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Friday, December 9, 2016

5 reasons why Honda Civic is my dream ride

Last weekend I have the opportunity to go for test drive in this newly launched 10th generation of Honda Civic together with other bloggers. This All-New Honda Civic will be the game-changer in the C-segment cars in Malaysia by offering stylish design, new powertrain and class leading features. And here are the 5 reasons why Honda Civic is my dream ride! #RidetheDreamCivic

1. Design
I'm always a bigger fan for Honda Civic compared to other Honda's car because I think they are more stylish and appearance.

With the sleek headlamps and the grille connected by the chrome lip gives this new Honda Civic a more sporty appearance.

In total there are five colours for this new Honda Civic i.e Dark Ruby Red Pearl ( in picture), Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl and two brand new colours Lunar Silver Metallic and White Orchid Pearl.

Out of so many colours, I like this 3 Honda Civic in these colours ; Dark Ruby Red Pearl,  White Orchid Pearl and Lunar Silver Metallic. 

Night view of Honda Civic (front)

Night view of Honda Civic (rear view) . So sexy I like it!

2. Safety
Very often we hear about the term Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). But do you actually know what it means and how it works? To be honest I don't really know and in the past I guess it's the function to make sure the ride is stable.

What this Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) really means is it's a Traction Control to help to sense and correct over steering and under steering to improve cornering capabilities. So basically it helps to stabilize the cars when you do cornering and do emergency stops. I felt cornering is smooth and stable even at 100km/h during our test drive.

I don't really know the importance of this Vehicle Stability Assist until...I had this Reverse Flick terror ride. I thought I'm going to die but I survived thanks to Honda Civic's VSA! 

Airbags! Well we never had enough of that right? The more the merrier right? Well the All-New Civic offers 6 Airbags (Dual Front Airbags, Side Curtain Airbags and Side Airbags). Oh well, nice to have a lot of Airbags but I never want to activate this feature ...

On top of that this All-New Civic have additional safety features such as Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist (BA) with Emergency Stop Signal (ESS). It basically helps the driver apply full braking pressure in an accident avoidance situation and automatically activates the brake and hazard warning lights when it detects an emergency stop situation.

3. Advance Features
You know how your car is warm after you park outdoor even just few hours in Malaysia. So my practice is I usually run to my car and start the engine and let the air condition run a bit to cool down the temperature inside before driving. First of all it's really troublesome and second this is dangerous because I have to basically unlock the car and step out again.

This All-New Civic offers a very useful feature specially for Malaysian! Honda Remote Engine Start feature where you can start your car engine 10 meter away to let the air con run to cool down the temperature. Worry not the car is still in lock mode until you enter the car. Love this feature very much, my makeup will never melt again!

On top of that I also like this Walk Away Auto Lock automatically locks the car when the driver leaves the vehicle 2 meter away and no key is detected in the car. This hands-free locking capability is really useful especially we have our hands full or even forgotten to lock the door :P 

What if I tell you .... you do not need to press on the brake when you stop your car. Possible ? Well it's possible with Honda Civic Auto Brake Hold feature. 

Just simply activate this function by pressing on the Brake Hold button and whenever you need to stop the car in traffic or at the red light, you do no need to keep your foot on the brake. All-New Civic does it automatically for you. And when you ready to go, just accelerate.

I felt this is simplest yet smartest feature ever because this just make our driving with Honda Civic simply more enjoyable. 

The All-New Civic offers "Advance Interface" via its 7" Advance Display Audio

You can connect to your Apple CarPlay app. Soon it would be available for Android user.

Speaking of handsfree, All-New Honda Civic allow seamless synchronization between your CarPlay and the Car interface program by connecting your iPhone to a dedicated USB port. Once it's connected the display now shows an IOS interface built specifically for a car.

4. Performance
I have tried driving both 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged and 1.8L. Personally I preferred the 1.5 VTEC Turbocharged one after having a test drive uphill to Bentong via Genting Sempah because the pick up power and acceleration is much more better and  powerful. Both engines are mated with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for a smooth driving experience and fuel efficiency. Both car variant of the All-New Civic are "Energy Efficient Vehicle" certified.

Moreover the 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged variant is equipped with smart monitoring which give a peace of mind to driver in maintaining the efficiency of the engine performance. It will indicate the timing of oil change and notify customers with an indication lap on speedometer on their service status.  
5. Service

We visited Kah Motor Selayang Service Center as they are the largest Honda 3S Center in Malaysia. 3S means they offer Sales, Services and Spare Parts for all your Honda needs. 

Every time you send your car to Honda Service centre, their technician will need to follow their check list upon registration. 

To ensure consumer's car is well protected while going through servicing, Honda technician will cover the driver seat and steering wheel to prevent it from becoming dirty.
All the 3S Centres are equipped with the DST-i diagnostic tools which lets them detect problems which may not be apparent at first. 

Professional tools to check tyres and I'm seeing this for the first time. Usually third party tyres shop check tires condition manually i.e use eyesight and the foreman might miss it. However for more accurate reading, would advice to check it at Honda Service Centre. 

From what I observed indeed the Honda Authorised Service Centres technicians are highly skilled and professional. I felt reassured as well that only genuine parts are being used here as well. 

Honda is a really familiar brand close to my heart because my mum is driving her trusted Honda City for years. Henry & Duncan my our team in this test driver were saying WOW every time we discovered the features of this car. All of us came to agreement that Auto Brake Hold feature is the best feature to have for city driver like us! 

And I can never overlook the importance of Vehicle Stability Assist feature the same way again now that we know the importance... that it might just save our life or the kitten on the road with Honda Civic's Brake Assist!

Speaking on stability, Honda Malaysia sent us to experience one of the lifetime experience, Flyboarding in Marina Putrajaya which requires balancing & stability skills to be able to fly up in the air like Iron man with water jet boots! 

  Looks easy and I can tell you NO..... cos they are experts!

This extreme sports need a lot of perseverance because it's really hard to flip your body and stand straight under the water with the high water pressure from your boots. You have to be extremely calm and steady for pressure to push up in the air.

After drinking gallons of water from the Lake ( cos I was thirsty lol)  finally I emerged from the water and have a few seconds of glamour moment before I felt into the water again. 

Flat Water Paddling. This is easier than Flyboarding but then again balancing is the key. Just keep calm and paddle on! Love this amazing view of Putrajaya! Thanks to Honda Malaysia I got another bucket list checked!

Before I forgot, the prices for All-New Civic 3 variants are:

RM 113,800 for 1.8L (on-the-road with insurance) 
RM 127,800 for 1.5 Turbocharged (on-the-road with insurance) 
RM 135,800 for 1.5 Turbocharged Premium (on-the-road with insurance)

Note : For  white Orchid Pearl colour, you need to top up additional RM 300. And there is a rebate of RM 3000 for Honda Civic for this year end promotion, please visit the website or walk in into any Honda showroom to find out more.

In case you are wondering how much is the service maintenance fee for this new Honda Civic. It's pretty affordable as it's price between RM 63.60 to RM238/every 10k service for the first 70k mileage service 

For more information, visit

Thanks Honda Malaysia for arranging this test drive trip, I have such a great time hanging out with these awesome people while riding my dream ride :) #RideTheDreamCivic

Well here are the top 5 reasons why Honda Civic is my dream ride. What is yours? 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stay Hydrated and Stylish with Aquabook!

I always like to carry small bag because it's easy to carry and looks stylish with any of my outfit. But one thing I realised is that I could not carry my water bottle with me to quench my thirst. Hence sometimes I have to forgo carrying my favourite bag so that I could carry my conventional round water bottle. As I was wondering wh do all the bottles look the same, I stumbled on Aquabook. 

Aquabook was created by two young entrepreneurs from Germany, Felix Durst and David Ziegler who believe that education is the most powerful weapon in tackling the problems modern societies are facing today. Staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining brain activity. Studies show that drinking water can make your brain work faster. They realised that the global consumption of disposable water bottles increases by 10% every year and most of the bottled water in the U.S. is taken from municipal water sources, a.k.a. tap water, and then sold back to consumers at up to 10.000 times the cost of tap water. That explains why I do not like to buy disposable water bottle all the time and always prefer to bring my own bottle.

With disposable water bottles of plastic bottles simply being littered by consumers today it has caused serious environment issue globally. Felix and David believe that they have created Aquabook to be the last bottle of your live.

Aquabook is carefully design flat water bottle designed to fit any kind of purse or bag.

From the first sight, Aquabook does look like a book as it is flat and rectangular in size like an A5 paper. It fits perfectly nice on our purse and handbag without taking too much space, plus it's really stylish to carry! 

Not only it's stylish for women to carry, even men can carry Aquabook in their briefcase.

I like how Aquabook is customizable, convenient and reusable. It’s designed for people who want to carry their water bottle on the go. 

It is made with TRITAN® (Eastman Chemicals), a synthetic that is BPS and BPA free and recyclable, in a polymer specialized manufacture. The technology of this provides temperature resistance, which means we are also able to fill our Aquabook with our favourite hot and cold drinks!

 The Aquabook comes in five different colors and the special Gold Edition with different colour cap for you to match. There will be more colours to be introduced later on.

One very unique feature of Aquabook that I like is that the cover is customisable to the way you like it by using an advanced UV digital printing technology. The labeling is not only affordable but also obtains permanent high-quality results. So basically you can print your favourite picture, pattern or statement making it your very own Aquabook, so awesome right! 

This would made Aquabook an ideal gift for your friends, or a good merchandise article for companies or clubs during birthday or Christmas! 

In case you are wondering how to clean Aquabook, they have cleaning solutions accessories made in Germany to help you to do the cleaning.
So if you like this Aquabook geniusly designed water drinking bottle that is customizable in a genuine A5 format that combines convenience, design and sustainability, do bring Aqualife design to life by contributing to their crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter

GO for GOLD! 

Get this exclusive eye-catching special Gold Aquabook edition when you pledge a their crowdfunding campaign which runs on Kickstarter!

I really like this Gold edition because it looks super classy and more importantly by using Aquabook instead of single use bottles, we be a part to save our Mother Nature from a lot of plastic waste. 

Find out more at

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Life Media Preview Party Launch

Remember yesterday I wrote about how I redeem a free cooking class through Samsung GALAXY Life mobile apps? Well Samsung Malaysia just officially launched Samsung GALAXY Life last Friday at Renoma Cafe & Gallery and I was there to witness it.

With the launch of GALAXY Life, Samsung seeks to offer their consumers a benefit unmatched by other device manufacturers. Samsung consumers can now join a community where they will receive personalised, curated and exclusive content optimised especially for their devices.

Vincent Chong, Director of IT and Mobile Communications, Samsung Malaysia Electronics said that "The GALAXY Life is about living a life that is more enriching. We are happy to welcome Samsung smartphone and tablet users to the family with access to experts sharing customised content and preference-based offers and deals that goes beyond the mundane. Whether it's about getting recommendations on food, fashion or lifestyle by experts or a good deal found especially for a customer, GALAXY Life will be their passport to all these and more!"

GALAXY Life offers Samsung consumers entry and access to a community that is customised by categories, content and deals. The programme will look  towards building experiences for consumers across seven categories - LIVE, ENTERTAIN, LEARN, PLAY, CONNECT, WORK AND SURPRISE

Content will be provided by topic "experts" across Entertainment, Food, Fashion and Sports topics. The inital group of experts include celebrity chef Bobby Chinn, sports commentators/journalist Jason de la Pena and fashion host/model Asha

In Malaysia, consumers can look forward to exclusive deals on weekly basis from 50 partners to date, with more than 120 offers and deals up to be redeemed.

During the launch, there are fashion show by Zalora Malaysia, Production D and Makeup Puzzle

An energetic performance by Celebrity Fitness

 Coffea Coffee was at the event to do coffee art demonstration.

 I love the one on the left that looks like Lion King! 

I requested the barrister to do a dragon art & within minutes he came up with this! creative.. he said this looked like dragon/snake and S which stands for Samsung! 

Shawn Cutler was at the launch to do hair chalk by Loreal Professionel Malaysia to the guests! I thought want to re-do mine but mine green hair chalk colour is still there... after almost 2 weeks.. damn lasting ah! 

Just before the event ends, there are lucky draws for the guests and Samsung Malaysia was so generous to give away so many mobile phones away to lucky winners! 

Thanks to Johnson, Rane's husband for capturing such a beautiful photos of us :) 

I had such a wonderful time catching up with friends and checking out promos on the GALAXY Life apps! After the event I treat my BFF Sharon early birthday dinner as it was her birthday the next day :) 

p/s: See my green colour hair chalk is still so obvious! After 2 weeks it faded to greenish grey <3 

Well Samsung mobile users, quickly go download GALAXY Life at Google Play Store ( to enjoy exclusive offers & deals NOW! 

Note that GALAXY Life is available for all users of a Samsung GALAXY smartphone, tablet or camera running on Android 4.1 and above.

And if you haven't read my previous post, read now to find out how I had an exclusive cooking class with award winner Chef Wai at Starhill Culinary Studio by redeeming a voucher at GALAXY Life. Click HERE to read more! 

More info visit, Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook Page

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