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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Amazing Seniors Talent Quest 2023 for Seniors Above 50

In a world where talent competitions predominantly focus on the younger crowd, we are proud to introduce a groundbreaking event that breaks the norm and celebrates the untapped brilliance of adults above 50. Talent Quest 2023 is truly one of a kind, providing a much-needed platform for older individuals to proudly showcase their exceptional talents and skills.

In a society that can sometimes marginalize older individuals, Talent Quest seeks to highlight the vibrancy and endless possibilities of their creative expression. By giving them a stage to perform, we are breaking barriers and redefining what it means to be a talent competition.

With a focus on the ageless spirit and the wealth of experiences that come with age, we invite the press to explore this exceptional event and discover the incredible talents that are often overlooked in mainstream competitions. The Seniors Talent Contest is not just a celebration of talent; it is a celebration of life, creativity, and the enduring passion that thrives within those above 50.

Cash prizes and gifts up to RM75,000 are up for grabs!!!

How It Works

Commencing July 15th, 2023, seniors from all corners of Malaysia are cordially invited to seize the opportunity to submit their video entries which would include any type of performance including singing, dancing, playing an instrument or even acting.  After the 1st September deadline, we would narrow down contestants to 20 semi-finalists, who would be invited to perform live on stage during the Amazing Seniors Life Begins at 50 Seniors Festival 2023. This event will be held at Atria Shopping Gallery in Petaling Jaya, from September 29th to October 1st, 2023. As part of the grand finale of the Talent Quest, a distinguished panel of prominent icons, including the renowned Dato’ Khadijah Ibrahim, will take their positions as judges for the grand finale.

About the Organizers

Talent Quest 2023 is organized by a passionate team of individuals dedicated to promoting the well-being and talents of seniors in our community. At Amazing Seniors, we firmly believe that fostering creativity and providing a platform for expression are essential in ensuring a vibrant and inclusive society.

Amazing Seniors is a dynamic digital platform designed for adults aged 50 and above to connect, learn, thrive, and revel in the richness of life. We embrace the joys of getting older and envision a world where ageing is celebrated as a privilege. Our Amazing Seniors App is FREE to download on Android and iOS platforms, and is aimed at helping our users discover community events, read inspiring stories, and access valuable resources tailored for older adults.


Download the Amazing Seniors App here:

Google Play 👉

App Store 👉

More info on the Senior Talent Quest here:


Thursday, July 27, 2023

Huawei Malaysia Celebrates Artistic Brilliance With Zoom Into Malaysia Award Ceremony 2023

Huawei Malaysia just wrapped up the fantastic Zoom Into Malaysia Photography Contest. The pictures captured by the contestants with Huawei phones were simply stunning. It's amazing how much creativity and talent were showcased in this contest. 

Thanuja as the emcee for the event

The winners were lucky enough to walk away with some fantastic prizes like Huawei P60 Pro, Huawei WATCH FIT, Huawei FreeBuds 5. These coveted rewards were surely a dream come true for the talented winners!

Pictures of some of the winners!

The contest's response was just incredible! It really showed how Huawei is all about supporting creativity in Malaysia's photography community. The overwhelming participation spoke volumes about their dedication to encouraging local talent. It's fantastic to see Huawei celebrating and nurturing the artistic spirit of photographers in the country. 

Panel of judges for the contest

The Zoom Into Malaysia Photography Contest, which ran from May till June, successfully drew a total of 4,100 participants from across Malaysia, providing a captivating platform for both professional and mobile photographers enthusiasts to exhibit their unique photography and videography skills. Participants were invited to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of Malaysia using Huawei smartphones, allowing them to unleash their creativity and perspective in portraying the nation's rich landscapes and vibrant cultural moments.

Categories of Zoom Into Malaysia Photography Contest 2023 

Below are of my favourite shots from the Zoom Into Malaysia Photography Contest 2023 winners!

Abdul Hafiz bin Ab Hamid picture - Behind the Mask is the grand prize winner! 

I love this picture, look at the eye contact and the whole picture composition is just perfect! This is Mahmeri indigenous tribe in Pulau Carey, Selangor!

Mr. Victor Xu, Country Director of Huawei Malaysia Consumer Business Group (CBG) stated, “We were astounded by the level of creativity and ingenuity displayed by all the participants. The Zoom Into Malaysia Photography Contest not only captured breathtaking visuals but also unite photographers from various backgrounds, each contributing their unique storytelling through the lens of Huawei smartphones.”

In 2022, the XMAGE brand made its debut, and it's all about photography. XMAGE focuses on optical systems, mechanical structure, imaging technology, and image processing, which are now the foundation for Huawei's latest smartphone camera technologies.

All four pillars of XMAGE now form the tenets of Huawei’s new smartphone camera technologies available in the latest HUAWEI Mate50 Series’ Ultra Aperture Camera and HUAWEI P60 Pro’s Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera, producing marvellous images day and night with its unprecedented full-path light capturing capabilities.era. 

For further information about Huawei's upcoming campaigns, please visit HUAWEI Official Website, HUAWEI Official Facebook page or Instagram. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Stop guessing and let your DNA speaks with DynaDNA and DynaApp

Have you always been curious with your own DNA and what kind genes you inherrited from your family? Recent year, after the pandemic I have putting more serious thought about my health & well being... and what kind of health risk that I'm exposed too.

This is the real picture of minimum supplement I take daily

So, I bought a lot of supplements (from fish oil, vitamin C, B, D, E, Lecithin, Probiotic, Calcium, CoQ10 ) thinking I need them or I'm at risk and I have stopped eating some of the food thinking my health is at risk due to genetic I might inherit from my family.....So I have the question of "What IF" all the time! 

And sometimes I question myself do I really need so much of supplement for preventive measure? In fact nowadays my conversation with my girlfriend revolved about health, supplement and health test we should be doing to find out this and that and how to look young and healthy! And I can tell you it's a lot of investment. But whether this is the right investment or not I'm making I'm not sure to be honest 

So when I found out that DNA test can give us accurate result if I have specific disease or at low or higher risk of developing certain conditions. I'm sold because my DNA will speak for itself to answer my "What IF" questions!

I was really glad to be invited to attend the official launch of DynaDNA x DynaApp organised by DNA Medical because I have so many burning questions and I really wanted to know how are they different from those famous DNA companies. 

Mr. Martin Low Wink Keng, the Managing Director of Dyna Medical shared that what set DynaDNA apart from their competitors are they are a Malaysian based company and they have Asian database and their analysis will be based on that. I think this is important because then the report would be more accurate and more relevant to us! Also definitely with a local office in Malaysia I feel more secured because then their DNA testing will be then regulated by the Ministry of Health. 

By the way, DynaDNA has won themselves the Best DNA Test Kit for Family in Parents' Choice Award 2023.

With just a simple saliva sample, over 500 genetic tests can be accurately conducted, producing results for over 150 traits across 10 separate profiles, including those for heart and vascular health, genetic health conditions and disorders, brain conditions, and allergies and food sensitivity.

Anyone including newborn babies can do this DNA test via saliva swap test (just like how we do the home saliva covid test) 

The earlier you do the DNA test, the better it is because you will be able to do preventive measure based on your own DNA mapping result and take control and wellbeing of your health!

And for those who are concerned by the possibility of genetic diseases, such as thalassemia. A DNA test can make them aware of their risk of inheriting those diseases and allow them to make any necessary preparations or lifestyle change. And even whether a child has higher or lower of Autism can be detected through DNA test. 

It's always better to prevent than to cure!

With Dyna Apps, an integrated wellness platform that lets us our DNA test kit results instantly, and at our convenience. 

As each DynaDNA Test kit comes along with 1 time free consultation with the qualifed DynaDNA-partnered health professionals where you can explore your test results or to plan the next step of your health journey, you are required to make booking through the app.

We can also purchase health and wellness products through the app’s built-in e-commerce feature as well. Future developments for the app will also include access to a range of wellness services, including spa treatments and facials, as well as travel packages to notable wellness retreats.

I'm really excited to do my DynaDNA soon and hoping to share my experience with you guys soon!

Follow my instagram @jessyings to follow my DynaDNA journey ya! 

These are the different DynaDNA package or pricing available. Ideally it's best to go with premium package because it has everything you need to know. More info here

And remember you just need to do DNA test once in your lifetime because your DNA does not change over time. 

It's time to STOP guessing, be OVER worried and be INFORMED about our health and wellbeing risk with DynaDNA! 

For more information, please scan here to DynaApp or visit

Some nice pictures I took with some of the bloggers/influencers friends 

Was really happy to meet up with some old and new friends at the event!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Astro Go Shop Malaysia’s first 24 hour multiplatform Mandarin home shopping channel!

Just few days ago Astro has just launched Go Shop, Malaysia’s first 24 hour multiplatform Mandarin home shopping channel, now available in Chinese on Channel 318 and BM on Channel 118 (Astro and NJOI), Astro On The Go, plus Go Shop’s online and mobile platforms, enabling more Malaysians to shop anytime, anywhere 24/7 via any mobile, tablet and PC of their choice. 

Astro Go Shop Mobile App available in Apple & Play store.

Astro Go Shop website

Mandarin Channel 318 is the second channel from Go Shop. First Go Shop Channel 118 in BM launched in January 2015. Go Shop is now launching Channel 318 in Mandarin, building on the success of Channel 118 in BM. 

To date, more than 500,000 products have been ordered from Go Shop (May – July 2015) , from 250,000 Malaysians to date. Go Shop derives 20% of it’s purchases from e-commerce and mobile commerce in the first half of the financial year ending 31 January 2016. These numbers are set to grow even more with the launch of Go Shop in Chinese, thanks to the fun and seamless shopping experience that Go Shop is known for.

Astro Go Shop carefully selects only the best from each product category (beauty, health and wellness, home appliances and kitchenware, living, sports and leisure, digital, and many more) based on market research to ensure relevance and high appeal to the market segment. Customers have peace of mind knowing that each product bought from Go Shop is authentic (original products only!). Shopper also enjoy 10-day return policy and product warranties, where required.

Once they have selected the products of their choice, customers may call its 24-hour toll-free number, 1800-82-0088, to place their orders with Personal Go Shoppers (Malay, English or Mandarin-speaking) or they can complete their orders online. 

Also for peninsular buyer enjoy free shipping via GDEX express with 2-5 working days delivery time! Not only that, with multi payment options available including COD, online bank transfer, credit card, debit card and even 0% Easy Payment Plan!

Mr Henry Tan, Chairman of AGSS and Chief Operating Officer, Astro said that “Malaysians expect a fully immersive shopping experience, whether it is on TV, through the web or their mobile. 

Astro believes that with products demonstrated by hosts that are local Chinese and trained to sell via TV, it will help customers understand the features and benefits of each product would create a truly engaging, convenient and delightful experience to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere on multi-screens. 

Go Shop is also set to benefit from Astro’s reach of Malaysian customers. According to Mr Tan, "Through our rich cross-media assets, AGSS has an unrivalled potential reach of 4.6 million households or the top 65% of Malaysians. Nationwide customers have enjoyed the experience of Go Shop in Bahasa Malaysia since 30 January, and we are now extending our reach to the Chinese community with Go Shop in Mandarin."

Channel 318 Go Shop appointed 2 local ambassadors from MY FM ‘ Gan Mei Yan (MY and Jason Phang and 7 local TV hosts to run the shows! There are TV host and producer Ho Hai Chyi, dance choreographer and Astro Talent Quest 2003 runner-up Ezen Chan, former AEC news anchor Jenny Lim, Miss Astro Chinese International 2010 winner Emily Yap, actress, TV personality and radio announcer Emely Poon, MY FM radio host Catherine Ang and former copywriter and working mother Lim Ying Ling. 

At launch, Go Shop Channel 318 will offer 32 products including eight (8) new items specially selected for the Chinese audience. By November, the online and mobile platforms will offer 400 products in total. 

And below are some of the products that are on demo on the day of the launch.

Hurom Slow Juicer – RM1449 

One of the best seller item in Astro Go Shop! Even when I watched the demonstration at the event I was really tempted to buy! Some more 0% EPP available for this!

Steam Q Iron– RM199

Cheong Kwan Jang Korean Red Ginseng Extract Liquid imported from South Korea – RM328

Lexpa Fitness Bike – RM599

Laneige BB Cushion 

Group picture of the Astro Go Shop representatives, Go Shop ambassadors and hosts!

K-pop & Battleground performing for the event 

The Malaysian retail market is forecast to grow 44% from RM111 billion today to RM160 billion in 2020, and the non-store retail sector is estimated to grow at 20% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and is estimated to be worth RM3.6 billion by 2020 (source: AT Kearney, 2012). Hence this is the right time for Astro to launch Go Shop! 

Now with the hazy weather, it’s better to stay indoors. But that does not stop you from shopping because you can shop anytime, anywhere with Astro Go Shop! 

For more information, visit

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Plusify : Affordable & Trendy Plus size fashion brand in Malaysia. Visit Plusify Anniversary Sale & Boutique Launch!

In the past, we have heard that if you are fat plus sizes you will not have beautiful clothes to wear and you cannot looks fashionable. I bet to differ, although I'm not super fashionable but I think we just need to learn the right fashion that flatter our curve. Honestly I felt whether you are thin or fat, tall or short, we love and be proud with our body. Confidence is the key of being beautiful.

And I always received enquiries from some of you where do I buy my clothes and where can you all find affordable plus size clothes in Malaysia and honestly it is quite difficult to find affordable & trendy plus sizes clothes to wear because most of the times they are expensive and I have to alter the length of my clothes because it's too long for me. I always wish there are more local brands that can offers fashionable yet affordable plus size fashion.

And Plusify answered to my calling! Plusify who was founded by Cherry Tan back in Nov 2014 because as a plus size herself she understands the needs of plus size fashion in Malaysia. She is also a blogger & Youtuber.  I really like what she said in her blog!

I am not just curvy, I’m HUG SIZE
I am not just short, I’m FUN SIZE

Not only Plusify offers fashionable tops, bottoms, dress ,... that suits you from day to night look from size 8 to 24.

 I think I spotted some pretty Bikini collection in her latest blog posting... *jaw drops*! 

Some of Plusify's collection available online at ; very nice , colourful and trendy right? Free shipping worldwide some more! 

Plusify even have their own lookbook section, check out to get inspire!

Also did you know Cherryn model for her own clothes and I think that's really good because that shows how comfortable and confident with her own brand! And looked at the price they are less than RM100! And now even are even on discount and not even RM50... OMG! 

Was really excited when I was told Plusify is having Anniversary sale in their new store! This means those who loves to touch and try before buying can drop by at their store at Jalan Ipoh!

Plusify Store Grand Opening will be held on 25 Oct 2015 and I was told there will be lots of promotions & freebies up for grab! Yante from An-Nyssa will be there to showcase her work during the opening where you get to see amazing plus size artwork at the launch! 

Before I forgot, remembered to register with Plusify at to get a special Plusify fashion gift on that day itself !

What's in store on Plusify Anniversary Sale on 25 Oct 2015? Visit 
  • Get up to 30% OFF on purchases 
  • CASH Vouchers & Goodie Bag (Worth up to RM 100) for the first 30 visitors (do come early fashionistas!) 
  • Bring a GIRLFRIEND to get a FREE GIFT 
  • Lucky Draw for RM100 cash voucher at 1pm 
  • Light refreshments will be served! 
For more information about Plusify Anniversary Sale , please visit

I will be definitely going to check out because I need to find dresses to attend few wedding dinners in Nov & Dec. So come by lah and we shop together okay and support Malaysian Plus size brand!

Well we can start shopping for Deepavali, Christmas,  New Year, Chinese New Year clothes... the real fact is we GIRLS DO NOT NEED ANY REASON TO SHOP when it's so affordable and nice!

See you all there ya, remember to say hello if you see me ya! 

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