Monday, May 17, 2010

Hong Kong Part 1

Finally I am going to post my Hong Kong & Shenzhen trip pictures here for the 1st time :)

Ah I have an early 7am morning flight !! Its crazy because we woke up at 3am to go to the airport!!!! But it was all worth it!

We checked in to the hotel and yes the room is so small!! Well all hotels are like that, 2 years ago I stayed in another 3stars hotel, its also so small! Nevermind lah since we only need the place to sleep and store the luggages.

We really like the hotel location because it is at Mongkok which is one of the busiest place in Hong Kong with lots of people and food! Quickly I go and grabbed my favourite curry fishball!! So yummy! Its so much spicy compare to those in Malaysia.

Then I dont know what get into me, I decided to try the fermented bean curb (smelly taufu). I never try one before back in Malaysia because its so smelly!! Ah.. I don't like it after taking one bite. Let my brother finished the rest... he thinks its so yummylicious!

Then while looking for place for lunch, we passed by this stall which was set up at the back alley. Look at the crowds! So we went it for have our lunch

I never, never order wanton noodle in KL, simply because the noodles are like rubber band. But if you are in HK, you must order their wanton noodle ! The shrimps are big and the noodles texture are so nice.

This is the Ladies Street (which is also the Tung Choi Street). Nothing here attracts me, all selling pirated goods from China only!

Well this amazed me! Haha I wonder how the girl going to wear it under her dress with the little birdie popping out!

Then we headed to Central station to go The Peak!

Here are my ticket! Well this time around I am not going to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum because I was there 2 years ago!

But I am still going to visit Bruce Lee to give him a friendly punch!

Then we proceeded to Observation Deck.

Its so cold up there, so windy!!! But the view is amazing !

Hongkong night view is spectacular! Well, it is the city of light!

This time around we managed to take nice picture of ourselves because we brought tripod along, love all the photos!!

Before I end my first day in Hong Kong, here are the famous Mango Puding from Hui Lau San !

p/s: If you all like my posting, leave me a comment ! Then I consider posting my others pictures! Hehe!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Ooohhh, nice dessert pictures! Look very yummy.

  2. jess jess jess, u made me LOL LOL so much. Those "birdie" underwear is for GUYS la!!

    Pls post other photos k, thx

  3. waa~~ i miss hk so much!! the food the shop!! i want to go back!!~~ i havent even taken night pics at the peak!! so pretty~ xx

  4. Oh!! please share more!! The hotel you stay how much a night? and what's it name?
    Because I'm going soon too!!

  5. ah...the mango sai mai lo looks so yummy!!! How much was the hotel Jess?

  6. J : Yes the dessert is very sinful and expensive too!!

  7. Pigita : that is a bit small for man leh !!

  8. kalai : yes i miss the food too!! ok tonight book airasia free ticket, then can go the peak again!!!

  9. Jean : this is more like motel, its Railei Hotel around HKD300 per night

  10. joanyee: yes very yummy the mango puding!!

  11. FOOD!! :D the picture of the mango pudding makes me drool

  12. omg !!! the mango dessert ~~~ aww ~~~ hui lao san is really famous !

    haha...I wonder how smelly is their chou tou fu but it looks tastier than malaysia one ^^ and curry fish ball ~~~ hmm...I hope I'll get a chance to HK soon ^^

  13. Hey Jess! Are you still in HK? hahah What did you haul while u were there? Ahhh Hui Lau San--I think I have a pic of that exact picture you took with the mango trio too XD but my all time favorite is the mango and pomelo drink there! ^^

  14. Tammy: I came back to Malaysia 2 weeks ago unwillingly (sob sob!!) I posted my haul here ( ) and ( ) , cant carry more back home! yeh the mango dessert is heavenly sinful!!! hope to meet u in hk one day!!!

  15. hi jess,
    I'll going to hk next year. other than hk maybe will go shenzhen or still thinking which one is better.Can u give me some ideas about attraction in Shenzhen?how to go shenzhen from hongkong?Thanks

  16. Hi Diana,

    Sorry for the late reply. I would need more details about your trip before can advice you. Macau normally 1 day is sufficient (unless you wan go gamble) and Shenzhen is a shopping heaven ! And to go Hongkong to Shenzhen, take a train to Louhu station 45mins away. very easy. And for Malaysian , you need a visa (single entry RM58) to get in to Shenzhen, China but not Macau. Shenzhen got few attraction and it depends how long you intends to spend there, from Spendid of China to Windows of the World (sightseeing), then there is Ladies World( very very very big place might need few days to walk there) or you can just shop in Dong Men Commercial area (citycentre) area. For more info, email
    me at

  17. Hai.... really love reading your blog, since i also plan to go to Hongkong, macau and shenzen on August. Is it Railei hotel clean?? i don't mind if the room is small as long is clean. Did you booked online first or book on arrival?? Please relpy..


  18. Lidya : Sorry for the late reply. I stay in 2 different hotel Railei and Sun hotel. both are clean and situated in strategic location thats in Mongkok. I would highly recommend Sun Hotel instead (although its slightly a bit more expensive than Railei hotel) simply because its newer(jus reno) and more modern and most of the room has computer with internet access ! Both of the place is motel and for Malaysian we only can book through phone, online booking not available for us. Check out

  19. ^^ nice blog u hv. <3
    by the way, may i know how u book the room ?
    via call ?need to pay any deposit since it's only thru phone call.. thanks for your answer. ^^

  20. Annoymous : thanks if like my blog be a followers to enjoy updates & giveaway !

    About the hotel, I called them to book. Well since no deposit is required therefore I advised you to call them back to confirm before you go.. Note they only have like less than 20 rooms, so give clear instruction to the receptionist in Cantonese & Mandarin. Pls email me for future enquiries ya :) Easier for me to reply.

  21. Hi Jess,
    I came across your blog and would like to understand more about Sun Hotel.

    Is the hotel near MRT station? Is the hotel safe? Some people commented about safety at Portland Street (red light district) and I can't find any review from tripadvisor. I checked the website and it doesn't have government license.

    Hope to get clear picture from you. May I know how you book the hotel?

    Thanks :)



  23. This hotel is booked via telephone booking and I booked a double bed room for 2 persons

  24. Hi, I'm from Singapore. Tried calling Sun hotel but the lady was insistent on no phone booking. I have to call up a day before or on that day to find out if there is any room. I am worried if I call on that day and they say no room! Haiz. Should I go for Railei hotel instead? Or is Sun hotel probably going to have a room? I am checking in on a Sunday next month, I think it shouldnt be that crowded.

  25. Hi,

    I am not sure how is the booking system works now. It was okay for me to book thru the phone last year though I called a few times for confirmation (worrying that they might gave my room away) but everything was ok when i got there. Maybe you want to call 1-2 weeks before or consider other hotels in Agoda ? My friend recommended Embassy hotel in Jordan MRT station and just stayed that Dec last year.

  26. Thanks for blogging bout HK. I'm going there end of this month =)

  27. Hi i would like to know is the Sun Hotel lift is like Railei Hotel?
    I stayed in Railei before i didnt like the lift.

    1. It has been 3 years since I last stayed there. I think for all guesthouse like Sun & Railei (for the priced you paid) all the lift are somehow the same - small & old especially when its located on top of shoplots.

      If you are into big & fancy lift, this is definitely not a place for you and suggest you to book higher price hotel and not a guesthouse.


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