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Monday, June 24, 2013

FOTD : My favourite green eyeshadow from Lunasol Aurorize Eyes #03 Gentle Variation

There are some days where I want to wear full makeup & play with colours. Green eyeshadow is my  favourite look and of all green eye colour palettes I owned, there is one that I always love to use... because it never fails me!

Kanebo Lunasol Aurorize Eyes #03 Gentle Variation is one of my favourite eye palettes in my stash. I got this 2 years back where I got it for my birthday & I'm loving it every single day. More info of the collection here . 

Unlike certain eye palette where I will only 1 or 2 colours because the other colours are not so nice, this is the only few palette that I have where I actually use all the colours. Looked how much still left in my palette despite owning and using it for 2 years already, because this is so pigmented and I only need to use very little! And the texture is pretty smooth to use too! 

The colours looked really pigmented even though I was using very little to blend!

This is one palette that I would definitely bring for my holiday because lots of looks can be created and it is so simple to use! 

p/s: Ops, actually I have to confess that I can't live without green eyeshadow :D 

Do you like my eye makeup and what is your favourite eye shadow colour?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

EOTD : Rainbow Eyes Makeup with Make Up For Ever

Yesterday I got some time to kill while waiting for an event to start, so Sephora KLCC was the perfect place to loiter and to check out some stuffs. While doing my beauty rounds, I looked at the mirror & thought that my makeup looked so plain. Then I remembered that morning I was in the rush to go out and just simply did natural brown makeup.

This is my "rainbow eyes" after playing with the colours !

And I am feeling so good because been some time I have not really play with colours because I always have to do quick makeup before I got to out out in the morning :)  

I always wanted to try Make Up For Ever Aqua cream and since all SAs were so busy serving customers, I went on try out Aqua Cream colours to "brighten up" my look. Those marked in stars is the colours that I picked up; i.e Pink Beige, Warm Beige and Intense Blue for their existing collection! 

I also picked up some of the colours from their latest Aqua Summer Collection ; i.e Delicate Pastel Green & Deep Iridescent Mauve! The green is so pretty...!!!! 
The Aqua Cream is an ultra-pigmented, long-lasting waterproof cream. Highly concentrated in mother-of-pearl pigments, it provides an immediate color intensity with a luminous finish. Its long-lasting formula will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions.

Oh  I love love love these Aqua cream, so easy to use...and seriously wanted to buy all those colours that I used! There is no real technique and I just use my finger to it glide it through.... so easy because the texture is so smooth...even I was applying on top on my existing eye colour. The Aqua cream colour is vibrant and really long lasting! Each Makeup Forever Aqua cream selling at RM 95 

Aqua Eyes is a waterproof liner pencil. Highly pigmented, its unique formula adheres to the eyelids and doesn't run or fade even under the most extreme conditions. Its fluid, creamy texture glides onto the skin and doesn't irritate the eye contour.
I also used Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes too! Picked up Gold, Majorelle Blue and Turquoise! This eyeliner is creamy, glides on smoothly and the colours are so pigmented! It stay on the whole night without smudging or anything....and this is really making me falling in love with colour eyeliner! Each Makeup For Ever Aqua Eyes is selling at RM 64 (if not mistaken). 

I applied Warm Beige Aqua cream all over my eyelid and from inner of my eyes applied pink beige.then applied a little bit of Delicate Pastel Green & Deep Iridescent Mauve as I applied outward. At the corner of the eyes I applied Intense blue Aqua cream.

At the first half of my upper lid on the lash line, I used Turquoise Eyes pencil eyeliner and finish it off with Majorelle Blue. To enhance the look I used Aqua Liner in Gold on my waterline. 

Note: In the morning, I am using Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Liquid Foundation OC 03, Jane Iredale Pressed Mineral Powder in Warm Sienna, Lavshuca Melting Eyes OR-1 palette, K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer 01, Nars Orgasm Blusher and Maybelline Cat Eyes Colossal Mascara.

To finish off the look, I simply picked up a nude pinkish lipstick from Laura Mercier & applied Benefit Sugarbomb Blusher :)

Do you like my rainbow eyes makeup ? 

Should I do this more often?

p/s: Maybe I should dig out those pigment and colourful eyeshadow to play of these day! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

FOTD : How to create the Party Look that steals attention!

Happy Saturday people!

I know I haven't been quality of not posting Face of the Day (FOTD) for quite a while. The reason is nowadays I am into natural makeup because it is fast to do & match with any of my outfit. However yesterday I took some effort to mix & play with the colour rather than having the boring natural eyes makeup for a change, as I'm attending a party at this very new & nice skybar in Tower 3 KLCC at night. I love how Marini's 57 club has a very nice view of the whole KL city from 57 floor! 
Well I planned to wear a red lacey dress & I wanted to do something to make people notice my makeup so I decided to do blue-ish & greenish smokey eyes instead of the common black & brown colour and pair it with striking pink lip colour from the New Shiseido Lacquer Rouge! 

So let's see how do I create the Party Look that steals attention!

The 10 products that I used in my FOTD
  1. Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
  2. Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation SPF 15 (Review here)
  3. YoungBlood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder (Translucent)
  4. Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Five Colour Eyeshadow Palette
  5. Lunasol #03 Gentle Variation eye palette from Auroral Purification 2010 Collection 
  6. L'oreal Paris Lash Architect 4D Mascara in Black
  7. Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N in Jet Black 
  8. Avon Brown Definer in Dark Brown (Review here)
  9. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Disco RS404
  10. Avon True Colour Blush in T420 Cool Plum
*Now I remembered that I also used Maybelline Angel Fit Perfect Concealer but forgot to include in the picture*

Close up of my eyes makeup.

My striking hot pink lip using the New Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Disco RS404 , a full review of this will be up soon!

How do you like my look, do you think it steals your attention?

Well I broke the tradition of having heavy smokey eyes using black colour and instead I went to mix the blue & green eyeshadow to create a softer smokey eyes to match my striking hot pink lip colour!               

It's my intention to make Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Disco RS404 to be the highlight of the makeover. And I think it was a sucess because it did steal the attention the moment I walk into the party! 

p/s: I really like how Shiseido Lifting Radiant Foundation on my skin as it has really good coverage yet looking natural on my face. Like I said before, it basically help to "photoshop" my face!

Me at Marini's 57 Skybar and KLCC twin tower as my background!

Do you wish to see more of my Face of the Day makeup ?

If YES leave me a comment and I shall consider doing it more!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

FOTD : With Lunasol Auroral Purification 2010 Collection

Have been months since I do FOTD or EOTD post, and today I am in good mood and love to share with my my makeup of the day using my latest Lunasol haul!!

I used only 8 products and 5 of them are from Lunasol.. :D

My eyes makeup of the day

What I used for my eyes makeup

-Lunasol Under Eyes Base in #01
-Lunasol #03 Gentle Variation eye palette from Lunasol Auroral Purification 2010 Collection
-Lunasol #04 Olive Green gel eyeliner from Lunasol Auroral Purification 2010 Collection
-Empro Day & Night Mascara
- Empro Triangular Brow Pencil in #e3 Golden Brown

For first time Lunasol has gel eyeliner and I must say I am very surprised with the quality. The color are very intense, long lasting and waterproof. Beside the small portable brush that comes with it are very good and precise to use!

My latest love Lunasol #03 Gentle Variation eye palette from Lunasol Auroral Purification 2010 Collection

People often asked me why I like Lunasol so much, the reasons are because the texture of the eye palettes are very smooth and pigmented and just with 1-2 swipe I could blend out a smoky eye look and the makeup stay all day long! And once you started using Lunasol, you will set your level of expectation so high that in the future any other brands that you offer less than this would not attract your attention anymore.

My face makeup

What I used on my face

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation in #OC04
Lunasol loose power in #02 Natural Beige
Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact #09 Little Banquet

My first and pretty Jill Stuart mix blush compact in #09 Little Banquet which was a birthday gift from my girlfriend Vanessa all the way from Taiwan! My new love as well, the blusher gave me slightly warm coral pink..

I must admit when I first opened the packaging, I felt it is too pretty to use it especially the small portable brush that comes with it and probably should stay as my decoration on my dressing table.. So I was using another brush to apply on my face until 2 days ago, I decided to use it.. I must say their brush even though is very small but very dense and soft... just one swipe and the color are ready to be used on my face.

And for my lips, I decided to go neutral...just put on a layer of lip gloss which a blogger friend Nicole gave it to me as a birthday present

But this Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker isn't your NORMAL lip gloss as it is a lip plumper. So once I applied this on my lips, the plumping effect starts to work especially when it get in touch with water.. I feel tingling and vibrating feeling on my lips, and yes it is kinda weird and funny when I first put on it. But after a while, the effect gone and yes I do see my lips get a little bit sexier because it got a bit more fuller. I guess if I put more maybe my lips would turn out like Angeline Jolie's one ?

My complete look.

What do you think about this?

Please give comment :)

Have a beautiful Thursday people!

Friday, September 24, 2010

FOTD : How to create Cheat Natural look

Early of this month I try my 1st attempt to create a natural look. But I think a bit too heavy the makeup..So thats the un-natural natural look.. haha sounds so confusing!

After several attempt to create natural (aka innocent) look... I finally found THE way !

With as little makeup as possible ( actually sound kinda impossible as I have so much things to cover!!!) , I try my best to look naturally good at the same time.

So here is my *cheat* natural look!

I use as little colors as possible on eyes, as this is natural look NOT rainbow looks.

Full front look

P/s: Have you figure how I cheated my look ???? Anything look different ?

Shu Uemura face architect smoothing fluid foundation #764
Lunasol loose power in #02 Natural Beige
Lunasol Nuance Change Foundation #01 Natural Glow
NARS blusher in Super Orgasm
Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato duo color highlighter

Urban Decay Primer Potion
M.A.C eyeshadow in Nanogold
Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara in Black
Shu Uemura gel eyeliner in midnight blue

Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Terracotta
Stila Pumping Lip Glaze in Berry Mint

Shiseido Eyelash curler
Laneige Facebrush for loose powder
Shu Uemura Liquid Foundation brush
Shu Uemura eyeshadow brush
Laneige eyeliner brush

Can see differece or not??????

If not time to get a spectacles!

Did you all realised my eyes looks so much darker and bigger... i.e dolly!!

Which I think because my eyes iris is darker looks more dolly, not much makeup needed to enchance my eyes.

I used FreshLook ILLUMINATE Dailies Contact Lens which I got for free from website!

Hehe , so what do you girls think ?

Please leave me comment to tell me what you think ya!

Friday, September 10, 2010

FOTD: My first try to create natural look !

Often when I go to workshop, the makeup artist would tell us that natural is the best look . And brown would be their favorite color. For some reason, I do not know how to work with brown. Well maybe it is just me, am not the natural type person.. kekeke !I am not saying my feature or body is not natural...I'm 100% that naturally born like this. What I mean is I prefer to have colorful eyeshadow instead of the natural makeup. Okay , enough of explanation .. hahaha.. too complicated!

Pictures time!

My full look !

(suddenly i discover the eye makeup like a bit not even!!)

Oh did I mentioned, this is my favorite blouse !!

Should have take the full length picture to show!

The close up picture .

This is my 1st time creating natural look. Hope this look like one!

(Alamak pic a bit blurrrrr.. I deleted all others photos..)

My ingredients

So what you think ?

Natural makeup look nice on me?

So what do you prefer, natural or unnatural (I mean colorful, intense) look ??

Selamat Hari Raya ~ and ~ Happy Holiday !

Saturday, June 5, 2010

EOTD : Lancome Pop n Petrol and the Little Green Eyes Angel!

Am going to a cocktail party few days and was thinking what makeup should I go for.

And due to recent campaigns going on the facebook to encourage us to Save our plane from global warming. I am inspired to go Green. And all of us should play a part in saving the planet we are living in whether by not using plastic bags, use less paper or plant more trees.

I am pledging to use more of my eco bags more often! Going to put one in my car, so if I need to use one, it will be there :) No excuse for carrying plastic bags. I know this is not easy. But gotta try it!

Anyway here is my unpolished look!

p/s: my pimples popping happily on certain days of the month !

For Eyes

Lancome Pop & Petrol eyeshadow palette from Spring 2010
Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
I Nuovi Browcake (Compact Eyebrow Colour) in Oak
Shu Uemura Painting Liner M Night Blue
Lancome Virtuose Mascara in Black

And I took out my latest new palette from Lancome Pop & Petrol to play with!

The four colours are Teal, Shimmery Grey & Green, Olive and Shimmery white in cream.

The swatch for Spring 2010 Lancome Pop n Petrol eyeshadow palette.

I love green, especially this palette because this is the palette which is being used for my Lancome Amazing makeover contest and I won RM500 worth of prize from Cosmopolitan Mag (thou still have not receive official letter from them yet) Cant wait to see it!

I am using Teal on the outer eyelid of my eyes, Shimmery Grey & Green on the inner eyelid of my eyes. Olive on my lower outer lash line and Shimmery white on my brow and inner lower lash line.

Wow , I love green! Not just green vegetables but green eyeshadow because it makes my eyes look fresh!

For Face

Clinique Superbalance Liquid Foundation in #23
Nars in Orgasm blusher
Shiseido Macquillage Finish Powder in Translucent

For Lips

Stila Plumping lip Glaze in Berry Mint
Shu Uemura Drawing Lip Liner in Pink 375
Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Delicate Pink

My lips will never be complete without Stila Plumping lip Glaze in Berry Mint

I am done !!!

I am ready to go for the party :D

Haha, I should have wear the green contact lens to match this makeup!! And become the little green eyes monster Angel!

p/s: The iris of the eyes are being photoshopped :D

Do you like my green eye makeup ?

Do share how do you play a part in combating against global warming!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

EOTD :Barney Smokey Eyes

A while ago one of my reader Cuna gave a daring suggestion that is to do purple smokey eyes. Well I decided to try since purple is one of my favorite colour.

Here are masterpiece, but I think still need to fine tune it.

Actually the colour did not show properly in the picture, because this picture is taken under very bright lighting. The outer end of the eyes purple colour was actually slight darker than this.

I applied

Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Premier SPH 12 PA+ in 02
Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation in #OC04
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Premier
I Nuovi Browcake (Compact Eyebrow Colour) in Oak
I Nuovi Starstruck eye shadows pallete
Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #04 Star River (AW Collection 2009)
Shu Uemura Painting Liner M Night Blue
Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara in Black
Nars in Orgasm blusher
Shiseido Macquillage Finish Powder in Translucent
Laneige Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Hotpink (Review here)

Wait do I look like a Barney ?

Hopefully not!

Barney quite cute also what!

Anyway, I am ready for spring anytime, with my purple eyeshadow and my pretty flower dress.

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