Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review : Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Plus Set promises you the perfect looking skin upclose!

Three years ago I came across Mary Kay and tried out their Botanical Effects Skin range and even did a review back then. Today I'm revisiting the brand and trying out their new TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set which consists of TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine and the brand-NEW TimeWise® Pore Minimizer serum which helps us achieve flawless looking skin.

Glad to find that both these products are clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy, Fragrance-free and oil-free and Non-comedogenic (which means it will not clog pores).

Did you know it’s estimated that there is an average of 20,000 pores on a person’s face? With that enormous amount, it’s easy to get hyper focused on them, as some pores are particularly visible or become more visible over time. They can appear big and lose their shape due to aging and other factors. With the latest Mary Kay TimeWise® Pore Minimizer, it will significantly reduces the visible number of pores. In fact, after using Pore Minimizer twice a day for three weeks, 8 out of 10 women said they’re happier with the look of their skin, even close-up. So I'm pretty excited to put this to test to show you guys the result! 

Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine (70g) is the Step 1 in this set. It is an advanced exfoliator (or some called it scrub) containing key exfoliating ingredients used by dermatologists to energize skin immediately by effectively removing dead skin cells from inside and around the edges of pores. This process helps reduce the appearance of pores. The creamy lotion also feeds and nourishes the skin from below through increased microcirculation. This brings oxygen to the surface of the skin to stimulate circulation, creating a healthy, more radiant glow.

Key Ingredients
Alumina (Aluminum Oxide) - a gentle exfoliant used to remove dead surface cells. This is the key exfoliating ingredient used by many dermatologists.

Ingredient list

 Texture  : This creamy white scrub comes with very fine exfoliating crystals scrub

After cleansing I applied a quarter-sized amount of TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine on my wet face and gently massage into skin with fingertips. I can feel the scrub beads rubbing against my skin and I would advice you guy to be gentle because this scrub beads are not water soluble. After that I usually rinse with warm water before I finished off with cold water and pat dry.

Immediately I can feel my skin is smoother, pores looks smaller and skin looks brighter and probably because all the dead skin cells and dirt has been scrubbed off. I like how the scrub is effective yet not drying, plus my skin is so nice to touch after exfoliation! 

The new Mary Kay TimeWise® Pore Minimizer (29ml) is Step 2 under this Microdermabrasion Plus Set. 

This gentle, fast-absorbing serum provides a daily defense against the look of enlarged pores. It reduces the appearance of pores and immediately improves skin texture, leaving skin feeling nourished and relieved of stress while visibly improving skin clarity. Use this twice a day to achieve  flawless-looking complexion. This product is suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients 

Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract – Native to Asia, Persian Silk Tree also is called the “sleeping tree” in Japan because each night, its delicate, fern‐like leaves slowly close. This bark extract is shown to support factors important to skin,† which may help tighten the look of skin overall and around pores. 

Soy Bean Extract – Using a process to help make soy protein more compatible for the skin, this extract helps deliver the benefits of the pore minimizer. Soy bean extracts are reported to support factors, important for skin’s integrity, which may help tighten the look of skin overall and around pores.

 Ingredient list

Texture : Light creamy lotion in white and changes to pale pink when I massage on my skin.
I used about 2 pumps to massage all over my face. It absorbs immediately after application without leaving any sticky or greasy feeling on my skin. I follow up with my moisturizer after that. 

I actually started to realised my pores on my cheek has becomes more obvious in this early of the year. I read that it might be due to skin aging ; loss of skin elasticity!

I have been using Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set for about 3 weeks and overall I feel my face becomes brighter, smoother and firmer. open pores did not disappeared magically but I can said that skin texture looks more refine hence pores seems to look smaller now. Skin clarity seems to improve for sure from the picture I took 3 weeks apart. 

I guess this 2 products under the Microdermabrasion Plus Set complements each other where Microdermabrasion Refine remove buildup from pores making it ready for the Pore Minimizer to penetrate into the skin to minimize pores  taking your skin-smoothing, age-defying skin care regimen to a new level.

My almost perfect skin upclose!
I will think I will continue to use range to see any more further improvement and will keep you guys updated here. Like I mentioned before beauty products are not magic cream or filter apps, for one to have great looking skin we must put effort in taking care of our skin besides practicing a healthy lifestyle which is to eat healthily, have sufficient sleeping hours and exercise regularly!

So if you have dull looking skin and open pores issues, you might want to try out this range from Mary Kay! Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set is sold at RM350 and do contact Mary Kay; Independent Beauty Consultant 03-7711 7500 or log on to to find out more.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Digi WWWOW Award 2015

We often heard about recognition at work, but have you guys thought of recognition in the world of internet? Probably 10 years ago many bloggers would not think that anything they say in internet wouldn't be so powerful and influential but recently a Singaporean blogger made it to international news due to something she said in her Dayre (micro blog). Although she made it to the headline for the wrong reasons but we can clearly see the power of social media. Hence we as bloggers or some people said social media influencers do hold social responsibility in the world of social media, we need to be accountable on what we said especially to our followers. I always believe we need to blog with dignity because our blog readers or followers are not stupid and as much as we want to be respected, we need to respect our followers by providing them with honest write up. 

And of course the bigger pool of followers you have, the more influential you are ; whatever you said do attract a lot of attention. Like what people said With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Digi WWWOW Internet For All Awards has been looking out for aspiring individuals who make the Internet greater for the past 5 years.

It's the only Internet for All Awards and based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others. There are 8 categories in total for you to nominate and vote your favourite ones! And if you have anyone in mind that  falls under these categories below, do nominate them to get them recognized! 

1) Videos and Photography 
2) Social Influencers 
3) Independent Publishers 
4) Web E-commerce 
5) Mobile E-commerce 
6) Social Media E-commerce 
7) Social Impact
8) Social Movement

Speaking of social influencers, I think there are a lot of them that fall into this categories. I feel one may have thousands or millions of followers but I think that person must be able to be a role model in internet and someone who can inspires others.

My personal favourite in this category is Hong Yi. I have been following ever since I discovered her instagram. Love her creativity and how she creates her masterpiece without brush but various ingredients we can find at home. I am so proud and happy that Malaysian has such a talent!! She makes me looks at art differently!

This is the first time I discovered her Instagram account, she used 64,000 chopsticks to create Jackie Chan's potrait.
And this is one of my favourite, a favourite Teh Tarik artwork which was made by 20,000 teabags and this was displayed in World Economic Forum! So impressive right! I can't stop stalking her instagram, facebook and youtube to see what's new!

And if you have friends who you think suits in any of the categories above, quickly fill up the form to nominate

Here are some of dates you need to know! 

8 category winners will have the opportunity to sit in with industry experts to elevate their businesses, platforms and social ventures in Digi WWWOW Hangout. Category winners will spend the day with industry leaders in the marketing world to craft extraordinary campaigns to take their products and services to the next level. Industry leaders will also share their personal insights and opinions on the best practices , dos and don'ts and all that brought them to achieve success; winners will be wow-ed by the case studies shared. From digital media, e -commerce to content development, be ready to embrace this exclusive and impactful eye-opening experience which money cannot buy!
Not only that, each categories winner get to win RM10,000 cash!!!

Visit to find out more about Digi WWWOW! Don't forget to nominate and vote for those that deserve to win!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Review : Clarins Body Shaping Cream

It's no secret that I love Clarins skincare and here are some of my favourite!

If you haven't try their HydraQuench Mask or One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, you should totally try them. I lost count how many tubes of HydraQuench Mask I have used actually. And thanks to my friend recommendation Juli I bought this One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. I actually bought one tube when I arrived Taipei Airport but accidentally left it in the first hotel after using for one time before moving to another hotel. And came back to KLIA2 Airport and bought this tube again cause I  really like it!

I have heard so much about Clarins body products but haven't really try it.

With me here is the new Clarins Body Shaping Cream that helps to target stubborn fat, firms and redefines shape.

It has Organic Quince extract which helps improve firmness and elasticity and Hibiscus Flower acids and Betaine which helps to hydrate and smoothed the skin 

It comes in a super big jar! 

The texture is light cream type which leave the skin smooth after application. The texture has the melting designed formula that is easy to use for massage. It is neither oily or sticky after application, yay! I really like the light floral-woody scent which gives a sense of freshness after application.  

It's recommended to use Clarins Anti Stubborn Curves Self Massage Method.

How to apply Clarins Body Shaping Cream: 

1. Apply a small amount of Clarins Body Shaping Cream to the targeted area 
2. Massage your cream in circular motions to increase circulation and target the deeper tissues 
3. Use daily for optimal results.

What I usually do before I sleep is to glide through my fists over my hips, abdomen, arms and other targeted area before I massage in circular motion.
In case you are wondering, this is not a magic cream that can works overnight to slim you down. It needs determination to apply this Clarins Body Shaping Cream daily to see result, it's better to use hard pressure while doing massaging as it will effectively break down fat and it's a bit painful honestly. I can feel slightly ache at some areas and my body felt a little bit lighter. I guess it takes the bloatedness and water retention away. Luckily the muscle soreness disappeared quickly after a few days leaving the skin firmer each and every time. 

To get the triple sculpting, firming and refining action in a sumptuously soft formulation to be working, it is also important to have healthy & balance lifestyle to complement. And I have tried to sleep early nowadays, go for swimming and eat healthily (avoid eating too late etc) hopefully can lose all the stubborn fats away slowly and healthily.

Clarins Body Shaping Cream is priced at RM245 for 200ml and available in Clarins counters.

For more info visit,

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review : THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ Foundation gives fresh and flawless Korean makeup look!

How many time you refuse to put on makeup before you know your skin is oily and makeup will melt in our Malaysian humid weather? 

Thanks to waterproof mascara and eyeliner, even under hot sun or rain, they looks perfectly fine. As for face, I'm pretty blessed with normal to dry skin combination but there are times where weather are so hot that my skin sweat and becomes oily. I hate that foundation melted and it becomes patchy. How I wish there is a foundation that is sweat proof or have oil control formulation.

I was given THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++  to put to test on our Malaysian weather which I was very excited to try out.

If you don't know yet THEFACECHOP is one of the leading cosmetic brand in Korea with more than 2,600 stores in 29 countries worldwide.

And I can't help to notice their brand ambassador Kim Soo Hyun who is from the STAR! His face looks so freaking flawless here... OMG... I think nicer than mine! Let's see if I can achieve flawless look like this!

THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (RM88.93 / 15g) is a new innovative type of makeup product that contains whole liquid foundation in a hard foundation case by using microfoam™. This Cushion promises to deliver perfect makeup look from morning to the end! 

A sebum controlling, matte cushion foundation for summer and great for people with oily skin.

THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ *LG Patent “Micro Foam” is 4 times denser than usual polyurethane sponge. The micro foam is a non-drying contents which will keep its moist-full contents and provide even application for non-clumping effect.
THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ provides 3 main benefits i.e Moisture Charge, Sebum Control and Long Lasting Ability.  

As some of you might know, Cushion Foundation is very different from our usual foundation because it's the ALL in ONE product that you need because it a sunblock (with SPF50+ PA+++), foundation, concealer and powder  & pact giving you light and fresh application.

It's really simple to use THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++  as I just need to press the puff applicator to the cushion and lightly pat onto whole of my face. Within a minute I'm done , so easy to use!

I can feel cooling effect as I pat the puff on my skin and it did not dry out my skin even though the ingredients eliminates oily shine because it provides a moisture fix within the skin!

So here is my review of the THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion V203 Natural Beige with before & after picture!

I applied THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ on the right hand side as I am impressed with the huge difference. Coverage is quite good I would say. 

A close up before & after picture. 

As you can see my skin colour immediately looks more even, dark spots / pigmentations are reasonably covered giving it a fresh coverage. And I can see the pores are cleary minimized! 

Love the matte coverage! And it did stay all day long and even under hot weather, it did control the oil and does not melt the makeup away! Although I don't really have oily skin but this foundation does not dry me up, which are great!

Since my foundation is done, I finished up my look with THEFACESHOP makeup as well. Let's see if I can create a Korean insipred look with this! 

THEFACESHOP Dual Baked Shadow OR01 

A dual baked type shadow using terracotta technology to minimize fly-away powder and naturally adhere to skin giving your eyes a sophisticated shimmer.

Very pigmented and easy to blend. Very shimmering hence need to be careful when applying this eyeshadow. I prefer to use my fingers to blend. 

THEFACESHOP Freshen Volumizing Mascara in Black

Is formulated with inorganic powders and water-soluble FIX-UP POLYMERS for fast-drying, superior setting, and natural looking curls. A twisting bullet-shaped brush: with special criss-crossing, zigzag shaped brush applies mascara evenly while providing a double lift for each lash to avoid clumping so that lashes look clean and natural.

This is pretty easy to use so far I have not experience any smudges even under hot weather. It does provides a little bit of volumizing effect to my lashes.

THEFACESHOP Ink Graffiti Brush pen liner in 01 Ink Black

An easy-to-use pen liner provides bold and intense look with ink-jet formula which adds sheen to your eyes while polymer coating helps to maintain defined look.

Like how the tip is very thin & colour is very black, so easy to draw a thin line on my eyes. It's smudge proof and stay perfectly on my eyes all day long! 

This is the result of using THEFACESHOP products above!

THEFACESHOP Soft Cream Blusher 02 Coral

A soft cream type blusher that provides delicate radiance to cheeks with smooth creamy texture. I use my fingers to blend on my cheek. The colour is a little light hence I need to put more to build up the intensity. 

THEFACESHOP Ink Liquid in CR01 Coral Chu

A new type of lip color that is lipstick, lip gloss, lip tint melted into one. Love the lipstick effect that gives rich melting texture, tint effect that provides long lasting brilliant color and gloss effect that gives dewy and sparkling luster. It really lasts me the whole day!

Here is my full look using the above THEFACESHOP products! I love the fresh and flawless Korean makeup look!

So do I pass as a Korean now?  Annyeong-haseyo ~

Now I always carry THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (RM88.93 / 15g) in my bag because it's really great for Malaysia humid weather plus the result are pretty amazing! I would recommend you to do touch up after going under the sun to restore the full sun protection effect. And I would highly recommend this to people who has combination/oily skin or always go under the sun because it really effective in eliminates oily shine and provides a moisture fix within the skin! 

Good news is THEFACESHOP is having a Oil Zero Challenge for all Malaysian! 

P/s: Can anyone agree with me that Kim Soo Hyun is so good looking here... drool!

Sign up now at to get FREE Membership and enjoy a 10% discount on THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ and get a FREE pack of refill (worth RM51.83) with every purchase in their store! Good opportunity to try out this product! 

 For more info on THEFACESHOP Malaysia, please visit 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My 5km electrifying fun run in Electric Run Malaysia 2015 presented by Shell FuelSave

 Last weekend, I did my first virgin Electric Run in Selangor Turf all thanks to Shell Malaysia for the invitation! Shell Malaysia aims to provide a platform for their customers to pursue their passion, which is why they partnered with Livescape Group for this inaugural Electric Run 2015. This fun run enable us to spend time with our loved one against a fantastic background of light & sound...where fun  memories can be created :)

Being a Malaysian kiasu girl...I went early to check out some booths... and managed to redeem some cool goodies from Shell! Hehe :D 

Because this is a night run, participants are encourage to dress in neon. And we are given some glow body paints and glow sticks to lit up ourselves brightly!

I also kiasu.. put on my glowing accessories for the Electric Run :D

I asked my bf to draw some creative drawing on my face with the glowing paint ... end up he drew 3 lines..#toocreativeuntilIcannotunderstand

But I still lose to this electric man lol

 Before the run starts, we had a warm up session. Very unusual but fun one... insteady of usual stretching ...we are partying ...jumping and grooving ... haha so happening already... so much fun! And in fact we have 10,000 pariciaonts from all walks of life running, walking and dancing across an electrifying 5km course to break the Malaysian Book of Records to grab the title "Largest Participation in a Neon Run".

The first 1km run walk was pretty breezy.. and was happy when I see a Shell Station because I can take a mini break and take picture.. haha!

It's the same feeling when I go for long distance ride at highway and finally I saw a Shell station to refuel our petrol, buy freshly cooked snack at deligo to fill up our tummy and to go to the much needed toilet break to refresh ourselves. 

Speaking of that when I visited the petrol station last month, a staff greeted at me with this pose by surprise ...and said "Welcome to Shell"... so heartwarming and welcoming! It's like how we visited our friend's house and they greeted us "Welcome to my home" that and we feel that we are received with open arms.. 

I read that Welcome to Shell is a promise to deliver outstanding service quality and enhance offering to their customers all over Malaysia. By refining the customer service at Shell station, they aim to make customers to feel at home and at ease from stress of their travels. Although this are very simple word but it's very powerful and heartwarming. 

Great job Shell!

Can you guess what kind of business they are talking about here ? Hehehe... big & small business in the toilet bowl lol... I like those cheeky message left by Shell.. #Iseewhatyoudoingthere

I like how the running track are properly lighted like the highway! 

Out of so many courseland offered in the Electric Run 2015, this is my favourite one... we are transported to an aquatic paradise decorated with brightly lit, giant marine life at Under The Sea! For a moment I thought I'm a mermaid lol... 

 Yay finally I met a nemo!!! 

 I was very happy when I found a SHELL...but sad cos didn't manage to find any pearl >.< Or i will make into an earring to do giveaway here lol!

This Electric Run Malaysia 2015 presented by Shell FuelSave is a very nice 5km fun run... because.. the running track was decorated creatively with lots of neon light... . and I took opportunity to take a lot of pictures to hare with you guys here!

 Actually after 4km of run/walk/taking pictures... haha I was tired lol....

Suddenly was motivated because I  saw some oversize light up cotton candy, ice cream, popcorn, cupcakes in Candy Land.. giving us some imaginary satisfaction to our sweet tooth.... motivate us to finish the line and grab those food!!

Finally hor... I finished my first 5km..must take a picture to proof lol!

 Finally lap before the finishing line... we passed by PowerHouse Oil Refinery! 

 Finally I made it! I had a good time dating with my bf in this Elelctic run and spotted a lot of interesting things along the route. 

Although 5km run sounds easy for a lot of people hor but not for beginners like me...And in fact I found out that running and driving is pretty similar and I would like to share are tips with you all (and to remind myself) so that we can travel further efficiently.

5 Ways to help you go further efficiently 

1) Since this is my first time participating in the night run, I was very anxious and not sure what to bring... I thought I will just bring these above stuffs that I prepared the night before. But in actual fact on that morning, I was over excited and over packed my bags lah..didn't carefully consider the weight issue of the bag. I brought my Kate Spade Wallet along which was heavy (should have took some some card & cash and put in card wallet instead), brought a cap but then it's a night run.. ahhaha dont know why I brought that lah! Honestly my shoulder still feel sore till now lo.. I almost want to bring a torch light along thinking that I need to lit up my route during the run until I went to double checked this run is properly lit with neon lights!

Which means the more weight you carry, the more energy you need to burn to keep going. Just like car, if our car boot is full with stuffs, the car engine will burned more petrol.. not so cost efficient lo!

2) I was advice by my hardcore running friend that the most important things that one should wear the right shoes for running so that to protect them from injuring.

I was glad I wore my pink Sketchers Go Run shoes because it's very comfortable, light and provide good grip on the road. I used to wear sneaker and walking shoes to go for a short run and seriously after a while I feel my feet is painful and it's too heavy to run in it. In the same way choosing the right tyres and making sure they're inflated with right pressure so that to keep your journey safe & enjoyable.

3) I was supposed to eat energy food before the run a few hours before that to let the food digest etc. But I very smart I went to have vegetable curry just 2-3 hours before the run and making my tummy feeling uncomfortable. #noexperiencerunner #failrunner

Same goes to the car, a well oiled machine needs the right kind of energy to last the long run.. One can use Shell Helix to keep their car running under optimum conditions. 

I wish I could drink fuel so can go further! #macamyestapibukan #eventprops

4) Off all things, we need to refuel our body with water... to keep body hydrated at all times, specially at hazy time like this! Remember to avoid soft drinks, coffee and tea and opt for water because that's the right liquid we need to replenish loss of water during running.

Do you know also that using the correct fuel can help your car to perform go further? During bad economy like this, we need to be smart consumer already... better fuel your car with Shell FuelSave which cover more miles on a full tanks... more saving, longer miles yo! 

5) I was told if I keep training I will build up my stamina to run further. 

So I need to do more exericise to build my stamina and make sure my heart is strong to pump blood to all over my body! And for your car make sure you do your regular engine car maintenance such as engine tune-ups and oil changes to ensure the engine last longer after all the heart of a car is the engine. 

Nevertheless .... I was proud because I managed to get my first Electic Run 2015 finisher medal! I was given a free ice cream at the finisher line to reward myself..  *happykidmode* 

Also I am very happy cos do not need to apply 1kg of UV protector before running... hahaha or else I will probably slap few bottles of UV protector alrdy! Love the feeling of cool wind slapping on my face running at night...instead of running under the hot sun! 

P/s:  Lucky this is a fun run where the timing given to finish the race was much more longer... or else confirm no finisher medal to take already... haha!

For more information about Electric Run, visit or follow them at their twitter & instagram @electricrunmy.

To learn more about running (and driving) efficiently with Shell FuelSav, please visit

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