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Friday, May 21, 2010

HK and Shenzhen Part II

Start my 2nd day with HK famous milk tea ! Yummy!!!

The typical HK's style breakfast before we depart to Shenzhen by train.

On the way to the mtr station, saw there are vending machine that are selling printer's ink at the train station! So convenient!

Also got umbrella vending machine too!!! But damn expensive HKD68 each!

At Louhu immigration station, looks at the crowds behind!! Crazy a lot of people going in Shenzhen on weekends!

Checked in the hotel, hotel is spacious compare to the one in HK and its only less than RM100 per night!

Going out to have a walk, well to be exact shopping!

Look the cat is being tied on the tree, the owner must be worry people will steal and cook it.

The underground shopping area! The price here slightly expensive than those selling at the Dong Men Commercial Area.

We discovered this gem!!! Grilled dry squid! So yummyyyyyy....

Miss this max liao!!!

They grilled it on the spot

Cut cut cut, ready to be eaten!

I must remind myself how yummy is this!! How come we don't have this in KL!

There are many specialty shops, the artist will tailor draw whatever we asked for on the shoes

Here is one artist doing craving, look at his expression. He must be enjoying every moment.

Do you know him?

What about this ?

It's so expensive to ask him to do personalized carving, i remember is like Rm200-RM300.

This is ma la (numb & spicy) noodle, only RM2.50!

I miss this a lot too!!! This is like takoyaki! Inside is potato and on top of this is seaweed.

I miss this very very very very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortune teller shop

The malls in Dong Men Commercial area!

See RMB15 for a pair of shoes !!!!! I can even negotiate for lower price because we bought like more than 20 pairs at one go!

See me so happy with my shopping bagssss!!!

See all the dresses are selling for RMB19!!!!

I end up buying an extra luggage because I think I am out of space in my own luggage and its too heavy to carry around while shopping. And this is big luggage bag only less than RM30!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hong Kong Part 1

Finally I am going to post my Hong Kong & Shenzhen trip pictures here for the 1st time :)

Ah I have an early 7am morning flight !! Its crazy because we woke up at 3am to go to the airport!!!! But it was all worth it!

We checked in to the hotel and yes the room is so small!! Well all hotels are like that, 2 years ago I stayed in another 3stars hotel, its also so small! Nevermind lah since we only need the place to sleep and store the luggages.

We really like the hotel location because it is at Mongkok which is one of the busiest place in Hong Kong with lots of people and food! Quickly I go and grabbed my favourite curry fishball!! So yummy! Its so much spicy compare to those in Malaysia.

Then I dont know what get into me, I decided to try the fermented bean curb (smelly taufu). I never try one before back in Malaysia because its so smelly!! Ah.. I don't like it after taking one bite. Let my brother finished the rest... he thinks its so yummylicious!

Then while looking for place for lunch, we passed by this stall which was set up at the back alley. Look at the crowds! So we went it for have our lunch

I never, never order wanton noodle in KL, simply because the noodles are like rubber band. But if you are in HK, you must order their wanton noodle ! The shrimps are big and the noodles texture are so nice.

This is the Ladies Street (which is also the Tung Choi Street). Nothing here attracts me, all selling pirated goods from China only!

Well this amazed me! Haha I wonder how the girl going to wear it under her dress with the little birdie popping out!

Then we headed to Central station to go The Peak!

Here are my ticket! Well this time around I am not going to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum because I was there 2 years ago!

But I am still going to visit Bruce Lee to give him a friendly punch!

Then we proceeded to Observation Deck.

Its so cold up there, so windy!!! But the view is amazing !

Hongkong night view is spectacular! Well, it is the city of light!

This time around we managed to take nice picture of ourselves because we brought tripod along, love all the photos!!

Before I end my first day in Hong Kong, here are the famous Mango Puding from Hui Lau San !

p/s: If you all like my posting, leave me a comment ! Then I consider posting my others pictures! Hehe!

Thank you for visiting!

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