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Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's Shine and Sparkle with Ollie Jewellery

There are some days I would like to keep my look simple yet I want to have shine & sparkles that brighten up my whole look!

I think fine jewellery with stones are the best match to my little black dress to keep my look simple yet classy!

Accessories are definitely my best friend  (just like make up) because I know I can rely to them any time to brighten up my whole look within seconds without much effort.

Ah after my house was broke in, I lost a number of my favourite jewellery but now thanks to Nani one of the founders of , she has sent me some really nice jewellery to add in my collection. The  Ollie's jewellery box comes in maroon colour with a little pink ribbon on the top! 

Well I just can't say no to these beautiful jewellery right!

A little introduction of Ollie
Ollie Jewellery is an online sterling silver jewellery store that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2012 The idea of Ollie is to make exclusive jewellery designs affordable to everyone in Malaysia.

All Ollie's sterling silver jewellery are inspired from fine jewellery designs and they are selected for their contemporary and elegant styles.

Rest assured all Ollie's products are made of genuine 925 sterling silver jewellery and they are not only rhodium-plated (to enhance the shine and durability), but also nickel free (WHICH IS AWESOME - because I'm sensitive to them). In addition, all Ollie's jewellery are hallmarked with the "925" symbol to ensure the authenticity of the sterling silver content.

A big love for this contemporary styled pendant set with brilliant round cubic zirconia stones which is perfect for the day yet ideal for an evening outing. 
  • 925 Sterling Silver w/ Rhodium plating 
  • Size: 20mm x 15mm (L x W)
  • This Velvet Pendant is currently selling at RM125 and Bead Chain at RM40
Love how this classic Velvet Pendant design that will never go out of season! This contemporary styled pendant set with brilliant round cubic zirconia stones which is perfect for the day yet ideal for an evening outing. I love those cubic zirconia stones which are of “AAA” graded and trust me it is really shiny like stars in the sky and I wish my camera could capture the sparkles better!

I have been wearing this quite often and even for showering (which I know I'm not suppose too!) but the stones still properly in tact unlike some pendant that I have and those stones came off quite easily! 

I am foreseeing myself to be wearing this quite often without taking it off because it is so easy to match with any outfit! 

This Double hearts pendant that features small silver heart with round centre piece cubic zirconia and dazzling small cubic zirconias along the line of the bigger heart. 

Simply beautiful with the essence of glamour and feminity. 
  • 925 Sterling Silver w/ Rhodium plating 
  • Size: 13mm x 14mm (L x W)
  • Double Heart Earring is selling at RM115

When one love is not enough, you can always can have double the love! These is a really beautifully crafted jewellery! I love how I could wear this pair of earring to work, party, shopping and anywhere else and yet those sparkles are hard not to be notice by anyone! 

Honestly I was spoilt with choice when I visited Ollie's website and it is hard to say no to these beautiful jewellery!

I had my eyes on some of them already and I am thinking to get one pendant for my sister for her birthday (shhhsssss...) 

Personally I think Ollie's jewellery design is really unique & classy like those we see in fine jewellery store yet the price is not burning the pocket as the price ranges starts from RM 35 to RM 250!

It is important to know how to take care of your jewellery, and Nani is kind enough to include this small reminder card in the package! Have been a while I start storing my jewellery in a zip lock bags to avoid scratches and tangling.

From my own personal experience, silver 925 jewellery is any time better than any white plated jewellery ones because I realized that white gold plated jewellery colour turn yellowish after some time and there is no way to restore because the white gold was plated on metal and it's is such a huge waste of money! On the other hand silver jewellery colour can last a lifetime if looked after properly and we can even polish it to restore the shine! 
Good news to all Jessying's readers, Ollie's is offering 10% discount exclusively for all of you! Just key in this code JESSYING before you check out to enjoy the discount ya :))) Also when you register and join Ollie's newsletter will get a welcome voucher of RM20 that can be used with minimum purchase of RM75 and valid for 3 months since the day they join the mailing list. It can be used together with the 10% discount code (JESSYING) as long as the nett purchase amount is RM75 and above. How awesome is that? It's the perfect time to go shopping now .... when Christmas is also about one month away!

Let's shine & sparkles with Ollie this Christmas!

Visit or follow to see more beautiful designs!

p/s: Giveaway will be coming up soon! Tell me which is your favourite ones, I might be picking that  do to giveaway for you all! 

Monday, July 5, 2010

My little Haul from UK

Ah remembered 2 months ago , I was asking in my facebook that if I should go for Europe tour which end up I did not because I have 2 upcoming trips this few months. Anyway, I am flying to Guangzhou China this coming Thursday..And I might go to Shanghai World Expo, and this depends how expensive the local air flight there.

Well back to my story here. My best friend Ellis went to London to see her boyfriend! She was there for a month to recharge herself! While I of course asked her to shop on behalf for me to recharge myself.

Below are my little haul!

Found out this promotion from one of the beauty blogger based in UK (cannot remember the link now) . Buy Glamour Magazine at £2p/each and get one Benefit's freebie! So the greedy me asked my friend to buy 3 magazines to get 3 different Benefit item. Conceal IT, Eye Bright and Bad Girl.

Not just that , I finally own the Urban Decay Portion !!!!!!!!!!!

I have the original and sin portion too !

£11.50 each !

Cant wait to play with it!

Maynard Sweets which my friend said is nice so I asked Ellis to buy to let me try ~ £2

The purple is £16 and the White one is £8.75

UK Local brand watch.

From £49.90 to £20.

I like this very much ! Only

Only £5

All so cheap, quality good also only £6

Thank you Ellis for your help!

That's all! Well she is going back in November again.. (hopefully I can join her that time!)

Hmmm... hopefully she got more time to shop this time around :D

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