural ingredients (Enzogenol Pine Bark Extract, SOD Extramel, Puredia Sea Buckthorn Extract, Sirtmax Black Turmeric Extract) that is rich in antioxidants that provide anti-aging, anti-glycation, and anti-inflammatory effect hence it's able to improve skin condition, blood circulation and joint health.

This health beverage is suitable for both gender to consume & have HALVEC certified, fat free & suitable for vegan as well.

Each LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮) box comes with 16 ready to drink sachet

LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮) Nutrition Information

Shake well before tearing the sachet. 

Love this LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮) ready to drink packaging, as it's handy and easy to bring anywhere to consume.

The liquid is in brown colour and it tastes fruity (pretty easy to drink for me!). 

Recommend to take 1 sachet daily after meal.

After consuming the whole box (16 sachets) of LIVEON for more than 2 weeks, I felt my skin feel more hydrated & glowing. And usually during PMS I will have breakout and this month I don't have any. In fact before I tried LIVEON products, I have some breakout due to stress & it felt the acne quickly recover while I was consuming LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮)

I won't say my elbows have totally recover but I think it's getting better somehow. And I believe with  my on going acupuncture treatment, the anti-inflammatory effect from LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮) is probably helping to to reduce the pain on my elbows.

With improved skin health, I only need to put on light makeup if I ever need. 

LIVEON Anti Ageing Beverage (逆龄抗糖饮) is sold through their authorized dealer. Kindly send a PM to Wellous Facebook page if you have any enquiry or visit the below links :-

Monday, February 25, 2019

The Wonders of Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Hello, faithful readers! How are you lovelies doing today? Why am I being all perk up today? Well, I'm in midst of planning my holidays, and whether my leave is approved or not, I am taking that dang holiday!

If you’re local and want to go for a quick trip to rejuvenate yourself with some fluffy pillows and an amazing view, I got just the perfect hotel for you; the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel because I heard it's really nice for staycation away from the hustle and bustle of the KL city

Now, where can I book Putrajaya hotels such as this one? Well, Google has the answer to your search! 

Let’s see what makes this hotel so fascinating, shall we? 

Great Spa Treatment Putrajaya Marriott Hotel is not a stranger to us locals, right? Heard it’s crazily popular and definitely has one of the best spa treatments in a hotel standard level. Let’s skip about the room altogether and get straight to the tea first; we’ll get back to the room later on! 

Dewi Teratai Spa is the name and what do they have to offer? Well, my friends, what will you do when I say the package varies from 90 minutes Facial Treatment, 90 minutes Relaxing Body Massage, 60 minutes Foot Reflexology to 60 minutes Deep Tissue? OR if you’re diving deep, you can go for the Tranquility Signature which consists of 90 minutes Hot Stone Massage or 150 minutes of Spa Treatment. If you’re dragging your significant other together for this relaxing escapade, you can try the Couple Treatment which comprises of Relax ‘n’ Glow Package for 60 minutes rejuvenating body scrub or Blissful Package where you’ll get 90 minutes of traditional Newari body massage and 30 minutes eye care treatment.

Are you spa-ready yet? I'm definitely ready for  Putrajaya Marriott spa-ready staycation!


What do you usually like to do when you’re doing a staycation at a hotel? Sleep in all day? Eat in all day? Wander around the area and only come back at night to sleep? Explore the hotel from left to right, up and below? That’s exactly what I would do! We are paying for this hotel, so we are going to explore it to the core!

I’m one that like activities and oh boy, this hotel has all there is to have. They have activities literally for all types of travellers!

If you’re more into nature-oriented activities, you will definitely enjoy the biking trail, boating, horseback riding, nature preserve trail and sailing. If you’re not one to ride with the waves of nature, but really enjoy thrilling activities, you can opt for jet-skiing and water-skiing. If you’re more into fun and games, bowling will be a way to go. 

Lights! Architectures! Designs! 

I have to admit, Putrajaya is a world of its own, and the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel is a world of its own too. The moment you step inside, you will be blown away by the majestic of...EVERYTHING! The grand lobby is, well, grand! It’s like walking in a shimmering gold light castle with window panes overseeing the expand sky outside. 

When you walk into the dining area, you will be drawn by the seductive smell of pastries, main dishes and all aroma you can possibly identify. Do you like Japanese food? Go to the Midori Japanese Restaurant. Do you like Chinese food? Go to the Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant. Do you like Italian food? Head on to the Tuscany Italian Restaurant & Pizza Bar. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. I’ll be right back! Okay, I’m back! 

Gotta grab some bites if you know what I mean. Okay, where were we? Oh, the wonders of food. I love food. Let’s head to the last wonders I can think of when I think of this hotel, the accommodation!

Sleeping Beauty will continue sleeping 

They said to save the best for last, soooo, I’m saving the best part for last, right here! This hotel got loads of various suites suit specifically for you, whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner or a spouse, with families and friends and with kids! As much as how majestic the grand lobby is, the rooms are second compared to none! 

You got the Presidential Suite - perfect for families; you got the Palace Suite - perfect for couples on a honeymoon retreat! You got Executive Suite for a cosy space if you’re on a business trip or a simple staycation getaway; or if you want to tone down the grandeur a bit, you can take the Junior Suite, which is also the bomb; OR you could go for Palm Suite for some extra space for you and your loved ones to cuddle about. 

And there you have it! The wonders of Putrajaya Marriott Hotel and I am really thinking to book it for a staycation with my girlfriends. I know this is  a bit different to what I usually write, but hey, we gotta spice it up once in a while, right? What do you think I’ll be writing for my next entry? Stay tuned and find out, it could be another twist!

Have a great staycation escape, friends!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

My shopping in Desa Home, One City Subang

As some of you might know, I moved in to my own place on 12/12/18 and I am busy shopping for furniture and electrical applicants to fill up my place. 

For once I fulfilled my childhood dream to have my own pink princess room lol

My kitchen, my playground :)

My shopping list is never ending and I always on the look out for good deal so that I can save more to buy more items! Need to be smart shopper eh! 

So I have heard of Desa Home as it's pretty popular among Kepong folks (ah Kepong is my fav place to go for steamboat!). Desa Home was established in 1995 & they specialise in home entertainment systems. But now they are also offering wide varieties of home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and cooking appliances. 

I found out that late last year they opened a second store in Subang Jaya where it occupies 1394 sqm space on the ground floor of One Space, The Square, One City. Huge place! 

Ever since it has been established it has won numerous awards which includes 2017 International Prestige Brand Award, 2016 Asia Honesty Enterprise Award, Malaysia Top Entrepreneur of The Year Award and 2018 DOTY Designer of The Year Awards ‘Best Product Design Home Entertainment (Audio Systems).

They are also the authorized reseller of trusted brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Philips, Haier, Hisense, Sharp, Electrolux, Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, KEF, Wharfedale, Klipsch, TEAC, Cambridge Audio, NAD, Polk Audio, Paradigm, BMB, BIK, D-Voice and many more. 

So I decided to visit Desa Home in One City Subang! The staffs in Desa Home are really friendly and helpful to answer any questions I have, great service :)

 Samsung showcase area

Check out the new Samsung QLED 4K TV, I wish to put TV in my room!

Samsung Convection Oven heard so much about this!

Samsung washing machine with Ecobubble technology!

The sales consultation was really patient in explaining the products to me.

LG showcase area

This is in my wish list LG TwinWash, washer & dryer all in one! And one more product I really like is LG Knock Knock Fridge or known as Instaview Door in Door Fridge... watch my video below to see how cool it's!

Sony showcase area

I swear by Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifer because I have been using the older model for the past 6-7 years before it stopped working last year. So I'm thinking should I buy the replacement or get a totally new one for my room.
I was recommended to try out  Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier FPJ30LP as it comes with Haze Mode to eliminate dust, allergen, virus & smell. And it's only RM368 

Beats headphone that always make my heart skip a beat!

This blue Beats totally match my jumpsuit

What I like about this Desa Home showroom in One City is that there is this karaoke room where we get to try their low to high-end budgets home entertainment system. 

Hehe even got golden mic for you guys to sing & test the sound system!

Thank you Desa Home for this amazing shopping experience. Now my house is ready for Chinese New Year Now which is just around the corner! 

And one of my 2019 resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle. I have started to swim regularly, go to gym & even started cycling! I tried to make sure that I exercise 3-5 times per week. Part of the plan also to change my eating habits which I want to have less carb, less oil, salt, preservative and MSG - which means less outside food, more home cooked food! 

Hence I decided to buy Philips Viva Collection All-In-One Cooker HD2137 after reading so many good reviews about this. After checking few places, I decided to get it at Desa Home because the price is really affordable at RM 529!

This machine can slow cook, pressure cook & multi cook very fast. Super amazing cooker, cos this can even bake & make yogurt! I'm really in love with it!

I made Lotus Peanut soup with ribs in pressure cook mode for my dinner. Foolproof recipe, all the ingredients put in the pot and press"Pressure Cook" mode and "Start". My soup is ready in 20 mins :) 

Nowadays I cooked for my meals every often, before I go work to bring lunch to office and after work too, cos this magic multi cooker saves me a lot of time & effort :D Best investment ever!

I'm going to bring this home during CNY to make delicious dishes for my family :) Check out my Instagram @jessyings okay :) 

My Sharp Air Purifer FPJ30LB, I bought it for RM 339. I was advised to get this model as the coverage area is 23m² and will be perfect for my room size. Main reason I need this is because my previous air purifier stopped working after 7 years. As some of you might know, I got sinus with really sensitive nose (especially to smoke & dusts) and I'm allergy to dust mite ( I did an allergy test in hospital to know about this!)

I read that this new model can remove mold, viruses, allergens, odors and static electricity from the air. Also I personally think that this has more powerful air suction compared to my previous one. Also I can't wait to ON the Haze mode function when Indonesian starts burning the forests/plantation (better still please stop burning!)

I think clean air is the first step to healthy living hence this is definitely a must buy for everyone lol! Honestly feel i sneeze lesser and sleeps better at night too! When my mum came for a visit & slept over with me a while ago, she said my room air smell fresher and air feel cooler compared to my brother's room. So immediately she asked me to help her to buy one and put in her room back in Johor. I think unless one experiences it the difference it's quite hard to convince anyone cos air is still air too many people.. (Hahah now I sound like Sharp salesman already, this is my honest testimonial k!)

Ah below is my video of me shopping in Desa Home in One City Subang, please watch ya :)

Do visit Desa Home today as they offer affordable price products & great service. I had an amazing shopping experience there!

Go for your shopping now for your CNY, Valentine's Day or pamper yourself lol :)

Desa Home is located in One Space at One City
Tel : 03- 5022 3077 / 5022 3062 / 5022 3063   
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