Friday, August 31, 2012

Qualities a man should have before you want to consider dating or marriage!

Hi people, Happy Malaysia Independent Day ! Hope you enjoy your holiday today and well I have something to share! 

I watched a video few days ago and it makes me think a little bit more about man & woman relationship and I decided to blog! Well I know I don't usually write about relationship but I have seen so many of my close friends went on dating , got married and divorce later on. And of course there are some lucky one managed to live happily ever after (till now). The one who are successful in relationship are those who managed to find their Mr Right! But how do we know whether the person is the RIGHT man to date & get marry with in the first place? For me besides the feeling Love, there are few things that a man MUST possess before a girl can consider dating or even marrying him?


Speaking of loyalty, one sure can relate it to dog. People often said dog is man's best friend simply because  they are trustworthy & they don't betray! And I'm sure all of us don't want to be betray & want a man that can be trusted. So if today a man can't even be loyal to his girlfriend, how can he even qualified to be a husband. If he has cheated once, I am pretty sure he will cheat soon because behaviour are hard to change! 


Have you heard before this Chinese proverb, if you are hardworking, you definitely would not die of hunger. Survey in the past has showed that many argument which lead to divorce cases happened because of problem araises from financial issues. Yes money is not everything but without money you can do anything at all right? So if the man is hardworking in earning money for the family, this also shows also that he has sense of responsibility & love towards the family. 

3) Patience 

I must admit I am someone who is always in the rush and have no patience for many things. But when comes to relationship, I think patience is very important simply because it is not easy for 2 people from different background to come together and live together under one roof as husband and wife. Each of us has different brought up and it really takes patience to discover & adapt the differences. I remembered reading that there are couples in US divorce because of the irreconcilable difference over how the toothpaste tube was squeezed. If only they are patience enough to listen & talk to each other, and maybe have each toothpaste tube? And more importantly when a man is patience he is usually not bad tempered and able to listen and talk it out! And I think this is one of qualities that are really lacking in men in these day! 


This is the kinda of people I cannot live with. Be it friend or boyfriend. I have met so many people like that, they just want to come and take advantage and would not share anything and I have bid goodbye to people like this. I am a strong believer that in any relationship we have with anyone, we have to share not only the good time but also bad times together,  because life is not always happy & beautiful. And when a man & woman get together, they share a relationship together. So if a man is a selfish person and all he bothers is only about himself then he don't even deserve a friend or girlfriend because he can't be bother to share his love with the other half and all he wants is he himself. And I'm sure you have heard of this proverb before "No man is an island" ? Well it simply means No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others, therefore one cannot be a selfish one.


I don't expect any man to do the above in today's world. But speaking in today context, a gentleman should be one who can understand the need and worries of a woman. Simple things like making sure that we enter the house after sending us home &  helping us to carry our handbag in public especially when now snatch thief is a huge and rampant problem in Malaysia. And of course as a gentleman, one should never be petty and calculative over small things & never lay his hands on a woman!

All these sounds easy? 

Well at least to me these are the basic qualities a man must possess before one can consider dating or marrying him. Of course the more good qualities that a man possess, the better it is! But nobody is perfect in the world and so end of the day, we gotta give & take ...and end of the day that man you love would be the perfect one in your eyes! 

Watching what the girl said about her friend's boyfriend in the video above, I think he has committed one big & unforgivable mistake, that he used to hit his girlfriend! This is something I do not tolerate & accept and I honestly think her friend should calm down & think whether this is the man he want to get marry with and live with for the rest of her life.

A life partner (i.e husband) is someone we going to live with the rest of our life. He must be someone we can live with (attitude & behaviour) and can't live without (his love) at the same time.

I have my share with you my preferences, what about yours?

What do you think are the good qualities that a man must possess? 


  1. Eric : Why lah, I think this is the first and most important quality of all!

  2. How come labelled as advertorial geh ? if ranting I understand. But loyalty, hmmmm gave me some thoughts about it. Well I guess each have their own thoughts and say about it, but I believe there is another way to approach it. :P

  3. Elwyn: Why not loyalty? Don't we all want a person who love and loyal to us only?

  4. Gentleman is very very hard to find nowadays le!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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