Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chinese Zodiac Tips from Lilian Too's Extravaganza 2010

On the second day of 2010, I attended the Lilian Too's Extravaganza 2010 workshop (YES this is not only a beauty workshop, but a fengsui workshop!) at KL Convention centre and guess what? It is a full day 9am-5pm event on a Sunday and I thought not many people will go, how wrong was I !!!.....Anyway I need to thanks this little darling named Adriene for inviting me there for free :D The ticket are sold between RM68-RM128.

Lilian Too was one of the interesting speakers I have ever attended, she is basically entertaining & dramatic ( I cant find any other word to explained it better), she has the special skill to keep all her participants stay awake and LAUGH at all her jokes, actions and of course her fengsui tips all day long! Well it's an eye opener to me to attend such event and I suddenly felt that Lilian Too is like my Church Pastor preaching in front of the stage (Yes my church service is held in Auditorium like this, how cool is it ya!)

And I guess most of us are interested to see how the year of pussycat TIGER going to affect us personally !!! So here are the slides that I am busy taking while Lilian Too did her magic talking !

p/s: Did I mentioned that according to Lilian Too, there is always cure to all the bad fengsui you going to have, so Dont worry just check out here!

So what are your Chinese zodiac???

p/s: Read at your own risk, all liabilty are excluded ... hehe ~I going back to edit the rest of the slides !


  1. eh, tak faham la the charts.

    Where's the explanation?

  2. nice eh.. so back then share the detail yeah :)

  3. thanks for sharing, had a very bad last year, hope this coming year everything will get better~

  4. Hurray, hurray!! Thanks for your sharing. I am snake. I got a very good year... Hurrayyy!!!


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