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Monday, October 2, 2023

Discovering Wonders of Blueberries at the Blueberry Wonder Workshop

I have always love blueberry and I am a big fan of Oregon Washington Blueberries! I am thankful to be invited by Oregon Washington Blueberries to dove into a world of health and flavour at the Blueberry Wonder Workshop which took place at Wellness City in Bukit Jalil.

This event was a real treat for the senses, offering a wonderful mix of interesting talks, cooking demonstrations, hands-on activities, and delicious treats all centered around the healthy Oregon Washington Blueberries.

The workshop kicked off with an engaging speech by Mr. Eddie Saw, who represents US Blueberries in Malaysia. He talked about the fascinating history of blueberries and their transformation into a superfood. A representative from KL Wellness City, the venue sponsor, also shared some insights about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which fit well with the wellness-focused event.

Wellness advocate and social media personality Iman Azman spoke passionately about the importance of blueberries in our everyday lives. These tiny but powerful berries have become a regular part of modern diets because of their outstanding nutritional benefits and their ability to be added to a wide variety of dishes and beverages.

Iman added, “My little ones especially, love blueberries in their cupcakes and as a parent I feel more assured adding fresh quality and nutritious ingredients into their favorite snacks and drinks.”

The event's culinary experience was made even better by Chef Zie Zie, who showed how to make a delicious Seared Chicken Quinoa Bowl with Fresh Blueberries. 

Everyone got to see how blueberries can add a unique flavor twist to both savory and sweet dishes.

Thanks Chef Zie Zie, it was a really fun workshop!

Guests were asked to join a fun cooking session where they got to make their own tasty Blueberry Cream Cheese Mini Tarts and enjoy a refreshing Blueberry Colada drink. 

After the cooking fun, everyone savored a delightful lunch before gathering for a group photo to capture the memories.

As the workshop came to an end, each of us received certificates to recognize their active participation. 

Blueberries are considered a superfood because they're packed with antioxidants and offer various health advantages, such as boosting the immune system and promoting heart health. They're free of cholesterol and sodium, high in potassium and Vitamin C, making them a popular choice for health-conscious individuals looking for clean, nutritious food.

Oregon and Washington blueberries are meticulously selected to guarantee that only the finest quality blueberries are included in every serving of your diet. You can find them in leading supermarkets and grocery stores.

Dish 01 Recipe: 
Seared Chicken Quinoa Bowl with Fresh Blueberries 

Dish 02 Recipe: Blueberry Cream

Dish 03 Recipe: Blueberry Colada

Blueberry Colada looks really pretty and refreshing to drink! 

Thank you Oregon Washington Blueberries for having us for this Wonders of Blueberries at the Blueberry Wonder Workshop. I had so much fun in the hands-on workshop with Sara! 

Happy to meet my fellow bloggers & influencers friends!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BCL BFF Makeup Party

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to learn 2 Japanese makeup look (Cool Beauty & Japanese Idol look) from Takeru Hiro san using BCL products with my BFF aka my sis Jem :D 

 BCL is a Japanese cosmetics brand and the name BCL is the short form for Beauty Creative Lab. BCL is suitable for fashionable young, working adults who wants to look good. And this is the first time I tried out their products and I am pretty excited to try out as my friend has told be before that their eyebrow and eyeliner is quite nice. 

According to him Cool Beauty look are more defined and mature, and it has the characteristics of sharp eyebrow, black eyeliner, volume & curl mascara as opposed to Japanese Idol look that give supernatural look with soft eyebrow,  brown eyeliner, volume mascara and plus one point focus (either lips of cheek)

Allow me to share with you my opinion on the BCL products that I had tried in the workshop

Clear Last Pore Cover Face Powder

Very light coverage but it does cover a bit of my pores and brighten up the face.

 Browlash EX W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid

 Comes in Natural Brown and Grayish Brown shade

For people who want to have quick touch up with define finishing on their eyebrow, this would be a good one.

Browlash EX W Eyebrow Gel Eyeliner & Powder is a new product coming in to Malaysia.

Comes with 2 shade; Natural Brow and Light Brown. 

Finally we have lighter colour eyebrow colour and this powder eyebrow would give a more natural finishing to our brow. My hair colour is pretty light so I have been looking for the correct eyebrow shade to match my hair colour and this 2 shade that they bring in is even lighter than the one I had back home.

 Makemania is also a brand under BCL and this is Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow, basically eyeshadow in a pencil form

 Bronze Brown and Light brown shade

This is super easy to use, just glide through and blend using brush or finger. Colours is shimmering but very pigmented. This is great to use on the go and small to carry in our handbag.  We were told that this is called magic pen because this can use as eyebrow, eyeliner and eyeshadow. 

Of all the products I tried, this is my favourite Brow Lash Ex Water Strong Liner. The name on the product might sound misleading because this is actually a liquid eyeliner and not a another eyebrow product. Browlash is just another range name (just like Makemania) under BCL.

The colour is deep black, very intense.. I like! The unique thing about this eyeliner is that this is waterproof but yet can be removed using warm water! 
The brush head had the shape like a marker pen, the brush is soft yet firm.

Over the years from the makeup workshop I attended, I picked up a very important tips that help me when I apply eyeliner or eyehadow which is  to always to brush a little bit of loose powder on our eyelid (or if you had your eyeshadow on then it's fine) to create a clean canvas before applying eyeliner/eyebrow colour so that they will stay and will not smudge. 

Same goes to our eyebrow, I used to have problem drawing my eyebrow using eyebrow pencil then I came to realised that sometimes our eyebrow is damp (from sweat etc) so the eyebrow colour does not stick on our eyebrow hair. Hence brushing a thin layer of loose powder before applying would let the powder to absorb all the sweat etc before the eyebrow colour can  easily 'stick" stick on the eyebrow hair.

 Browlash Ex Perfect Macara & Eyeliners is a new product in BCL that recently available in Sasa. Anyone tried this before ? I'm sure this cute pink packaging caught our attention right?

This is a volumised mascara with shimmering brown eyeliner is the tools to create the Japanese idol look. 

 Brow Lash EX Volume Up Fiber Mascara in Black

I tried this I think this give me more lengthening effect

Takeru Hiro san also brought 2 very nice blusher from BCL unfortunately it's not available in Malaysia yet.

Model before & After 

Love her eye makeup!

 These are the products use to create my look .

Before & After look.

A very simple natural look using BCL products, as you can see it's very natural finishing to enhance our existing feature. I bought the eyeliner from the event and shall put on a review if I got time.

I had fun learning makeup with BCL with my BBF aka my little sister, thanks BCL Malaysia! It had been a while we attend workshop together because she is so busy working!

 Group pictures with all the happy looking participants!

BCL products are currently available in all SASA Malaysia. For more information,visit 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Register Shizens Private Workshop for FREE!

If you have been following my blog, you might remember that I blogged about Shizens skincare range here and to be honest SHUI and Time Resistance Essence is my favourite products! 

So why not register and join their FREE WORKSHOP to try out! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mary Quant Cosmetics Makeup Workshop

I remembered last September I first came across Mary Quant cosmetics in Muse Watsons in Sunway Pyramid and did an overview post for them here. However I didn't get a proper chance to play with the products so was glad finally get to attend their hands-on makeup workshop last week. 
Just a recap Mary Quant Cosmetics is a brand under a famous fashion designer Mary Quant in UK who was make famous for inventing miniskirt! Mary Quant Cosmetics was born back in 1966 and it's famous for it's brand signature : Black Daisy print on her brand.

Mary Quant's slogan “Be free, be yourself" which she said "I wanted to bring fashion to face". TOtal coordination, created by combining makeup and fashion to express a sense of oneself, is called a 'look'. According to her, Mary Quant is created to allow infinite possibilities in term of coordination. There are no rules that apply to coordination.

And I believe this is how the freedom palette comes about, where we are free to pick any colours we want and put into the magnetic palette. Talk about customisation, this is it!

This is my 2nd time meeting Ms Takaki from Japan. This time she guide us step by step in using Mary Quant's products. Lucky for us she speaks good english so it's so much easier to listen and communicate to her! 

I was very glad to see new puffs and sponge on the table - no gems yay! I am very particular of this when I come for beauty workshop. Thumbs up to Mary Quant for being so professional in conducting workshop.

The first step of makeup, the makeup base.

Put on Mary Quant Oil Zap (RM119 for 20g) on our T-zone or whole face if you skin is oily. And put on Mary Quant Moisture Zap (RM129 for 30g) on the rest of the face, it will help makeup to last longer while hydrating the skin. 

Oil Zap texture is gellish and glides through skin smooth. While Moisture Zapis creamy and need to be spread evenly on our face. After a long day outside, I did not feel my face is drying. It does the job as a hydrating makeup base.

Next to cover up my dark eye circle

I used Mary Quant Eye Gloss (RM79 for 8.5g) to cover my dark circles and dullness. It also helps to make the eyeshadow colours show up. This comes in one universal shade and just need to use a little bit as it's pretty creamy. 
Instead of Liquid foundation, we were told to try out Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation (RM108)  

Comes with 8 shades, this highly highly moisturizing powder foundation controls the light and creates the idea skin colour, texture and a three-dimensional appearance. The texture of this Powder Foundation is pretty fine and smooth, plus it gives medium coverage. 

Mary Quant Brow Line (RM59) comes in 3 shades ; Charcoal grey, Chestnut Brown and Camel Brown. This is also waterproof formula. I used the lightest shade Camel Brown to match my hair colour. Pretty easy to use this one, the down side is need to sharpen it which I am always very lazy to do ! 

Next part is my favourite part do to make up which is my eyes.. this time we are taught to create a special romantic look using Mary Quant Eye Opener Powder Eye Shadow (RM49 without casing). The texture is fine but not all colours are pigmented and picked as well as the others.

I used N-01 (white eyeshadow) all over my eyelid and use P-06 (purple eyeshadow) on the outer corner of my eyes to create the smoky look. Then used V-01 (violet eyeshadow) to blend from the middle to the inner corner of the eyes. Last but not least use R-02 (red marroon eyeshadow) to apply on the corner of my under eyes waterline. Then use Mary Quant Out Line (RM59) a black eyeliner to draw a line as close as to my eyelash. 

To complete the whole look, I used Mary Quant Action Lashings (RM109) which is a lengthening mascara that comes with 7 colours. Very attractive colours right ? 

Mary Quant Action Lashings in 05 Brighton Blue

This is MQ's original two-sided coil and chip brush, which features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara its elasticity together create sharp & spectacular long lashes.

I am lucky to born with long lashes and this Mary Quant Action Lashings add extra length to it. Although the colours are pretty vibrant it took a little bit effort to apply coat the colour on my lashes. That completes my eyes make up! 

Mary Quant Blush Baby (RM75 without casing) comes with 14 shades. The colour pick up quite nicely on the brush and must go light handed as it is quite pigmented. Here I used No 13 (Coral) on my cheek and 08 (Baby Pink) to highlight my nose and cheekbone. 

Finally on my lips, I had Mary Quant Moisture Rich Lipstick (RM108) which is a creamy lipstick  

Being a experimentalist, I mixed both colour to get a very nice berry colour! Hehe who says we need another lipstick colour? 

Love how it's not drying on my lips. Very creamy and smooth to apply on!

Finally, I decided to top up another layer of gloss to complete the whole romantic look!

Mary Quant ColourShine for Lips (RM99) comes with 8 beautiful shades. The shade I had here is 06 Cherry Shine. 

This is the favourite product of the day because the shimmer is so fine & pretty. And what I like best is that it's not sticky! 

That's my before and after face, the 2 hours workshop with Ms. Takaki using Mary Quant cosmetics. I had not put on very sweet romantic look for very long time ever since I cut my hair short.. I somehow think the makeup does not suits my hairstyle.... too sweet and innocent lah :P

Oh before I forgot this is the model after picture. She is cute looking and this makeup look really suits her!

The eye makeup that was done by Ms Takaki. Her eyelashes are so long!
A compulsory picture with Ms Takaki who is really nice and friendly! 

Thanks to Mary Quant Cosmetics Malaysia I had fun in the makeup workshop with fellow blogger friends.

Laugh so much that day because was sitting with my crazy friends Juli, Pauline and Alicia ... we are teasing with each other all the time!  Alicia used her monopod to take this pic.. not bad ah.... this angle all the face looked really slim... haha! 

Also... I saw this Mary Quant black daisy shape mirror at the pretty... how I wish I could have this on my vanity table!

My makeup under natural sunlight! Am loving my colourful eyelash and lips colour.. so pretty right!

For more information about Mary Quant, please visit
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