Sunday, October 10, 2010

What are on your table ?

Today is Saturday and hence I guess everyone is busy doing their shopping, facial and spa..while I will busy attending events..

So decided to do much a relax post, to share what is on my table..

Above all are the stuffs I keep in my office.

Evian Facial Spray
ROC Minesol Triple Defense Body Spray 50SPH
Vaseline Healthy White Lotion
Nivea Extra Whitening Milk Repair Lotion
The BodyShop Body Butter in Passion Fruit
Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion
H20 Hand & Nail Cream
Vitahealth Multi Vitamins
SevenSeas Multivitamins
Kordel's Royal Jelly 1000
White Siang Pure Balm
Colgate Plax Mouthwash
Origins Peace of Mind
Burt's Bees Beewax lipbalm
Estee Lauder Sensous miniature
Dettol antiseptic cream

As you can see there a few bottles of body lotion, hand cream, vitamins and yes I think its important to have lotion in the office especially when you are working indoor under full blast air condition which makes our skin dry up easily. Of course I have small travel size of hand cream, body cream and lip balm in my handbag too beside the cosmetics pouch!

So dear friends... share with me

What are on your table ??


  1. Wow, you keep lots in your office xD and my working table at home is a mess because I place skincare here, there and everywhere in the house hehe :3

    btw, Can I add you on facebook?

  2. Alisa, ya I have a drawer in my office to keep all my stuffs in there :P I also have my skincare everywhere in my rooms.. hehe ..

    yes please add me in facebook ya!! .. thank you!

  3. Oh I love thermal water facial mist, I use Avene one. Love it :)


  4. i got one small avene but havent start using.. hehe :D should open n use it soon!

  5. I have a few of lotions too around my work area... a must have on a girl table, hot balm... hahahha... victoria perfume for a nice smell environment, powder, lipstick, lip balm, mascara and most important, panadol!!! ;p

    that's all on my table or around my work area...

  6. That's really good that you keep so many things in your office. I always keep a lip balm,Mac mascara, Himani Boroplus Antiseptic Cream, Himani Boroplus Body Lotion near my work area. They help me to look myself good.


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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