Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I just bought Blackberry Bold 9700 !!! Love it !

I've been looking for a new phone for the longest time to replace my current old Samsung I450 (which I have been using for 2 years this coming 28 May) and me being me is very particular when comes to gadget. At last I settled down on this phone after reading lots of reviews and hearing so much goodness in them. And recently when my Hot Mama told me that her line contract will be renewed in Singapore, quickly I asked her to check out the price for Blackberry Bold 9700. It is such a good bargain that I immediately asked her to buy!

In Malaysia, the phone is being sold around RM1.9k and with contract signed with any telco company, the lowest price that i have to pay for the phone is more than RM1.2k with the highest commitment fee. In Singapore, my Hot Mama could get for S$400 (with 2 years line contract with the lowest commitment fee from Starhub). And my Hot Mama just received S$100 rebate voucher just before her line contract expires. And this means the phone is only S$300 !! Super good deal, how come Malaysian telco (Maxis, Digi & Celcom dont have such offer one!) And when she met me last weekends to passed me the phone, she told me she received another S$50 Robisons shopping voucher from Starhub for purchasing the phone. I was surprised, means my new Blackberry Bold 9700 is only S$250 = MYR 580 ONLY !!! Crazy crazy !! And I love this phone, the navigation is smooth and going online is super damn high speed because it compressed all internet data!! Am officially in love with it !

This phone comes with 4-5 different adapters for the charger for me to change depending on which country I travel, so crazy convenient!! And it has THREE manual books to read! Well I find it useless after browsing it, so now I am currently STUDYING online on the phone functions and accessibility ! Ah.. bye bye, I am going back to my journey of experimenting! So fun! I can tweet and reply comment anytime now!

So any Blackberry users out there ?

Can BBM me with liao !

p/s: Unfortunately the charger of the phone got problem cannot charge, got manufacturing defect I think. But is okay lah currently am charging via usb cable while my Hot Mama will back for an exchange! Thanks Hot Mama, you so hot !!!


  1. very cool! must admit ... i seriously need to change out my cellphone soon ... its almost embarassing how old it is!

  2. Good deal ^^
    Now Maxis also having a very good promo with iPhone. If you commit a monthly fee of RM250 p/mth, 24 mths contract & you can own an iPhone at only RM490!!!

  3. wah-- just wondering. but do u need a special kind of telco plan to use it?

  4. BBM : Did you just realised your name BBM also stands for Blackberry Messenger.. hehe ! is alright if your old phone is working well, mine old one is giving me a lot of problems. Better save and buy cosmetics ? hehehe

  5. juli : wow quite good deal but RM250 commitment fee wooo !!! And next month Iphone coming out with 4g!!! Anyway i didnt get Iphone because I dont like touch screen.. :P

  6. hey...i was thinking was get blackberry or iphone ohh...but i dun like iphone actually....

  7. Zoe : then don think nonit think about it ! Hahaha blackberry !!!


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