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Friday, January 4, 2013

So I say goodbye to my long hair and has a new hairstyle for year 2013

I said goodbye to my long hair and I'm going to miss this hair for a while!

If you don't know, I cut my hair shorter.. .. I mean SHORT!

I've been thinking to cut my hair shorter for quite some times ( few years maybe) for some reasons
1) My hair is damaged from bleaching and it cannot be rescued anymore even after 2 years of bleaching! My hair ends are dry & have split ends and I was depressed!
2) Hair fall problem that leads to hair thinning and soon balding!
3) I am just too bored with my hairstyle (has been 10 yrs alrdy!) and I wanted a CHANGE...I know curly hair is nice but I', lazy to curl up my hair all the time and its damaging as well.

BUT every time I sat on the salon's chair and asked for a shorter hair, above my shoulder... the stylist just replied.. your face is round and short hair would not looked nice on you ( or another word UGLY). Sigh And all stylist I met over the years, be it the expensive salon or those cheap one.. all told me the same.. that if I insist cutting my hair shorter, it is a bad choice because it would make face looked rounder.. etc.. And I am torn and don't know if I should change hairstyle..! I am in dilemma...

Not only recently, I was chatting with ParisB and I told her how I envy her hairstyle because she change all time and it looked really nice on her! And I told her I am stuck with my long hair and all sylists said best hairstyle for me is long hair and I will look wrong in shorter hair with my round face. And then she said she has the problem until she met her stylist Thomas. So quickly asked for the salon name and went home and google and hunt down this guy Thomas!

Thomas is a really busy man, after many many phone calls finally I book a spot. And when I met him, I told him I wanted a short hair and whether it will looked okay on me. And he said "You got a boring hairstyle and I decided to do something nice for you". I said okay up to you as long it looked nice! I like how decisive and confident he sounded and I agreed immediately!

So he chopped off my hair half within seconds. I thought to myself...not too bad, I still have shoulder length hair!

But Thomas said he is not quite done with it and that is only the beginning of my hair cut!  So he send me to go shampoo (the head massage was excellent!) and when after my hair is blow dry, he came back and started to do magic on my hair. I was observing carefully what he was trying to do but can't really figure out! And he told me that he is going to cut my hair really short and it would looked fresh & fantastic!

After 30 mins or so....

 JENG JENG JENG... my new hairstlye!!! Nice or not!!!!!

Thomas gave my hair a new life ! And who say round face cannot have short hair?

I feel young & fresh... and it has been a while I forgot how light my hair can be!

 The overall cut, it was a nice sleek cut!

I was really happy with my haircut and that was my best 2012 decision to go to Thomas. He knew what he want to do with my hair the first instance he saw me and that is what I need. A stylist that can design a hairstyle for me not the other way round.. because I am not a professional hair stylist, I don't know if this or that hairstyle looked nice on me ..And I also found out that Thomas is owner of the salon and he has 15 years experience! Actually I did asked Thomas why he cut my hair so short like that and aren't him afraid I cannot accept it... he said he actually observe when he talked to me and that he knew I could definitely carry the look! Wow, he did observe my personality before making the hair cut!

Well after a week of hair cut, I still can't believe it that I am now having short hair and I am quite  enjoying it! Shampooing or blow drying hair is so much faster now and Ilove how I do not need to "park" my hair every time before I sleep. 

Although I was first was kinda afraid that short hair would look boyish and won't look nice especially if I am wearing dress... but I was quite surprise that short hair just makes me feel fresh & chic!
After trying this pink dress in Debenhham, I just think my short hair looked so good in dress too!

So I am enjoying my short hair moment now and I glad I took the courage to cut it short especially when our age increases in 2013, I am  I looked younger in short hair & let me temporary forget about the increase in age !

 So if are bored with your hairtsyle too, why not have a change... after all our hairs grow back eventually!

Here is where I cut my hair! The boutique salon is very cosy and have interior that looked like 70s in Shanghai!

De Headline Salon
UG/FG 002-003,Upper Ground Floor,Off Jalan Bukit Bintang,55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-21420515 
Price : RM80 (haircut + hairwash) 
     Opening hour: Mon - Sat: 11am - 8pm and Sun: 11am -7pm
Look for Thomas and make appoinment in advance.
Check out their Facebook Page here

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Qualities a man should have before you want to consider dating or marriage!

Hi people, Happy Malaysia Independent Day ! Hope you enjoy your holiday today and well I have something to share! 

I watched a video few days ago and it makes me think a little bit more about man & woman relationship and I decided to blog! Well I know I don't usually write about relationship but I have seen so many of my close friends went on dating , got married and divorce later on. And of course there are some lucky one managed to live happily ever after (till now). The one who are successful in relationship are those who managed to find their Mr Right! But how do we know whether the person is the RIGHT man to date & get marry with in the first place? For me besides the feeling Love, there are few things that a man MUST possess before a girl can consider dating or even marrying him?


Speaking of loyalty, one sure can relate it to dog. People often said dog is man's best friend simply because  they are trustworthy & they don't betray! And I'm sure all of us don't want to be betray & want a man that can be trusted. So if today a man can't even be loyal to his girlfriend, how can he even qualified to be a husband. If he has cheated once, I am pretty sure he will cheat soon because behaviour are hard to change! 


Have you heard before this Chinese proverb, if you are hardworking, you definitely would not die of hunger. Survey in the past has showed that many argument which lead to divorce cases happened because of problem araises from financial issues. Yes money is not everything but without money you can do anything at all right? So if the man is hardworking in earning money for the family, this also shows also that he has sense of responsibility & love towards the family. 

3) Patience 

I must admit I am someone who is always in the rush and have no patience for many things. But when comes to relationship, I think patience is very important simply because it is not easy for 2 people from different background to come together and live together under one roof as husband and wife. Each of us has different brought up and it really takes patience to discover & adapt the differences. I remembered reading that there are couples in US divorce because of the irreconcilable difference over how the toothpaste tube was squeezed. If only they are patience enough to listen & talk to each other, and maybe have each toothpaste tube? And more importantly when a man is patience he is usually not bad tempered and able to listen and talk it out! And I think this is one of qualities that are really lacking in men in these day! 


This is the kinda of people I cannot live with. Be it friend or boyfriend. I have met so many people like that, they just want to come and take advantage and would not share anything and I have bid goodbye to people like this. I am a strong believer that in any relationship we have with anyone, we have to share not only the good time but also bad times together,  because life is not always happy & beautiful. And when a man & woman get together, they share a relationship together. So if a man is a selfish person and all he bothers is only about himself then he don't even deserve a friend or girlfriend because he can't be bother to share his love with the other half and all he wants is he himself. And I'm sure you have heard of this proverb before "No man is an island" ? Well it simply means No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others, therefore one cannot be a selfish one.


I don't expect any man to do the above in today's world. But speaking in today context, a gentleman should be one who can understand the need and worries of a woman. Simple things like making sure that we enter the house after sending us home &  helping us to carry our handbag in public especially when now snatch thief is a huge and rampant problem in Malaysia. And of course as a gentleman, one should never be petty and calculative over small things & never lay his hands on a woman!

All these sounds easy? 

Well at least to me these are the basic qualities a man must possess before one can consider dating or marrying him. Of course the more good qualities that a man possess, the better it is! But nobody is perfect in the world and so end of the day, we gotta give & take ...and end of the day that man you love would be the perfect one in your eyes! 

Watching what the girl said about her friend's boyfriend in the video above, I think he has committed one big & unforgivable mistake, that he used to hit his girlfriend! This is something I do not tolerate & accept and I honestly think her friend should calm down & think whether this is the man he want to get marry with and live with for the rest of her life.

A life partner (i.e husband) is someone we going to live with the rest of our life. He must be someone we can live with (attitude & behaviour) and can't live without (his love) at the same time.

I have my share with you my preferences, what about yours?

What do you think are the good qualities that a man must possess? 

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am back in action!

I just came back yesterday from Seoul, Korea and it was shivering cold there!!!

However still love the weather there, compare to the hot & humid weather we have it here!

I made some beauty purchase and will be posting up here soon!

Stay tune!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What are on your table ?

Today is Saturday and hence I guess everyone is busy doing their shopping, facial and spa..while I will busy attending events..

So decided to do much a relax post, to share what is on my table..

Above all are the stuffs I keep in my office.

Evian Facial Spray
ROC Minesol Triple Defense Body Spray 50SPH
Vaseline Healthy White Lotion
Nivea Extra Whitening Milk Repair Lotion
The BodyShop Body Butter in Passion Fruit
Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion
H20 Hand & Nail Cream
Vitahealth Multi Vitamins
SevenSeas Multivitamins
Kordel's Royal Jelly 1000
White Siang Pure Balm
Colgate Plax Mouthwash
Origins Peace of Mind
Burt's Bees Beewax lipbalm
Estee Lauder Sensous miniature
Dettol antiseptic cream

As you can see there a few bottles of body lotion, hand cream, vitamins and yes I think its important to have lotion in the office especially when you are working indoor under full blast air condition which makes our skin dry up easily. Of course I have small travel size of hand cream, body cream and lip balm in my handbag too beside the cosmetics pouch!

So dear friends... share with me

What are on your table ??

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I just bought Blackberry Bold 9700 !!! Love it !

I've been looking for a new phone for the longest time to replace my current old Samsung I450 (which I have been using for 2 years this coming 28 May) and me being me is very particular when comes to gadget. At last I settled down on this phone after reading lots of reviews and hearing so much goodness in them. And recently when my Hot Mama told me that her line contract will be renewed in Singapore, quickly I asked her to check out the price for Blackberry Bold 9700. It is such a good bargain that I immediately asked her to buy!

In Malaysia, the phone is being sold around RM1.9k and with contract signed with any telco company, the lowest price that i have to pay for the phone is more than RM1.2k with the highest commitment fee. In Singapore, my Hot Mama could get for S$400 (with 2 years line contract with the lowest commitment fee from Starhub). And my Hot Mama just received S$100 rebate voucher just before her line contract expires. And this means the phone is only S$300 !! Super good deal, how come Malaysian telco (Maxis, Digi & Celcom dont have such offer one!) And when she met me last weekends to passed me the phone, she told me she received another S$50 Robisons shopping voucher from Starhub for purchasing the phone. I was surprised, means my new Blackberry Bold 9700 is only S$250 = MYR 580 ONLY !!! Crazy crazy !! And I love this phone, the navigation is smooth and going online is super damn high speed because it compressed all internet data!! Am officially in love with it !

This phone comes with 4-5 different adapters for the charger for me to change depending on which country I travel, so crazy convenient!! And it has THREE manual books to read! Well I find it useless after browsing it, so now I am currently STUDYING online on the phone functions and accessibility ! Ah.. bye bye, I am going back to my journey of experimenting! So fun! I can tweet and reply comment anytime now!

So any Blackberry users out there ?

Can BBM me with liao !

p/s: Unfortunately the charger of the phone got problem cannot charge, got manufacturing defect I think. But is okay lah currently am charging via usb cable while my Hot Mama will back for an exchange! Thanks Hot Mama, you so hot !!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Part 2 : Outlook of the Year 2010 by Lilian Too

Let the slides do the talking instead ~~

What the year of Tiger will bring to us!

Apparently they will have lucky draw at the end of the workshop ...

I was surprised to see there are a number of Malay & Indian among the majority Chinese participants. I guess when talked about feng sui, everyone want know what to expect if they can be better and richer the coming year !

People can make money if they have new ideas !

Natural Disasters & Wars will continue ( sob sob!!)

That explained why we have so much issues being politicized nowadays!!

Resist temptation okay , all of you out there!!!

p/s: I think we all should stop watching tv advertisements which often portray handsome & sexy & hot guys with sexy & pretty chicks!

So remember do not invest in industry that connects with earth elements if you believe in Feng Sui!

p/s: Others part coming soon !

Chinese Zodiac Tips from Lilian Too's Extravaganza 2010

On the second day of 2010, I attended the Lilian Too's Extravaganza 2010 workshop (YES this is not only a beauty workshop, but a fengsui workshop!) at KL Convention centre and guess what? It is a full day 9am-5pm event on a Sunday and I thought not many people will go, how wrong was I !!!.....Anyway I need to thanks this little darling named Adriene for inviting me there for free :D The ticket are sold between RM68-RM128.

Lilian Too was one of the interesting speakers I have ever attended, she is basically entertaining & dramatic ( I cant find any other word to explained it better), she has the special skill to keep all her participants stay awake and LAUGH at all her jokes, actions and of course her fengsui tips all day long! Well it's an eye opener to me to attend such event and I suddenly felt that Lilian Too is like my Church Pastor preaching in front of the stage (Yes my church service is held in Auditorium like this, how cool is it ya!)

And I guess most of us are interested to see how the year of pussycat TIGER going to affect us personally !!! So here are the slides that I am busy taking while Lilian Too did her magic talking !

p/s: Did I mentioned that according to Lilian Too, there is always cure to all the bad fengsui you going to have, so Dont worry just check out here!

So what are your Chinese zodiac???

p/s: Read at your own risk, all liabilty are excluded ... hehe ~I going back to edit the rest of the slides !
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