Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Part 2 : Outlook of the Year 2010 by Lilian Too

Let the slides do the talking instead ~~

What the year of Tiger will bring to us!

Apparently they will have lucky draw at the end of the workshop ...

I was surprised to see there are a number of Malay & Indian among the majority Chinese participants. I guess when talked about feng sui, everyone want know what to expect if they can be better and richer the coming year !

People can make money if they have new ideas !

Natural Disasters & Wars will continue ( sob sob!!)

That explained why we have so much issues being politicized nowadays!!

Resist temptation okay , all of you out there!!!

p/s: I think we all should stop watching tv advertisements which often portray handsome & sexy & hot guys with sexy & pretty chicks!

So remember do not invest in industry that connects with earth elements if you believe in Feng Sui!

p/s: Others part coming soon !

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