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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pictures & Videos of Jelly Bunny Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Hi everyone, I'm back! Sorry I have been missing for quite a while because I away busy traveling and have a lot of issues to settle. I can't wait to share all my stories with all of you here especially on my trip to Sri Lanka recently. I managed to spot a leopard in the wild.. it's so exciting! I will be back with more pictures to show you all here.

Anyway out so many happening things for the past few months, I had a really fun date with the Bunny in late May. Any guess where is the Bunny from?

Any of you guess it correctly?

Jelly Bunny is a lifestyle fashion accessory brand from Thailand if you don't know. Established since 2011, it has fun story to tell via their variety of fashion products including shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses & more. The main objective is to flaunt a distinctive sense of style, refined quality, creativity and value without compromising on the comfort, functionality and durability. 

The brand constantly experiments with different shapes and bold colors, with plenty of love and attention to detail. Specially designed ornaments are constantly used to bring out the playful factor. Meanwhile, the unique texture of Jelly Bunny products is achieved through an innovative manipulation of non-toxic, easy-to-clean materials such as PVC and silicone. While the cute ornaments and various hues are pleasing to the eyes, the soft jelly-like texture creates the temptation to touch and feel. Not to forget the sweet vanilla scent incorporated into the shoes designed to perfectly heighten the wearer’s sense of smell. 

We are the lucky social media influencers who managed to catch a glimpse of the new Jelly Bunny Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

And we have a personal styling class with fashion stylist Haida Yusof on how to mix & match our outfit. 

Sweet Glam’ concept is the muse behind this season Jelly Bunny Spring/Summer 2015 "Dreaming n the Cloud collection which consists mainly of charming and playful designs - and that's the brand’s distinct signature. 

The color palette: warm violet, French blue, light purple and rainbow. So get ready to spark up this spring & summer with a touch more sweet glam and a tad more fun.

 In this season, Jelly Bunny also  present a new light & comfort shoe range for everyday wear.

 Here are some of our favourite one! 

Not only it looks pretty but it smells delicious :D 

Some of the bags from Jelly Bunny Spring/ Summer 2015 collection 

My favourite from this season collection. Not only this is bag is very eye attention but the material is very sturdy! 

This mini bag is super cute!

Check out my video which I took in the store to show you Jelly Bunny Spring and Summer 2015 Collection. 

It's so difficult to resist when all the designs are so cute and colourful!

Thanks to Jelly Bunny Malaysia, I got 2 flats and one black boots. <3 

Honestly, I would have bought more pairs if I could find my shoes size. My feet are too small and I can;t fit when some of the designs starts from size 6. 

Do check out the latest Sping/Summer 2015 collection in the below locations in Malaysia.

Suria KLCC Mall, Mid Valley Shopping Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Mall, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, KLIA 2, Sunway Putra Mall, Dataran Pahlawan Mall Melaka, East Coast Mall Kuantan, Gurney Paragon, Zest Point, Oceanus Waterfront Mall In Kota Kinabalu and JBK Mall

For more information, visit

Friday, May 9, 2014

XES Signature The Zodiac Series Launch

Hi everyone if you are Malaysian, am sure you can recognise this both 2 building, which is the famous KLCC Twin Towes and KL Tower. Take a closer look at the picture, can you see what the towers are made from?

Rafflesia is one of the biggest flower in the world is found in some forest in Sabah.

Hibiscus is Malaysian national flower.

Have you figured out what are they made off ? 

They are made of shoes and this is in conjunction with The 5th Malaysian International Shoe Festival happening a while ago. Very creative right! 

All thanks to XES Shoes, I recently attended their XES Signature a new label which was created for a more upscale look, with the elements of Fun & Glam. 

To kick start the brand, XES Signature introduced the first 12 pairs of shoes under The Zodiac Series which is designed to represent every women's different yet unique personality.

Each zodiac sign has a style of its own. Some people will choose a style or colour that represents their rising sign (ascendant). 

At the event, we have beautiful "Angels" presenting the collection for us. 

Aquarius : Jan 20 to Feb 18

They’re the first to find it, wear it and probably create it too --- their own sense of style is important. Aquarius are first to sport the latest fashion fads. They mix and match everything and break all fashion rules. 

Aquarius likes to be different and doesn’t mind being called quirky or unusual. They think whatever they wear is “cool” and a statement as to who they really are. 

Personalities of an Aquarius : Forward-thinking, inventive, clever, original and humanitarian.
Colours Available : Black & Beige
Retail price : RM139.90

Pisces : Feb 19 to March 20

Pisces rules the feet and therefore many Fish absolutely adore shoes. Pisces of both sexes tend to have a closet full of shoes. Fish are the daydreamers of the zodiacs so the women look for romantic fashions; chiffons and shimmering materials. It’s very common to see a Pisces woman dress in pastel colours. 

They like to wear soft, delicate, feminine styles yet stylish. You love shoes, and you believe “the shoes make the outfit”. You have a feminine touch and know how to be fun, sexy, flirty and cute.

Personalities of a Pisces : Likeable, energetic, compassionate, devoted and imaginative.
Colours Available : Black & Beige
Retail price : RM149.90

Aries : March 21 - April 19

They prefer the colours black & red. Style wise, Aries is ahead of the curve. This means you probably know, up to the minute, all about the current trends in fashion. One step ahead of the game, you're a trendsetter. 

Not afraid to try new things, as long as they appeal to your sense of fun and adventure, you'll wear the most daring of styles. However, in the business world, you will also find them in classic, power suits; dressed impeccably. 

Personalities of an Aries : Independent, courageous, generous, optimistic and enthusiastic.
Colours Available : Black & Tan
Retail price : RM139.90

Taurus : April 21 to May 20

These folks love shoes that are comfortable. Platforms, wedges & ballerinas are favourites. They like high quality items but want to get them on sale. Neutral colours and earth tones like beige, cream, brown & khakis are the best for a Taurus because she is an earth sign. 

With your sense of fashion, you will never be underdressed for any occasion, and you will always look good. 

Personalities of a Taurus : Persistent, loyal, patient and dependable.
Colours Available : Black & Tan
Retail price : RM149.90

Gemini : May 21 to June 20

Anything goes here! Gemini’s dual personality favours all kinds of looks and styles. Gemini’s closets brim with outfits for every occasion. Especially love dressing up in a velvet evening gown or black tie tux. 

The part of the body that Gemini rules are the hands so, bangle bracelets and pretty rings are some of their cherished accessories as well as their shoes. 

Personalities of a Gemini : Like to be in the centre of attraction, energetic, clever, imaginative and witty.
Colours Available : Black & Silver
Retail price : RM139.90

Cancer : June 21 to July 23

Pretty, soft, feminine, vintage... these words describe some of the outfits you may find hanging in a Cancer woman’s closet. That ratty old T-shirt from a Bon Jovi concert is a prized keepsake because it holds sentimental value for a Crab. 

Cancer like soft colours, especially white and shimmery pastels. In regard to their jewelry, they usually prefer silver and pearls. Both men and women crabs love soft, cozy fabrics like flannel, velour and terry cloth. 

Personalities of a Cancerian : Gentle & caring, mysterious, loyalty, adaptable & responsive.
Colours Available : Black & Purple
Retail price : RM139.90

Leo : July 24 to August 23

Leo the Lion loves luxurious things. Their favourite colours are red, gold & black. They are attracted to clothing that helps them “stand out” and is dramatic in some way. 

Leo is great at expressing their mood of the day through their fashion. They tend to dress in a style that represents their current feelings and emotions. 

Personalities of a Leo : Relax, ambitious, confident, loyal and encouraging.
Colours Available : Black & Tan
Retail price : RM149.90

Virgo : Aug 24 - Sep 23

Virgo always has a “put together” look. These folks pay a lot of attention to detail so they always look neat and polished, even when they’re wearing something very casual. They will often wear tailored, conservative outfits. 

Virgos are picky about the shoes they wear. They don’t like anything too flashy, too tight or fashion fads that go out of style quickly. Virgo is not usually up to date on the latest fashion trends and are more of a classic style. 

Personalities of a Virgo : Practical, precise, analytical, helpful and reliable.
Colours Available : Black & Red
Retail price : RM139.90

Libra : Sept 24 to Oct 23

Libra are very fashion-conscious and always strive to look their best. These are not “gaudy, flashy” dressers but people whose wardrobe gets them noticed because it has real style. 

A Libra likes to be comfortable, yet sexy. Yay this is my horoscope, sounds so like me!

Personalities of a Libra : Balance, graceful, diplomatic, idealistic and hospitable.
Colours Available : Black & Red
Retail price : RM149.90

Scorpio - Oct 24 to Nov 22

Sexy is a Scorpio word. For the Scorpio woman, sexy high heels, especially nice opened–toe stilettos are a must for any outfit. 

Personalities of a Scorpion : Disciplined, reflective, passionate, resourceful and dynamic.
Colours Available : Black & White
Retail price : RM139.90

Sagittarius - Nov 24 to Dec 21

Sag are freedom lovers so they look for clothing that is comfortable and sporty. Their look is fresh and casual. They love to wear revealing open-toed or peep–toe shoes. 

But, one thing is for sure; they will never sacrifice comfort for fashion. If they can get away with wearing flats with a dress they will. 

Personalities of a Sagittarius : Adventurous, highly intelligent, thoughtful and humorous
Colours Available : Black & White
Retail price : RM149.90

Capricorn : Dec 22 to Jan 19

Goats are very serious about their wardrobe. They look for good quality clothing and often designer labels. They usually wear tailored clothing, suits and well fitted pieces. 

They enjoy attention getting outfits. They prefer comfortable, luxurious style & classy. Your jewelry is simple, but expensive. 

Personalities of a Capricorn : Timeless, realistic, efficient, ambitious and mature.
Colours Available : Black & Red
Retail price : RM139.90

So do you think you like the shoes designed under your shoes ? 

I do like the wedge shoes under my zodiac but end up I picked another pair because I have too many wedges and needed a dinne shoes like this instead. Plus this bling shoes is so irresistable! 

Celebrities at the event - Charmaine Poo 

And just before I left, I bumped into Datuk Jimmy Choo the legendary shoes maker for Lady Diana, what a lucky day!

The XES Signature The Zodiac Series collection is already available in all XES store nationwide. For more information visit or

Monday, December 19, 2011

ROCKPORT SHOES Walkability Style Made Comfortable

*Rockport Concept store in 1 Utama*

Rockport is not like any other shoes brand that talks only about style but Rockport promises shoes that are Walkability Style Made Comfortable.

How often we complained that we wanted a pair of heels or pump but it was so difficult to walk in them? Well with Rockport, whether it is heels, pumps or sandals... it is about the comfortability.


The Rockport Company, LLC, is a leading brand within the Adidas Group corporate portfolio and one of the most recognized footwear brands in the United States.

Rockport has a heritage of innovation and offers stylish, comfortable footwear for men and women worldwide.

So what so special about Rockport if you asked me?

Well it must be their well-known adiPRENE technology in the heel for amazing shock absorption and adiPRENE+ technology for an enhanced rebound hence giving every single step a COMFORTABLE one.

I always wanted to buy a pump because it always looked so sexy no matter how you match it! BUT after a very painful experience from wearing pump I have not bought any pump for the past few years.

And when I found out about Rockport latest Iconic Janae Pump Collection , it sparkles my interest to try pump again. This collection is an unprecedented and stylish new approach to the everyday work shoes. Designed with the female metropolitan professional in mind, the Rockport Iconic Pump allows women everywhere to feel comfortable all day in their business-attire best, without compromising style in their shoes.

Rockport wanted this Ultimate Pump to allow a woman to look and feel good longer – before, during and after work.

The Janae Collection gives traditional silhouettes a sexy twist in platform high heels.

* Trying Janae Pump in Raisin color *

Can you believe that this 4inch pump is SO COMFORTABLE that you cannot really feel you are wearing one.

This is because Rockport has incorporated a number of high-tech elements into the construction of the “Janae” to make it the ultimate pump, including:
  • Nano-glide technology in the lining, which creates less friction
  • adiPRENE technology in the heel for amazing shock absorption and adiPRENE+ technology for an enhanced rebound;
  • Thick latex arch support to provide a unique extra cushioning feel
  • Breathable Polyurethane in the forefoot for moisture absorption
  • More height with less pitch; 79 mm heel pitch with a heel height of over 4 inches.
  • The platform in the forefoot work together to create a more comfortable walkable heel
  • Rubber outsole which provides a durable grip on a variety of surfaces and reduces slip

Resilient forefront cushioning provides a responsive, dynamic push-off. It is super awesome because it gave the full support to our feet.

The Janae pump collection are available in leather and suede options in a number of colorways, including black, brown, raisin and grey heather.

And Black leather pump is a classic! A must own by every woman!

Rockport Emma pump bow comes in different material and colour. The one above is comes with soft black leather is the best seller in Malaysia

Give your casual look a lift with the Emma Collection, comfy mid-wedges that raise your style quotient.

The Emma Pump Bow women’s shoe from Rockport’s truWALK collection has revolutionary technology that supports your foot through its entire range of motion. The walkability is enhanced by the moisture-absorbent footbed with adiprene® by adidas cushioning at the heel. The full grain leather shoe combines with suede throughout to create a classic mid-wedge. Find your size and color of the Emma Pump Bow women’s shoe on now.

Rockport Emma pump bow in suede material

The Rockport truWALK is a walking shoe designed to delay foot fatigue while on the go. Employing adiRPENE® technology by adidas, Rockport truWALK works with the foot’s natural motion to result in a more comfortable, natural stride.

I choose the one that comes in suede material because it gives me super comfortable feeling on my feet.

It got it for myself because the shoes fit me perfectly and would be a great shoes for my travelling!

Besides that I was introduced this very interesting Dress Shoes collection.

Dress shoes collection comes with truWALK and adiPRENE technology are lightweight that you can run around with it. It weighs less than the average running shoes. And it is called Dress Shoes because it is machine washable!!!

Dress shoes material is a combinations of renewable leather, nubuck and breathable mesh, providing shoes that are comfortable and look like new, no matter how many times you wash and wear them. Awesome right ?

I was told that Dress Shoes collection are popular in overseas for people who takes train to work. Where they wear this Dress Shoes while running to catch a train and fold it and keep in in the bag when they reached their office.

Rockport shoes are stylish, comfortable and looked pretty on feet.

There are so many different styles, colors and material to choose from!

Besides shoes, Rockport store sells shoes care and accessories such as belt and socks!

Do visit Rockport, to try it yourself and feel how comfortable are their shoes!

I love how helpful are their staffs in explaining and assisting me to find my perfect pair of shoes!

And I must say that our feet are really important to us because it keeps us going forward , so do make a good investment for a stylish & comfortable shoes at Rockport!

Rockport is now available at:

Rockport Concept Stores – The Curve, Queensbay Mall, Bangsar Village, Midvalley Megamall, 1 Borneo Hypermall, 1 Utama, Fahrenheit 88
N Concept Store – Plaza Shah Alam, Sunway Pyramid
Bata – Midvalley, KLCC
MG Footwear – Plaza Wata
Kedai Kasut You – Jalan Bonggol, Kuala Terrenganu

For more information about Rockport, visit

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