Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sephora opened it's 14th store in Mid Valley Megamall!

To all beauty lovers, if you do not know yet Sephora Malaysia opened their 14th store recently in Mid Valley Megamall! Hooray! It's located at the old Padini store opposite Metrojaya. 

All girls will agree Sephora is the one stop center for women ; where we can get our beauty fix from head to toe! 

Some of us asked what about the the existing outlet in Robinson Gardens Mall and I have just checked that the store will be still opened despite the opening of the Mid Valley store. I guess for different target markets :)

I'm looking forward to check out this new GlamGlow Daily Treatment Cleanser in Sephora ever since I had  a sneak peek of it at the opening party. Am excited to find out that it's already available in store and if I'm not mistaken it's about RM110 (tbc) per tube. Please note that GlamGlow is sold exclusively in Sephora only. 

Sephora Malaysia address in Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley Megamall, G082, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hour : 10am to 10pm

For more info, visit

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review : Philips Easy Natural Curler great for beginner!

p/s: Please excuse my no makeup face because I took this picture right after shower :D 

I'm blessed with very straight hair and although it's easy to maintain but secretly sometimes I wish I have curly hair. I feel curly hair is sexy and give volume to my hair and makes my face looks smaller. But honestly most curler out there are difficult to use and take too much time to do the curl. Agree ?

So when I was told this hair curler can makes your hair curl within 30 seconds whether you are short, medium and long hair lengths, I took up the challenge to try to see if it's true. 

 So this Philips Easy Natural Curler landed on my table for me to try. 

Building on 60 years of beauty heritage, the Philips Easy Natural Curler is Philips’ latest innovative solution to help women achieve stylish natural-looking curls easily. 

With its unique Tulip shape, the c enables women to create natural and effortless curls in just one simple step. 

The curler uses innovative clip and curl plates to automatically clip and hold the lock of hair while styling, allowing women to curl their tresses with just one hand, even at the back of the head. The styling plates are designed to prevent accidental brushes and burns to the hair. 

To reduce hair damage, the plates are coated with protective ceramic to ensure even heat distribution for shiny and soft hair. The plates can only be heated to a professional temperature of 200°C to further minimise hair damage. 

Clip & Curl your hair.

I like how the Philips Easy Natural Curler is very light to hold, compact and pretty easy-to-use design makes it easy for beginner to curl their hair. To be honest, it took me some effort to insert my hair into the thin gap between the plates. I think those beginner ; specifically girls with long & thin hair will benefit from the thin gap because they do not need to do segmentation while doing curling.

My first experience using Philips Easy Natural Curler. The curling plate heat up quite fast (less than 30 seconds) and able to give my hair some curl at my ends. Was disappointed that the result is not as curly as I expected... after all the name of the product is easy natural curler means it can give natural curls only I guess. And the good thing is I did not smell any burning smelling which sometimes some curler too hot to handle and over burn my hair. 

Nevertheless I think with my ends curl up, it makes my hair looks more volumize and face looks smaller. And bear in this this are loose wavey/curl so you do definitely need spray or product to make it stay.

I bought this Philips Easy Natural Curler to my recent hair to Hatyai and let Shannon my roomate from my trip to try out the product. She told me that she has been using Philips curling tong user for years every morning. She works like a pro, looks at her hair end result! 

She then decided to be more adventurous to try Korean perm style.. 

According to her feedback, she also think that this Philips Easy Natural Curler is really suitable for beginner and the gap between the hot plates on the curler is too small and might be suitable for girls with thin & long hair. And the heating plates are not hot enough and it took a bit of time to curl her hair compared to her usual curling thong. And personally she said she preferred her Philips curling tong with different heating level. 

The Philips Easy Natural Curler is available at major electrical and departmental stores and www.blipmy.com at a recommended price of RM169. For more information please visit http://www.philips.com.my.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Airasia X Secret Sale for 72 hours! Promotions up to 30% off on selected routes!

To my traveler friends & readers, this news is too good not to be shared! 

AIRASIA X IS HAVING 72 HOURS SECRET SALE! Promotion up to 30% on all seats and all flights to Australia, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, China and Taiwan!

Booking period : 29 April 2015 to 1 May 2015
Travel Period : 29 April to 9 July 2015

And promotion only available at this link only  http://bit.ly/AAXSALE

For your conveniences, I have actually check and verified that this sale is indeed real and what are the prices like for some of these routes! 

Note : These may not the cheapest airfare that you may encounter but given that this is quite a last minute booking I would say this is really a good deal! 





Gold Coast

















Tokyo - Narita (main airport)

 Tokyo - Haneda (low cost airport) 


 Look at my arrow, click on  the bar "VIEW BY MONTH"

From the chart, you can select and pick the lowest far tickets within the month!

A lot of people asked me how to travel so often? My advice is hunt for cheap air flight ticket and use the money to spend on hotel and activities. 

From the above price chart screenshot, I will suggest these few places to go because these air flight tickets are so so cheap. Do note that these prices exclude your baggage, food etc.

TAIWAN - RM469.84 
PERTH - RM576.44
COLOMBO - RM427.84

I just came back from Taiwan early of this month or else I will definitely grab this deal and go! Now I'm considering going to Colombo, Sri Lanka since I always wanted to see the wild animal! 

This is what I'm planning to do in Sri Lanka! Anyone interested to join me? I'm still planning my time and hopefully I can find time to go!

Remember this AirAsia X Secret Sale is only available at this link 

Booking period : 29 April 2015 to 1 May 2015
Travel Period : 29 April to 9 July 2015

p/s : When you click the link to look for ticket, once you click the "Back" button it will automatically go back to default page. So remember to enter this address every time you hunt for the tickets! HAPPY HUNTING!

Don't forget to share this link with your families & friends ya ! 

Review : Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Youthful Serum & Youthful Skin Extraordinary Water

Over the past few years, cosmetic research has begun to uncover a previously unknown factor in the mechanism of cellular ageing: inflamm-ageing. There is no redness, no itching. The skin doesn't feel particularly tight. And yet "silent" inflammation is lurking in the heart of cells, and this inflammation will lead to skin ageing… The skin is weakened and finds it hard to regenerate. It becomes tired, gradually loses its firmness, and wrinkles start to appear.

Naturally, all our skin has a balance of pro-inflammatory elements (to remove waste) and anti-inflammatory elements (to limit their activity in accordance with the skin’s needs). And as we age, this balance is disrupted. The stratum corneum (i.e outermost layer of the our epidermis) becomes thinner. The epidermis takes longer to renew itself and becomes more penetratable, making the skin more susceptible to environmental stresses and infections. At a deeper level, in the dermis, the skin begins to produce more pro-inflammatory mediators: it is in a state of inflammation.

Hence this triggers an imbalance in the skin; the balance of inflammatory messengers is altered. This is called the “inflammatory cascade”, which:

slows cellular metabolism, which is responsible for good skin vitality; the skin is more vulnerable to the effects of oxidative stress 

slows down the synthesis of lipids, which ensure the integrity of the intercellular cement and the hydrolipidic film; the skin’s barrier function is damaged, 

disrupts the balance of cell membranes; the skin is weakened 

degrades the dermal extracellular matrix; the skin loses its density and firmness.

With that, Melvita has called on the vital forces of nature and explored the very heart of the native cells of buds, pulsating with life. Just one of these cells contains all the information required to reproduce the entire plant. By selecting and combining organic buds bursting with vitality, Melvita has developed a patented* complex that replenishes the skin and strengthens its natural defence mechanisms. *Patent pending in France.

Beech, pine, blackcurrant and raspberry plant extracts work together to strengthen the skin's natural defences and help it to resist oxidation

Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift has recently added two new skincare products to fight silent inflamm-ageing even better which are ; Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Youthful Serum and Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Jeunesse Youthful Skin Extraordinary Water to their existing range which was introduced back in Aug 2014.

Now Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift is Youthful Day Cream, Youthful Night Cream and Youthful Eye Contour to smooth wrinkles, fine lines and redefine facial contours with exceptional ingredients derived from the precious 4 organic plant buds.

I decided to try out Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift range together with my Oranger Floral Water to make sure I was 100% on organic skincare :D Below are my review of the 2  new products.

Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Jeunesse Youthful Skin Extraordinary Water - RM98/100ml 

Enriched with Melvita's patented bud complex and naturally derived hyaluronic acid, this pre-care gel water visibly smoothes and firms. It prepares skin perfectly for the products that follow and leaves it soft, hydrated and plumped. 

Patented innovation, Non-comedogenic 
99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 
20% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming. 

Texture : Gel waterish
Scent : Floral

Use this product on clean a dry skin. I usually pour like 20 cent amount on my hand and pat on my face gently until it's fully absorb. Alternatively you can choose to use with cotton pad. I can feel my face is soft, moist and plump after using this.

And to compare Jeunesse Extraordinary Water with my other range I think in term of texture Jeunesse has the thickest texture (waterish gelish) and Narcisse has the lightest (which the watery) texture. And of all of them, Rose Extraordinary Water has the best scent like rose syrup and this is my fav product of all time. 

Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Youthful Serum - RM240/30ml

With its light and fluid gel texture, the Youthful Serum can be applied before your day or night cream for an instant feeling of softness and freshness. Enriched with natural hyaluronic acid and rye extract, this serum both hydrates and helps restore elasticity. The bud complex replenishes the skin, which seems to look even younger, thanks to the smoothing effect of hibiscus extract and tightening effect of oat extract.

Patented innovation, Non-comedogenic 
99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 
21% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.

Texture :  Lotion based
Scent : Floral

I usually take 1-2 pump depends whether I'm using them to massage my face or not. The texture is milky lotion and it absorb into my skin right after I massage them ( note that my skin is very dry so using 2 months are fine). Immediately I can feel skin feel more hydrated and soft. The scent are very pleasant too! 

I have been using since early April 2015. Overall I can see my skin is more hydrated and no more flakey skin. I can feel my skin more firm and smoother than before. My makeup stays longer without cracking! 

Honestly Melvita is one of my favourite skincare brand, their product and prices are pretty reasonable considering they are organic with Ecocert. And usually their products smell quite good and that's a extra brownie point! 

Products is available to purchase at any Melvita boutiques in Mid Valley Megamall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre and 1 Mont' Kiara. Or alternaively you can purchase the product via their website http://www.melvita.com.my/

Monday, April 27, 2015

Review & Swatch : Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque

Ah I received this products a while ago from Bourjois Malaysia. At first I thought this product is our usual lip gloss. However it's not what I expected to be! This Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque is a HYBRID LIPSTICK which breaks all the rules and writes its own lip story.

 Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque comes with 8 pure and intense colours.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque offers colours that are pure and glowing. They are practically butter and wax-free so as to not disrupt the quality of the colour. As these “filters” have been eliminated, the colours are perfectly pure, each one fully expressing its portion of the colour spectrum. 

• The fresh nudes give you a healthy glow, 
• the elegant pinks are to die for and so flattering, 
• the vibrant oranges instantly put you in a good mood 
• and the flamboyant reds are simply sensational!

 I have 3 beautiful shade of Rouge Edition Aqua Laque to review. They are 01 Appechissant, 02 Rose on the Rocks and  07 Fuchsia Perche to try.

From the outside, the tube is transparent to reveal the colour of the laque and it comes with  high-shine fully chrome cap. I always like transparent tube because it makes me easier to make my pick. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque consists high concentration of water and Nymphea extract which has great moisturising ability (10 hours), it contains all the elements necessary to achieve a light and extremely refreshing texture. 

A close up on their applicator.

I never really like these applicator and prefer to use lip brush. However this soft, dense flock applicator which features long fibres, it makes it easy that I can easily forgo my lip brsuh.

From the swatch, I see the colour is really pigmented and surprising the texture is really light like water and non-sticky at all! 

I read that Bourjois formula for hybrid lipsticks draws its inspiration from the technology used in foundations, with its emulsion-like properties. Bourjois has refined and enhanced the formula by reducing the presence of oil as much as possible. Once applied, the lipstick doesn’t budge. It doesn’t transfer onto the little cracks in the skin that it may encounter. 

This is my original lips colour is pale pink.

To use this Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque, you are advised to use it on cleansed & dry lips without any lip balm or lip liner. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Appechissant

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Appechissant shade comes in beautiful nude coral shade. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Appechissant shade on my lips. Managed to cover my lip colour nicely with  very fine shimmer effect.  Love the wet shine look, not sticky at all! 

One of my colour of the 3 tubes :) Looks instantly bright up and this shade is easy to match with any makeup look. This colours stay nicely with drinking, but with eating the shine is gone (yeh I ate them lol) and left very light stain on my lips.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Rose on the Rocks

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Rose on the Rocks comes in nude pinkish shade. 

I had high hope on this shade because from the name rosey shade usually suits me. Unfortunately this shade is too light & I can see lines on my lips. I found out this coverage seems to be a little be more sheer compare to the other two.

From far, the shade doesn't seems bad. But not my favourite colour to put, too sheer and light for my liking but if I would want to have natural lip colour I think this is the best choice. Texture wise they are very consistent, very light and watery feeling. After eating and drinking, I barely can see there is  any colour in my lips. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Fuchsia Perche

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Fuchsia Perche comes in very beautiful red fuschia. This is love at the first sight, I always love bright colour and this totally caught my eyes.

Love love love! Super intense, bright and glossy that will make head turns!

After trying all these three tubes, I can safely said their texture is non sticky and in fact the texture is as light as water. Amazing texture for such intensity of colour and coverage ! 

Red shade always work to brighten up my look...now m ready to rock & roll!

As you can see, after my lunch (eating & drinking) what's left on my lips is a beautiful red stain without the shine.

Looking at how long lasting the colour stay on my lips, please don't forget to use proper eye & lip makeup remover to remove any colour residue left on your lips. 
Which is your favourite Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque  shade ?

 I guess you know my answer by now! 

See how different shade can give different look.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque is selling in Malaysia now at introductory price at RM42.80 (NP RM 45.50) at both Watsons and Bourjois Kiosk ,Sunway Pyramid. For selected Watsons store, you get a gift with RM 60 purchase of Bourjois product; while at the Kiosk, you get a different one with RM 80 purchase. Promotion while stocks last!

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