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Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's Shine and Sparkle with Ollie Jewellery

There are some days I would like to keep my look simple yet I want to have shine & sparkles that brighten up my whole look!

I think fine jewellery with stones are the best match to my little black dress to keep my look simple yet classy!

Accessories are definitely my best friend  (just like make up) because I know I can rely to them any time to brighten up my whole look within seconds without much effort.

Ah after my house was broke in, I lost a number of my favourite jewellery but now thanks to Nani one of the founders of , she has sent me some really nice jewellery to add in my collection. The  Ollie's jewellery box comes in maroon colour with a little pink ribbon on the top! 

Well I just can't say no to these beautiful jewellery right!

A little introduction of Ollie
Ollie Jewellery is an online sterling silver jewellery store that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2012 The idea of Ollie is to make exclusive jewellery designs affordable to everyone in Malaysia.

All Ollie's sterling silver jewellery are inspired from fine jewellery designs and they are selected for their contemporary and elegant styles.

Rest assured all Ollie's products are made of genuine 925 sterling silver jewellery and they are not only rhodium-plated (to enhance the shine and durability), but also nickel free (WHICH IS AWESOME - because I'm sensitive to them). In addition, all Ollie's jewellery are hallmarked with the "925" symbol to ensure the authenticity of the sterling silver content.

A big love for this contemporary styled pendant set with brilliant round cubic zirconia stones which is perfect for the day yet ideal for an evening outing. 
  • 925 Sterling Silver w/ Rhodium plating 
  • Size: 20mm x 15mm (L x W)
  • This Velvet Pendant is currently selling at RM125 and Bead Chain at RM40
Love how this classic Velvet Pendant design that will never go out of season! This contemporary styled pendant set with brilliant round cubic zirconia stones which is perfect for the day yet ideal for an evening outing. I love those cubic zirconia stones which are of “AAA” graded and trust me it is really shiny like stars in the sky and I wish my camera could capture the sparkles better!

I have been wearing this quite often and even for showering (which I know I'm not suppose too!) but the stones still properly in tact unlike some pendant that I have and those stones came off quite easily! 

I am foreseeing myself to be wearing this quite often without taking it off because it is so easy to match with any outfit! 

This Double hearts pendant that features small silver heart with round centre piece cubic zirconia and dazzling small cubic zirconias along the line of the bigger heart. 

Simply beautiful with the essence of glamour and feminity. 
  • 925 Sterling Silver w/ Rhodium plating 
  • Size: 13mm x 14mm (L x W)
  • Double Heart Earring is selling at RM115

When one love is not enough, you can always can have double the love! These is a really beautifully crafted jewellery! I love how I could wear this pair of earring to work, party, shopping and anywhere else and yet those sparkles are hard not to be notice by anyone! 

Honestly I was spoilt with choice when I visited Ollie's website and it is hard to say no to these beautiful jewellery!

I had my eyes on some of them already and I am thinking to get one pendant for my sister for her birthday (shhhsssss...) 

Personally I think Ollie's jewellery design is really unique & classy like those we see in fine jewellery store yet the price is not burning the pocket as the price ranges starts from RM 35 to RM 250!

It is important to know how to take care of your jewellery, and Nani is kind enough to include this small reminder card in the package! Have been a while I start storing my jewellery in a zip lock bags to avoid scratches and tangling.

From my own personal experience, silver 925 jewellery is any time better than any white plated jewellery ones because I realized that white gold plated jewellery colour turn yellowish after some time and there is no way to restore because the white gold was plated on metal and it's is such a huge waste of money! On the other hand silver jewellery colour can last a lifetime if looked after properly and we can even polish it to restore the shine! 
Good news to all Jessying's readers, Ollie's is offering 10% discount exclusively for all of you! Just key in this code JESSYING before you check out to enjoy the discount ya :))) Also when you register and join Ollie's newsletter will get a welcome voucher of RM20 that can be used with minimum purchase of RM75 and valid for 3 months since the day they join the mailing list. It can be used together with the 10% discount code (JESSYING) as long as the nett purchase amount is RM75 and above. How awesome is that? It's the perfect time to go shopping now .... when Christmas is also about one month away!

Let's shine & sparkles with Ollie this Christmas!

Visit or follow to see more beautiful designs!

p/s: Giveaway will be coming up soon! Tell me which is your favourite ones, I might be picking that  do to giveaway for you all! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Introducing BBF Beauty Box August edition, un-boxing and reviewing it!

Just two days ago I received a super huge love shape box at my doorstep!

Oh well it's the BBF Beauty Box for August and it was delivered via GD Express courier company, and I did not expect any delivery and it came as a surprise for me as it is quite heavy! ! I received this BBF Beauty Box as a sponsored one for this month as the BBF Beauty Box owner wanted me to review the box :)

I first heard of BBF Beauty Box like 2 months ago when a reader approached and shared with me. She said this BBF was the first beauty box in Malaysia and it was available even before Fabulous Finds was launched. Anyway I came to find out that BBF literally means Beauty, Body & Face where the products that would be in the box would definitely related to those mentioned above!

So let's take a peep at what is in the BBF Beauty Box August edition!

This is what is in the BBF Beauty Box for August edition which has the theme Back to Basis!

It came with a flowery huge love shape box with all the goodies inside sealed properly & a package that consists of 2 magazines. It's heavy!

I counted there are total of 16 products in the box , which includes :-
3 full size beauty products
1 deluxe size beauty product
1 set of skincare trial set
1 makeup organiser
1 sleep eyemask
2 sheet masks
3 skincare sachets sample
1 cosmetic pouch
1 coffee sachet sample
2 Malaysian Aids Organisation condom & lubricant


Also a huge pretty love shape box which I do not think cheap because the quality! I'm definitely keeping it and would be storing some of my beauty stuff inside yay!

This is my personal favourite in the BBF box, because I have been looking for makeup organiser for sometime & it's not cheap and easy to get one that is good in quality!!! And definitely anyone who are make up lover would love to have this! Great to have it in this month BBF Beauty Box!

So I already start using them, and this make up organiser is meant for items like lipsticks, mascara or any small tube stuffs! I google and check the price this cost like RM29 like that!

A full size The Face Shop Nail polish!

A closer look : It's a glitters with pretty pink hearts.

I can't wait to try this!

A full size of Makeup Academy Mosaic Bronzer! I think this would be great to do contouring & shading!

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in LSS569 Snow White, it's a super hot blood red lipstick!

I applying more red lipstick nowadays and this come in time for me to try! And this lipstick is not available in Malaysia and the only way you can buy it is through online blogshop , around RM10

Montagne Jeunesse - Masque de Cristal,

Been quite a while I have not used this Montagne Jeunesse !

The Face Shop Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask

Also haven't try this before, I'm a big fan of hydration mask .. let's see how it works!

Avene Sensitive White Skincare trial set that comes with 4 miniature! This is great for people who has sensitive skin and always wanted to try whitening products, this is a brand that you can give it a try because it is a dermo-cosmetique (dermatology based cosmetic) skin care brand.

Sachet samples :-
The Face Shop Aura Cream
The Face Shop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner
The Face Shop Blemish Zero Clinic Solution
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

Also included is Malaysian Aids Council HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme Condom & Lubricant as BBF Beauty is a part of the program supporting the campaign.

Cute Sleep Eyemask in Pink .. Would be useful to use during long flight! Love this, I can now throw my ugly one away and replace with this!

Cosmetic kiss pouch made from cotton.

Although this look cute, but I don't think I would be using this as I have other pouches lying around at home. Would prefer if another skincare sample is given instead of this.

It's the tradition of BBF Beauty Box to comes with Magazines for that particular month. Here I have CLEO & Cosmopolitan! Well if you are one who are lazy to travel to get your magazine, where now you can have it at your doorstep!

However I would suggest that instead of magazines, I would prefer skincare or cosmetic because usually I buy my magazine early of the month or when it's out at around 25th. And also not everyone reads magazines or read English magazine, so I would suggest BBF allocate the funds to get more beauty stuffs for subscribers instead!

I remember Cleo magazine for August edition came with Loreal Total Repair Shampoo sampling and this has been included in this BBF box!

I'm glad that now we have more choices when come to Beauty Box subscription in Malaysia, we used to be envy of our friends staying in Singapore & US!

For all this above, this BBF Beauty Box monthly subscription fee is RM48 inclusive of free delivery to your doorstep with courier service!

Review : Personally I think this BBF beauty box is worth getting (worth more than RM100), considering there are 16 items in total and 3 full size products! The make up organiser is one of my favourite, it was a pleasant surprise! I must say BBF Beauty Box has a good choice of products included in this month box as most I haven't try it before and that would be good because I do not want to have products which I already have. And I always love surprises and for RM48, this beauty box is not expensive at all when I looked at the content of the BBF Beauty Box for August edition!
I hope to see more beauty products which not available in Malaysia to be included in box! I would also suggest to BBF Box to attach a list of price of how much each above item cost, what is the full size price and where can we get it so that we can buy it in the future after trying it!

To subscribe BBF Beauty Box, kindly email them at and do visit them at their Facebook page at This BBF Beauty Box subscription is opened to people living in Malaysia and for other countries, you may email & request from them .

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I love my first piece of accessory from Whitesoot! Versatile and affordable

Whitesoot ( is an online fashion store (female apparel) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Whitesoot brings in high-street clothing at a fraction of the price. They have new arrivals every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8PM and they mail all their shoppers' parcels the very next working day :) Thanks to Whitesoot’s recent initiative – Whitesoot Bloggers Circle, allows bloggers like me to receive complimentary clothing/accessories from Whitesoot every month ;) We don't have to be very famous as they just need to have consistent updates and a certain amount of readership. So if you are interested to be apart of Whitesoot Bloggrs Circle, just email them at for more information.

So last month, I redeemed a piece of accessory from Whitesoot which I have been eye-ing for a while which is the Twisted Multi Strand Beaded Necklace.

And I am glad to report the item I received looked the same like in the website, which is very, very, very important when comes to online shopping. I hate when the item don't come as display/description in the website.

This necklace comes in twisted beaded chains in gold plate, light silver and dark silver.

It also comes with adjustable lenght and lobster clasp fastening. And suprisingly it is quite light despite it looked like one, so yay I could wear this all day long!

And guess what this Twisted Multi Strand Beaded Necklace is priced at RM39 only. And I like how they are open for feedback and comment, we could email them anytime!

Note : At the moment, this necklace is sold out,not sure if there is a restock.

Each girl definitely will own a little black dress and this is my favourite little black dress in lace from LaLu (a Singaporean brand). And I really like how this necklace stands out so well because of the beautiful colour combination :)

Although it's not an expensive piece of accessory but it does looked classy ! And don't you think it looked perfectly with my red lipstick?

p/s: I was wearing Maybeline Liptick Are You Red-Dy in 625

It is hard to find accessory that will match my leopard print dress from Dorothy Perkins and I was glad this necklace complement this dress very well. Whitesoot Twisted Multi Strand Beaded Necklace is really versatile and affordable to own!

Whitesoot giving Fashion round the clock !

Apart from accessories, there are of course a lot of pretty dress, blouse, pants and shorts to choose from however at this moment they do not carry any plus size clothing. However the good news is that I was told that they are looking to manufacture larger sizes towards the year end, so horray for me!

Whitesoot’s Facebook Page;
Whitesoot’s Blog;
Whitesoot's Twitter;!/whitesoot

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 Makeup Gift Set with Coach pouch Haul!

I know I am on shopping ban ! But this is too tempting and is Coach...!!!!! Yeh I don't own a coach ! Always when I save the money intending to buy a luxury handbag but I end up spending on something else.. skincare and cosmetic ! And now I can get Coach pouch that comes together with cosmetics ... what a great deal !!!!!!! However this is a a Purchase with Purchase Promotion, where I need to buy RM200 above of Estee Lauder's products before I can purchase this Coach set !

I bought Skin Care Holiday 2010 Hydration value set at RM230!

Try before their hydration cream sample, not bad.. so am going to give this a try!

Soft Clean cleanser 30ml, Hydrationist Maximum Hydration Creme 50ml in full size worth , Advance Night Repair Eye cream 5ml and Idealist Pore Minimizer Serum 5ml

Ya ya! My Coach set at RM180 (worth RM900)

I choose the Red pouch set after swatching all the 3 sets !

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow & Signature Silky Powder Blush Palette

Actually this lipstick color is not as red as it seems! I have done swatch should be blogging about this Holiday collection soon!

Blusher and Eyeshadow Brushes

This Coach pouch is in sexy striking red and worth RM400 according to the SA! Love the color!

p/s: I also wish to own another 2 pouch in gold and silver, as they are very nice as well and will definitely easy to match with dress! >.<

KLCC is currently having roadshow in Concourse area and latest update is Silver Pouch is almost out of stock! However my friend who bought from 1Utama Parkson told me still got a lot (but no more Hydration set and Advance Night Repair eye cream). Also please note that some of the value set (eg Hydration set) not available in some counters already as each counter has limited set. So do call them to check to make sure it is still available !

This is definitely a super worth set to get ! Great gift for Christmas (for yourself, family and friend)

So what are you waiting for ??

Get yours now, available at all Estee Lauder's counter!

p/s: I am glad to get this set from Parksons where I buy using Bonus Link promotion for my birthday where I spend RM200 and entitle to RM40 cash voucher and I use the RM200 to buy the Coach set. And I used Elite card to pay for my purchase and entitle to 5% cash rebate some more!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Bangkok Mini Haul!

Yes I been to Bangkok 8 months ago and thanks to AirAsia promotion I flew in Bangkok last weekends for a 3 days 2 night holiday! Guess how much is my airfare and hotel.. It's only RM200 for 2 persons inclusive of round trip air fare and hotels for 2nights inclusive of breakfast!!! How can I say NO to promotion like this!! Anyway my boy and I love Bangkok so much that we would not mind to fly in anytime if there is such promotion again! Fingers crossed!

Since it's such a short trip , this would be more like a relaxing weekends getaway trip rather than a shopping trip!

However the shopping gen is still in my blood

So let me present me my mini Bangkok haul!

My first Naraya's handbag ! RM23

p/s: Naraya is Thailand famous local designed bag that are unique as it's only made from fabric. Not only they have a lot of outlet in Bangkok and other stores around the world ( Macau, Indonesia, Dubai, Japan.. etc)

A bag I picked up from Chatuchak's market for RM15!

Ahem...faux limited edition Longchamp - RM20

p/s: I asked my best friend to get me this back few months back from UK, but this design went out of stocks.. sad sad..

Small handbag - RM6 only!

My first Jim Thompson's haul !!! Got this lovely from their outlet mall.. for RM90!

Love this 100% Jim Thompson silk shawl!! RM75

Can anyone guess what is this! It's a pouch for something!


Another shawl I picked from Chatuchak - RM10

Got this from Chatuchak as well , Heating pad - RM2

Chatuchak- RM1.50 for each spagetti strap! This is from a reject shop!

Short pants from Platanium mall - RM20/each

Flowery dress from Platanium mall - RM35

Beach dress from platanium mall- RM14

Long pants - RM35 from Platanium mall

Blue/green skirt RM30 from Platanium mall

Some accesories ranging from RM1- RM5/each

Got this rings for RM6/each!

My last minutes haul from Boots!

Lip balm, hand cream and eyeshadow palette!

That's all.. I got it all !!

p/s: Now need to go back to saving mode.. need to save for Korea trip which is 6 months away from now!!!

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