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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dining With The Queens: Legumes “Nyonya” Mother’s Day Buffet, A Treat Fit For A Queen

Malaysia's renowned catering brand Legumes set the scene for a spectacular Mother’s Day celebration by hosting a dazzling preview event. Held at the Fun Fun Event Space in Puchong, the luncheon wowed attendees with exquisite culinary creations and lively entertainment. This event served as an enticing preview for "Dining With The Queens," an upcoming three-day buffet dinner dedicated to honoring mothers.

The highlight of the preview was the engaging presentations by Legumes CEO and co-founder Ms. Siow Miqi and Sales Director Mr. Earon Teh. Ms. Miqi shared the story of Legumes’ history and its evolution into a renowned catering brand. She also spoke about the inspiration behind this year’s Mother’s Day buffet event.

Mr. Earon Teh then outlined Legumes’ current range of services and upcoming projects. He detailed plans to cater to universities and local institutions, and introduced a new range of Legumes "Mini Buffet" offerings designed for smaller, more casual, and private functions. Additionally, he unveiled the brand’s new logo and brand assets, which will reflect their expanding ventures.

Enhancing the celebration were cooking demonstrations led by COO and co-founder Mr. Kenneth Chua Wei Xian and Legumes' Junior Sous Chef Nur Aufa Athiya Binti Othman, showcasing the company’s diverse range of food products. 

Chef Aufa crafted a grazing box ideal for intimate gatherings, while Kenneth presented the beloved local dish Kong Pao Chicken in Yam Basket, with assistance from Demi Chef James Ng Wen Jia. These sessions not only showcased their culinary prowess but also underscored the quality and innovation that Legumes consistently delivers.

 Kong Pao Chicken in Yam Basket

The chef and the team also prepared a variety of delicious dishes to be served at the event, such as:

The buffet line was impeccably arranged, exuding elegance and charm.

Asam Pedas Grouper

Kapitan chicken

Nyonya Herb Rice

My fav section! The dessert!

Black Glutinuos Longan Panna Cotta! 

Very delicious and unique, I've never had anything like this before. Although panna cotta is a Western dessert, incorporating local ingredients like longan and black glutinous rice transforms it into a fusion dish that is very creamy, sweet, and appetizing.

Nyonya kuih was equally good too! The right taste and texture!

The preview event wasn't solely focused on food; it also featured a showcase of "drop-off catering" services along with a thematic buffet titled "Moonlight Oriental." Additionally, Legumes offers other thematic buffets such as "Great Gatsby" and "Sunshine," providing a diverse array of options to suit various preferences and occasions.

The buffet line was meticulously organized, radiating an aura of luxury, elegance, and charm down to the finest detail.

Guests were delighted to engage in a variety of activities, from crafting DIY flower baskets for mom to playing a themed word search game centered around the Mother’s Day celebration. 

My grazing box! Love this session, so fun to do this arrangement!

DIY flower basket! 

Adding to the fun, a photobooth was available for guests to capture memorable moments, while a social media contest encouraged attendees to share their event photos for a chance to win exciting prizes.

Love the Nyonya inspired decors!

I adore the presentation at the Moonlight Oriental Showcase.

Several fortunate guests had the opportunity to take home prizes, including a vegetable box hamper presented in a stunning LEGUMES cooler bag. Additionally, three lucky winners were bestowed with tickets for a three-person Dining With The Queens Mother’s Day Dinner buffet experience.

It seems I was incredibly lucky that day to win the Grand Prize Dining With The Queens Mother’s Day Dinner buffet experience.Unfortunately, as I was heading back to Johor to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom, I decided to pass on the opportunity to my girlfriend Choy Peng to enjoy the experience on my behalf.

All the lucky winners!

Thank you Legumes Catering for your generosity!

Pic with some of my influencers friends, love how these girls put effort to dress up like a little nyonya 

Dining with The Queens
The Dining With The Queens Mother’s Day Dinner buffet is scheduled from May 10 to 12, also at the Fun Fun Event Space. Guests will have the pleasure of selecting from a delightful array of Nyonya-themed dishes, spanning from poultry to seafood, accompanied by appetizers and desserts. Ticket prices are set at RM168 per adult and RM88 for ages 4 to 12. Additionally, dining is complimentary for children aged 3 years and below.

In addition to celebrating mothers, diners will also be contributing to a noble cause, as proceeds from the event will be directed to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM). Each buffet dinner session will also include games and prizes, adding an element of fun and surprise for the attending mothers. For more information about Legume’s services and initiatives, please visit their website at

The preview event wasn't just a glimpse of what's to come; it was a heartfelt tribute to all mothers and the incredible influence they have in our lives. Legumes invites everyone to join in this celebration, promising an experience filled with joy, community, and exceptional cuisine.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

From Entrée to Sweet Treat: Exploring the Versatility of California Raisins

Recently I attended the Flavours of Festivity: Epicurean Delights for Raya, a pre-Ramadan celebra,on hosted by California Raisins at Texture by C3 Lab in Atria Shopping Mall. 

Upon arriving, I was impressed by the diverse ways California Raisins could be enjoyed during the festive Ramadan season, showcasing their versatility and everyday appeal, whether in cooking, baking, or crafting a delicious drink. 

The event started with a captivating introduction to California Raisins, exploring how they journey from vineyards to our tables, adding flavor to both special occasions and everyday meals. 

Loved for their sweetness and health benefits, California Raisins were the star of the show, enchanting everyone with their versatility and deliciousness.

As I arrived, I was greeted by the aroma of pastries and drinks featuring California Raisins. I headed to the Raisin Garden, where I explored the diverse varieties, savoring their unique flavors and
textures. It was an immersive experience highlighting the culinary potential of raisins.

This Vegan Milkshake made with California Raisins is absolutely delicious! It would be great to see it available in cafes!

We enjoyed a variety of culinary creations featuring raisins, presented by two well-known pastry chefs from Malaysia. These demonstrations offered innovative recipe ideas, combining traditional Raya flavors with modern culinary methods.

Chef Aison is a skilled artisan baker with a rich culinary background, celebrated for his creativity in crafting artisanal baked goods. 

He showcased his talent by creating several unique pastries featuring California Raisins, such as California Raisin Hazelnut Babka, California Raisin Kouign-Amann, and California Raisin Carrot Cinnabon.

On the other hand, Chef Lawrence Bobo, nicknamed 'The Mad Scientist' for his innovative approach to pastries and confectioneries, brought his expertise in patisserie to the table. 

He crafted a series of delectable treats including California Raisin Apple Tarte Tatin, California Raisin Chocolate Orange Cake, and California Raisin Vanilla Petit Gateau.

During lunch, we had the chance to indulge in a full epicurean experience.

We started with a refreshing California Raisin & Calamansi Spritzer and a California Raisin Waldorf Salad as an appetizer. 

For the main course, we were treated to delicious hot dishes and bakes featuring California Raisins. 

This Nasi Berani with raisin served with juicy grilled chicken is absolutely my favourite!

The meal concluded on a sweet note with a mouthwatering California Raisin Apple Tarte Tatin, followed by delightful California Raisin Chocolate Cake 

And California Raisin Vanilla Cake as the grand finale of our lunch!

Thanks to these two talented chefs for serving us delicious food infused with California raisins!

As the event came to an end, each of us was handed a tote bag filled with California Raisin snacks to take home. We also received booklets featuring recipes from Chef Aison and Chef Lawrence Bobo, giving us the chance to try making these delicious treats ourselves. 

The event really emphasized how incorporating California Raisins into our daily diets, especially during festive seasons, can have lifestyle benefits. As a natural sweetener and easy snack, they perfectly suit the preferences of health-conscious individuals like me.

Flavors of Festivity wasn't just about showing off delicious food; it was about celebrating the balanced and joyful lifestyle that California Raisins support. I left feeling inspired, excited to add the rich, natural sweetness of California Raisins to my upcoming festive celebrations.

California Raisins are a staple in my kitchen because of their premium quality and versatility. They're a wholesome alternative to processed sugars, making them perfect for both festive feasts and everyday cooking. Try them out today!

Thank you California Raisins for having us! 

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Experience the Jingle and Magic of the U.S. Potatoes Festive Extravaganza

The Jingle U.S. Potatoes All The Way Christmas Workshop, a unique culinary event celebrating the versatility and flavor of U.S. potatoes, took invited guests and influencers on an immersive journey through the world of potatoes. Hosted at FunFun Event Space in Puchong, the event featured a variety of activities, cooking demonstrations and interactive workshops. Although it was a very long drive to Puchong it's all worth it because I have fun!

The event kicked off with guests arriving to a vibrant product showcase. They were presented with a Potato Christmas Garden displaying an array of U.S. fresh potato varieties such as Russet, Red, and Purple along with different cuts of frozen U.S. potatoes as well as instant U.S. mashed potatoes mixes.

Russet Potatoes are starchy and I like how it “dissolve” into my ABC soup or chicken potato stew.

This Red Potatoes, only available in selected season like July-Oct. And this is the healthiest potato among all! 

This is the first time I'm seeing Purple Potato! I brought home some and taste very good! These also have lower glycemic index compared to white potatoes, making them a better choice for blood sugar control.

The photo booth area is so pretty! Feeling Christmas already!

The fun-filled events feature various activities and games at the product showcase with successful participants receiving special prizes and free gifts, adding an element of friendly games and engagement like arranging potatoes! Looks easy but it's not! 

Mr Eddie Saw, who is the Country Representative of Potatoes USA, delivered an enlightening speech about the journey and significance of U.S. potatoes. Thank you for bringing delicious U.S. potatoes to Malaysia for us! 

The Jingle U.S. Potatoes All The Way Christmas Workshop was a celebration of U.S. potatoes, highlighting their nutritional benefits and culinary versatility.

I have always enjoy learning from Chef ZieZie class! This time around she showed us how to prepare Baked U.S. Potatoes with Cheese and “Twinkle U.S. Potatoes Stars”, a delightful potato dish using U.S. Russet potatoes. Check out the recipe at the end of this article! 

Stuffing in potato skin

Always be generous with your cheeseeeeee!

Final product of  Baked U.S. Potatoes with Cheese

Pipping my 
Twinkle U.S. Potatoes Stars before putting into the oven to bake!

Chef Taufiq Halim is super talented. He did a potato carving workshop where he demo how to carve two festive figurines using U.S. Russet and Purple potatoes.

Looked at all his masterpieces and my Twinkle U.S. Potatoes Stars dish!

When I watched the Chef doing his food craving, it felt so difficult but nevertheless I made it!

Graduated from Chef Zie Zie class for the second time!

Group picture!

With the girls! 

Recipe for Baked U.S. Potatoes with Cheese

Recipe of Twinkle U.S. Potatoes Stars

You can be creative with your pipping shape! 

Enjoy preparing these simple, tasty, and nutritious meals with U.S. Potatoes this Christmas! 

Merry Christmas in advance to all of you! 

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