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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition 2012

Tourism Selangor is back with Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition 2012. After proving to be hugely successful with bloggers last year, the competition returns now bigger and better.

YB Elizabeth Wong, Chairman Standing Committee for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment of Selangor

She said that Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition is part of the Selangorlicious campaign to promote food tourism to domestic and foreign visitors. The competition is also a fun platform to highlight the state’s great food haunts that many people may not be aware of!

Fazly Razally, Manager of Events & Marketing of Tourism Selangor

And this year the Selangorlicious Food Blogging contest is not only open to bloggers but to non-bloggers too! The contest begins on 15th June to 15th July 2012, where participants put in blog entries on their enjoyable food experiences in and around Selangor. For the first time the competition will allow participants to blog in their chosen medium, English, Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin. The blogs will be judged on the creativity and are required to maintain proper use of the chosen language. The winning entries complete with photos stand to win attractive cash prizes. Good prizes are also offered for weekly winners.

YB Elizabeth added that the Selangorlicious campaign, especially the competition harnesses the power of the internet and social media, after seeing the success of a few of its past campaigns such as the popular My Selangor Story Blogging Competition and the first Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition. She said that "We have embraced the IT culture and we are seeing the rewards in the number of followers that has been steadily increasing on Facebook and Twitter.”

The entries in Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition will be compiled into the Selangorlicious portal, which will also be used as a source of reference for local and foreign tourists who come to Selangor.

In addition to the competition, the Selangorlicious campaign is augmented by a fun monthly outing called Selangorlicious EatOut, where participants will be taken to different districts each time. Supporting publications for the benefit of tourists will be published such Selangorlicious Good Food Guide and the Ramadhan Promotion Guide.

Some of the group pics from that night!

Of course during the launch we have a yummylicious dinner at Paradox Cafe!!

Let's go and hunt yummylicious food in Selangor and join Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition 2012!


About Selangorlicious!

The Selangorlicious campaign is an initiative to promote food tourism in Selangor. Part of the effort is Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition 2012 under Tourism Selangor and co-organised with Storm Studio. The purpose of this competition is to highlight Selangor as a food destination and collect entries for a planned Selangor Food Guide, a printed guide to all that is finger-licking good in the state. For more info, log on to
or follow them in Twitter
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