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Friday, October 2, 2015

Review : Clarins Body Shaping Cream

It's no secret that I love Clarins skincare and here are some of my favourite!

If you haven't try their HydraQuench Mask or One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, you should totally try them. I lost count how many tubes of HydraQuench Mask I have used actually. And thanks to my friend recommendation Juli I bought this One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. I actually bought one tube when I arrived Taipei Airport but accidentally left it in the first hotel after using for one time before moving to another hotel. And came back to KLIA2 Airport and bought this tube again cause I  really like it!

I have heard so much about Clarins body products but haven't really try it.

With me here is the new Clarins Body Shaping Cream that helps to target stubborn fat, firms and redefines shape.

It has Organic Quince extract which helps improve firmness and elasticity and Hibiscus Flower acids and Betaine which helps to hydrate and smoothed the skin 

It comes in a super big jar! 

The texture is light cream type which leave the skin smooth after application. The texture has the melting designed formula that is easy to use for massage. It is neither oily or sticky after application, yay! I really like the light floral-woody scent which gives a sense of freshness after application.  

It's recommended to use Clarins Anti Stubborn Curves Self Massage Method.

How to apply Clarins Body Shaping Cream: 

1. Apply a small amount of Clarins Body Shaping Cream to the targeted area 
2. Massage your cream in circular motions to increase circulation and target the deeper tissues 
3. Use daily for optimal results.

What I usually do before I sleep is to glide through my fists over my hips, abdomen, arms and other targeted area before I massage in circular motion.
In case you are wondering, this is not a magic cream that can works overnight to slim you down. It needs determination to apply this Clarins Body Shaping Cream daily to see result, it's better to use hard pressure while doing massaging as it will effectively break down fat and it's a bit painful honestly. I can feel slightly ache at some areas and my body felt a little bit lighter. I guess it takes the bloatedness and water retention away. Luckily the muscle soreness disappeared quickly after a few days leaving the skin firmer each and every time. 

To get the triple sculpting, firming and refining action in a sumptuously soft formulation to be working, it is also important to have healthy & balance lifestyle to complement. And I have tried to sleep early nowadays, go for swimming and eat healthily (avoid eating too late etc) hopefully can lose all the stubborn fats away slowly and healthily.

Clarins Body Shaping Cream is priced at RM245 for 200ml and available in Clarins counters.

For more info visit,

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

L'OCCITANE Charity For The Blind

L’OCCITANE Malaysia continues to light a flame of hope for the less fortunate ones, having successfully raised a total of RM40,000 from its signature charity fundraising project and also proud to have another 5,000 euro (RM21,285) co-funded by L’OCCITAN FOUNDATION France. 

L’OCCITANE kick-started its charity fundraising on 9th October last year in conjunction with International World Sight Day, where limited edition I Care About Sight Tote Bag were sold at all L’OCCITANE Boutiques for RM20 each.

RM20,000 has been channelled to upgrade MAB’s Orientation and Mobility Classroom in its Kinta Valley Centre, Ipoh, with a Braille globe, Braille maps, Braille tiles and tactile stone path. Other proposed mobility equipment include white canes, normal canes and a voice-activated cane, so that the blind and visually-impaired will have the opportunity to expose themselves to more knowledge and practical skills.

Another portion of the funds – RM20,000 and  co-fund of RM21,285 was used to support Pastry Training Programme at St Nicholas’ Home, which allows blind and visually-impaired trainees obtain proper training in baking skills, allowing them to polish their interpersonal skills and pursue careers in the field of baking.

“L’OCCITANE Malaysia initiated its local CSR effort six years ago to offer an equal learning opportunity for both blind and partially sighted children and adults to acquire knowledge. “The newly introduced Pastry Training Program will definitely help to provide a greater and better learning ground to the visually impaired people to enhance their capability at work and thus they are able to live independently and also contribute to the society”, said Mr. Tan Seong Teck, GM of L’OCCITANE.

“This is the second time we are extending our supports to St Nicholas Home, Penang. By helping to create awareness and raise funds on behalf of the visually-impaired, we’re able to provide them with more opportunities to improve their lives. We hope to continue this noble effort in a sustainable manner” commented Ms Clarance Boo, PR Manager of L’OCCITANE during her recent visit to St Nicholas’ Home, Penang.

For more info visit

Monday, April 6, 2015

Review : NEW Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution with SPF 50/PA ++++ , find out the reasons why I like them!

Ohai, I just came back from Taiwan! It was very sunny over there (lucky no rain or it will ruin our holiday!). 

Knowing I will be under the sun all the time, I was well prepared and brought along my trusted sunblock to protect my skin from harmful UV rays! Most of us know UV rays is the main cause of premature ageing and hyperpigmentation, but do you know pollution also play a big part too? These two factors will cause overproduction of free radicals in the dermis and epidermis which accelerated skin ageing, damages skin texture and alter skin color.

Unfortunately air pollution which has increased dramatically everywhere in the world and more so in Asia is something we cannot run away from. This has affected not only our health but also our skin. Free radicals attack skin cells and both air and water pollution can strip skin from moisture, causing discolouration,, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Clarins created its first atmospheric anti-pollution complex to prevent premature ageing and loss of radiance related to pollution. In 2005, Clarins launched its first UV Protective Day Screen against UV and anti-pollution. And I first tried them back in 2011 and wrote a review here.

As a pioneer, Clarins has now gone even further by introducing the new and improved UV Plus Anti-Pollution with SPF 50/PA ++++. This daily plant-powered multi-protection UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF50/PA++++ has 3 key actions

This is suitable for daily use and contains fine, smooth and oil-free texture which fights against the UV rays and heavy pollution designed for all Asian women.

Thanks to the Clarins Research team, a new and exclusive plant was discovered. Organic Alpine Sanicle extract which has an active anti-oxidant protection on the skin surface and deep down. It marks a major advance in the protection of skin against the dual aggressions of UV and pollution. In addition, the skin surface is protected from dehydration by hyaluronic acid as well as the exclusive anti-pollution complex added in to fights the visible signs of premature skin ageing and loss of radiance.

Alphine Sanicle Extract: Rich in the antioxidant rosmarinic acid, the extract helps fight the damaging effects of free radicals. It protects the skin by reinforcing its natural defenses against the harmful effects of pollution and UV rays, to recreate the ideal ecosystem and thus preserve the skin’s health and beauty.

Beside this new ingredient, it also has the existing ingredients of Cantaloupe Melon Extract (protects cells from oxidizing stress caused by UV radiation and pollution) and Blackcurrant Extract (the soothing ability to help reduce inflammation & redness). 

Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution with SPF 50/PA ++++ comes in 3 shades to suit different skin needs.

Imperceptible on the skin, this invisible shade melts into skin, with a transparent finish. It does not leave any white traces or oily feel.

Baby pink 
For a bright, luminous complexion delicately highlighted with a subtle, transparent pink glow. This shade gives the skin a very natural, fresh look and restores luminosity to dull complexions.

Baby blue
For a flawless complexion, this blue shade is perfect for instantly minimizing the look of redness, dark spots and small imperfections. It leaves the complexion looking even, fair, luminous and flawless.

Back in 2011, I reviewed the previous formula with SPF40 PA+++ and mentioned that it's one the best sunblock I have used. After 4 years I can tell you still that this is still one of my favourite sunblock because the scent, texture and now with higher SPF of 50 and extra + ( the previous formula has three +)  , it's the perfect combination. I realized that the texture has improved a little bit, it was lighter compared to the previous one. The scent is still as lovely as ever, very floral.

In Taiwan National Palace Museum

And if I have extra money to spend, this is the sunblock I want to splurge because not only it protects my skin nicely (ah remembered I didn't get tan while I was in Taiwan!) but it make me feel confident and comfortable going under the sun. 

I have been using Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution with SPF 50/PA ++++ (translucent shade) with or without makeup on, so far my experience is no greasy or oily feeling after whole day of using it. In fact I feel my face is smooth and hydrated all day along. Ah now you know why I like them.... and I think this worth the investment because the UV rays & pollution are something we are facing everyday and they are detrimental to our skin! 

To complete your daily routine with whitening needs, you can use it together with Clarins White Plus series for better result. 

This new & improve formula Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution with SPF 50/PA ++++ is now selling at RM158 in Malaysia and with 6% GST (Goods & Service Tax) it's now RM 167.50.  

Available in all Clarins counters and Clarins Skin Spa. 

For more info, visit

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review : Clarins Double Serum

Clarins Double Serum has been around for about a year plus and even though I managed to get a bottle to try back then but then did not pay much attention to it because I did not see much result. Recently when I ran out of serum, I think why not give this another chance to try? After all this Clarins Double Serum is highly raved by my girlfriend Juli and Clarins claimed that 90% of Asian women agreed that Double Serum is more effective than their regular serums.

 Clarins combines TWO powerful serum in one bottle, giving you TWICE the anti-ageing power with unique booster properties based on cell communication. It's unique formula of Hydric & Lipidic system (water & oil soluable) combines two formulas in one optimum golden ratio which replicates the model of hydrolipidic film, similar to the nature of the skin's natural protective barrier. 

The two separate phases-presented in side-by-side vials enable the otherwise impossible combination of water and oil soluble ingredients with no risk of incompatibility or instability, and without recourse to emulsifier. With this design, Clarins guaranteed each pump produces “Golden Ratio” of the formula 80% serum and 20% oil. Interesting ya?

Clarins Double Serums consists of 20 plants ingredients and one of the ingredients is Clarins exclusive discovery which is Cangzhu extract which targets the G protein and thats the key of cell vitality as it helps to boost the effectiveness and performances of other active ingredients by improving receptivity of cells to external message. This vital extract also stimulates and revitalizes the skin's 5 vital functions for a more radiantly youthful skin. 

Besides that ingredients such as below gives the following benefits :
- Katafray bark extract, hyaluronic acid : moisturising. 
- Organic perilla and macadamia oils: nourish the skin. 
- Organic quinoa and green tea extract: protective action. 
- Maritime pine extract, organic rosehip oil: oxygenize the skin. 
- Organic green banana extract, thyme and bocoa: regenerating action.

Spotted there is mineral oil in the ingredients list. 

My review : My first impression of this Clarins Double Serum is that the it's highly perfumed (it was created by Japanese master perfumer). Usually I'm a big fan of Clarins's scent but this fruity/foral scent is a little bit too strong for my liking and luckily the scent lingers for a while before it completes fades off. 

The texture of of the serum is light but oil base, hence it needs to be warm up using palm before applying. It absorb pretty well though I do feel a layer of filmy texture on top. It is recommended to use 3 pumps in the morning and/or evening before our usual moisturiser. 3 pumps is too much for my face hence I used it to apply my whole face and my neck too. 

After a month of using Clarins Double Serum together with Clarins Extra-Firming Day & Night moisturiser. the only improvement I felt were my skin is a little bit firmer than usual. However I was a little bit disappointed when I did not see any other results. To me this works as an anti-ageing preventive serum rather than treatment serum and this would suits women 25 years and above. And I would personally prefer Clarins Hydraquench Serum over this any time. 

Clarins Double Serum (Complete Age Control Concentrate) is available in all Clarins counters & Skin Spa for RM280/30ml . For more information, visit Clarins website here

Monday, December 19, 2011

Clarins Special Christmas sets

Christmas is just around the corner, so have you bought any Christmas gift for yourself, family and friends? Barely just a week away from Christmas, if you haven't figure out what to buy , why not pamper yourself and your love ones with Clarins special Christmas sets for a younger and a beautiful you. Clarins offers an array of special Christmas sets ranging from skin care, body care and men’s product tailor made to suits your skin needs

Check out all these Clarins special Christmas

Perfect Hydration Partner 2011 - RM342 (worth RM380)

HydraQuench Intensive Bi-Phase Serum (30ml)

HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel (50ml)

HydraQuench Cream Mask (15ml)

UV Plus HP SPF 40 Neutral (10ml)

Perfect White Plus Partner 2011 - RM405 (worth RM450)

Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum (30ml)

Whitening Moisture Emulsion SPF 20 (50ml)

Pearl to Cream Brightening Cleanser (15ml)

Whitening Soft Aqua Milk (30ml)

White Plus Essential 2011 - RM274 (worth RM305)

Pearl to Cream Brightening Cleanser (125ml)

Whitening Moisture Emulsion SPF 20 (50ml)

Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum (10ml)

Whitening Pure Aqua Lotion (30ml)

Youthful Eye Partner 2011 - RM348 (worth RM388)

Advanced Extra Firming Eye Serum (20ml)

Advanced Extra Firming Eye Cream (20ml)

Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Lotion (30ml)

Perfect Lift Botanical Serum (10ml)

Perfect Extra Firming Partner 2011 - RM540 (worth RM600)

Extra Firming Day Cream AST (50ml)

Extra Firming Night Cream (50ml)

Perfect Lift Botanical Serum (10ml)

Extra Firming Neck Cream (15ml)

Eye Booster 2011 - RM252 (worth RM280)

Total Eye Concentrate (15ml)

Supra Serum (10ml)

Supra Wake Up Lotion (30ml)

Perfect Body Slimming Partner 2011 - RM348 (worth RM391)

High Definition Body Lift (200ml)

Body Shaping Cream (200ml)

Smoothing Body Scrub (30ml)

Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel (15ml)

Perfect Bust Beauty Partner 2011 - RM358 (worth RM397)

Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel (50ml)

Bust Beauty Extra Firming Lotion (50ml)

Smoothing Body Scrub (30ml)

High Definition Body Lift (30ml)

Perfect Contour Partner 2011 - RM435 (worth RM485)

Shaping Facial Lift (50ml)

Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum (30ml)

UV Plus HP SPF 40 Neutral (10ml)

High Definition Body Lift (30ml)

Perfect Body Renewing & Firming Partner 2011 - RM348 (worth RM368)

Renew Plus Body Serum (200ml)

Body Treatment Tonic Oil (100ml)

Tonic Shower and Bath Concentrate (50ml)

Body Shaping Cream (30ml)

High Definition Body Lift Double Edition 2011 - RM338 (worth RM378)

High Definition Body Lift (200ml) x 2

Body Shaping Cream (30ml)

Don’t miss out this Christmas season to indulge yourself and your love ones with our exclusive Christmas sets from Clarins. All Christmas Sets will be available from 1st November 2011 at all Clarins counters in leading departmental stores and Skin Spas nationwide.

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