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Friday, July 16, 2010

My Shopping Haul from Guangzhou

A reader Tan requested that I put down the price of my purchase but seriously I don't remembered quite clearly. Because I buy if its looks nice and its below RM30 (Rmb 60). I try to jot down the price if I can remembered well in RMB ya !

Most of my clothes are purchased from Shang Jiu Street and Beijing Street. As usual I bargained to the max. My advice is resistance!

They offered a dress for Rmb 60 (Rmb 30), I asked discount, they said Rmb 45 best price.I answered NO , I want Rmb 20. They will insist said no, Rmb30 , I said No and I only will buy if its Rmb20. And if the person said cannot or offer some thing else. I just walked away without turning back. 99% they will called you back and said "Ok fine come back Rmb 20 (less than RM10) for you!"

Some of the statement you can use included
1) I don't buy this dress is okay, still plenty of choices in other stores.
2)I saw similar dress at another stalls, I am going there to buy.
3) Sorry I dont have so much money to spend, cant buy your dress even though I want to
4) Oh, I got enough dress for today. Thank you for your offer.

This always work for me. And of course by cracking some jokes always help.

Also remembered to visit those shops/stalls inside the building/malls rather that those shop along the main road which tend to be more expensive.

This pink dress is Rmb 25-35


Rmb 49

Rmb 18

Rmb 35

Rmb 25

Rmb 25

Rmb 35

Rmb 20

Rmb 20

Rmb 20




My new glasses !

p/s: How do I look ?

I got myself two pair of new spectacles in Guangzhou China. The frame and the glass cost around Rmb 170 , less than RM80. This material glasses is not the normal type but lighter hence slighty expensive than my 1st pair frameless spectacles which cost around Rmb 88 which is only RM42 (the cost of the frame Rmb18 , glasses rmb70)

Thanks to Tammy , she shared that I should go to make a pair of spectacles from China because it's cheap.. which is true!

One thing in Guangzhou you all should take note, that this is a city of wholesale! They have specific area/roads that sell specific items. So you just gotta to the right place to get the items!

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